How to choose an exercise bike

With the advent of winter, the bike goes for wintering, and athletes transplanted to exercise bikes. These compact devices can install without problems even in a city apartment, with their help you can not only lose your skills during the winter, but also work over muscle groups of the body, as well as lose weight.

how to choose an exercise bike

The best manufacturers of exercise bikes

When choosing an exercise bike, you should primarily choose follows the products of European and American manufacturers popular sports equipment and gear among professional athletes and established in many Gyms of the planet:

  1. Proxima;

  2. Body sculptor;

  3. Spirit

  4. Intensor

  5. SunnyFit;

Unnamed Chinese models, despite the low cost, should be bypassed – the functionality of such devices is the same as and subsequent reliability in operation, constitute a lottery. Well, and of course, you should look for more information about your interest models, on thematic forums and on social networks in The internet.

Types of exercise bikes

Similar to the transmission mechanism in bicycles, exercise bikes equipped with the ability to adjust the load, which is positive affects the intensity of the exercise and gives the ability to emulate many situations – a descent from a mountain, an ascent, slalom, and also give the body a variable load.

Depending on the type of flywheel drive, exercise bikes are divided into following types.

Mechanical exercise bikes

Mechanical exercise bikes

The most simple and inexpensive devices. Load here adjustable by tensioning the drive belt – the higher tension, the more force should be applied to perform exercises. These devices are compact and great for those whose budget is limited.


  • Inexpensive

  • The degree of load is adjusted manually;

  • Compact;


  • There is no smooth stroke adjustment at runtime exercises;

  • High noise;

Inertial exercise bikes

Inertial exercise bikes

A more advanced version of mechanical simulators, differing type of drive. The load here is not regulated by a belt transmission, and thanks to special brake pads, compressing and release flywheel. Thus, during the exercise there is a possibility of stepwise adjustment of intensity load.


  • Inexpensive

  • Simple and unpretentious in operation;

  • The degree of load is adjusted mechanically;


  • High noise;

  • Intensity modes are switched stepwise, no smooth adjustment;

Electromagnetic exercise bikes

Electromagnetic exercise bikes

The most functional, advanced and, accordingly, expensive exercise bikes. As an adjusting mechanism here also electromagnets are used, but they are controlled by microcontroller acting on them and allowing you to change real-time load intensity without distracting the athlete from the process of doing the workout.


  • Functionality;

  • The presence of various sensors to monitor the status an organism;

  • Dynamic regulation of the degrees of load right during performing an exercise;

  • Microcomputer for adjusting load intensity right in the course of the exercise;


  • High price;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

The main criteria for choosing an exercise bike

exercise bike selection criteria


This parameter plays an important role, first of all, for those who is going to install the simulator in an ordinary city apartment. A large and functional device is unlikely to work here, but therefore, preference should be given to compact magnetic to the simulator. The magnetic option is also preferred because mechanical and inertial models are noisy, which is unlikely to please neighbors. If such restrictions do not matter, the device gets to a country house or a fitness club – you can prefer absolutely any exercise bike, regardless of the specifics and functional features.

The presence of a microcomputer and special sensors

The computer allows you to greatly expand the functionality devices. Thanks to him, the athlete receives an exhaustive information regarding training time, distance traveled, calories burned and exercise intensity flywheel. In addition, in the presence of special sensors appears the ability to track the pulse and even blood pressure that allows you to closely monitor your own health and adjust the load depending on it.

Weight Limit

Each exercise bike, regardless of its functional possibilities, has a certain maximum permissible mass. how As a rule, this weight is at around 100-120 kilograms. Choosing exercise bike for this parameter, should be taken into account the most powerful member of your family. In addition, the maximum allowable weight declared by the manufacturer should be increased by 15-20% – for such an amount of interest, as a rule, this parameter is overestimated.

Choosing an exercise bike for weight loss

Experienced nutritionists say that in order to lose weight was as effective as possible, the body must be given long, at least 35-40 minutes, loads of medium intensity. The first 20 minutes the body spends blood glycogen stores, and only then begins to burn fat. It is for this reason that for an electromagnetic exercise bike with medium-power flywheel, which allows sensitive adjustment training intensity. In addition, it will be useful to adjust training algorithms and creating your own programs, thanks what appears becomes available interval training, when the low intensity of the exercise alternating with short, explosive intervals.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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