How to choose an elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer is a means to keep toned the body. During training, work all muscle groups, however the shock load on the joints, as during jogging, while missing. However, the effect will only be case when training is associated with dieting, and he the simulator is selected correctly, taking into account the nuances and technical features of this class of devices.

choose an elliptical trainer

The best manufacturers of elliptical trainers

The choice in favor of the products of a famous manufacturer is the best performance guarantee and technical specifications declared, and therefore, considering one or another to purchase elliptical trainer, give preference to models following brands:

  1. Proxima;

  2. Body sculptor;

  3. Spirit

  4. Intensor

  5. SunnyFit;

For the right choice, it is necessary to study the parameters of the most suitable devices, as well as read user reviews one or another model. You can find them on specialized forums, as well as in groups on social networks.

Types of elliptical trainers

Performing exercises on an ellipsoid is similar to skiing. Having got up on special emphasis for legs and having grasped handrails with hands, the athlete performs alternating movements of the arms and legs, including not only the muscles of the legs, but also the shoulder girdle, biceps, triceps and even abdominal muscles. In fact, correctly selected The ellipsoid replaces the stepper, exercise bike and treadmill.

By functional features, elliptical trainers are divided into the following groups.

Mechanical simulators

Mechanical simulators

The most simple and inexpensive devices. Flywheel here connects to the pulley via a hard belt. Usually, the number of operating modes for such devices is significant limited and additional options are minimized.


  • Inexpensive

  • The degree of load is adjusted mechanically;

  • Allow to work out all muscle groups;

  • Compact enough;


  • There is no smooth stroke adjustment at runtime exercises;

  • High noise;

Magnetic Exercise Equipment

Magnetic simulators

More Advanced Interoperability Devices magnet and flywheel made of ferromagnetic metal. Load adjustment carried out by approaching or moving the magnet to the flywheel, so that the intensity of the exercise can adjust smoothly, right during the exercise. The maximum weight of an athlete working on such a simulator may reach 120-130 kilograms. In addition, most devices equipped with a microcomputer that allows you to configure up to 15-20 degrees of load and make your own adjusting programs.


  • Compact devices;

  • Creating your own training programs;

  • Up to 20 different degrees of load;

  • The weight of the athlete can reach up to 130 kilograms;

  • Sensitive load adjustment straight down performing an exercise;


  • Noisy work;

  • Fairly high cost;

Electromagnetic simulators

Electromagnetic simulators

The most functional, advanced and, accordingly, expensive devices. As an adjusting mechanism here also magnets are used, but they are controlled by microcontroller acting on them and allowing you to change real-time load intensity without distracting the athlete from the process of doing the workout. Most of these models are professional and can support the weight of the athlete up to 180 kilograms.


  • High functionality;

  • The presence of various sensors to monitor the status an organism;

  • Dynamic regulation of degrees of loading;

  • Microcomputer for adjusting load intensity right in the course of the exercise;

  • Withstand weight up to 180 kilograms;


  • High price;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

Aeromagnetic simulators

Aeromagnetic simulators

In many ways, these devices are similar to electromagnetic, but in in a way, they are even more functional. Firstly, it concerns the mechanism of work – they function both from the network, so and from the built-in generator operating from the energy received at doing exercises. The heating magnets cool when the help of special fans, from where, in fact, it went The name of this device. Great variety of change modes load, the presence of various training programs with the possibility their changes in manual mode, all kinds of sensors – these and many other functions are present here by default.


  • High functionality;

  • The presence of various sensors to monitor the status an organism;

  • Dynamic regulation of degrees of loading;

  • Microcomputer for adjusting load intensity right in the course of the exercise;

  • Ability to work both from the network and from the built-in generator;

  • Withstand weight up to 160-180 kilograms;


  • Extremely high cost – models priced at 1,500-2,000 dollars are ordinary;

The main criteria for choosing an elliptical trainer

Criterias of choice

Overall dimensions and weight of the device

Extremely important option, especially for those planning installation of a simulator in a small apartment. More functional the simulator – the large dimensions and weight characterize it. For this is the reason most people use in ordinary city ​​apartment chooses compact mechanical models.

Maximum working weight

The parameter that determines the weight of the athlete who can perform exercises on the simulator. When choosing, you should focus on the “heaviest” member of your family, as claimed by the manufacturer add 20-25 kilograms to the figure for greater certainty. Otherwise in case of failure of the executive nodes of the simulator or frame very likely.

Flywheel location

Trainers with a flywheel located in front of provide straight torso exercises, so doing the exercises on this device provides maximum calorie burning and how consequence, leads to a fairly rapid weight loss;

Flywheel rear devices, on the other hand, are better just suitable for pumping all muscle groups due to the natural torso position on the simulator;

Sportman’s stride length

It largely depends on the growth of the athlete, and plays an important role. degree of his training.

  1. Compact models with a step length of 35-40 centimeters fit a beginner or a person of short stature;

  2. Models with an average stride length of about 45-50 centimeters – a great option for people of medium height, as well as ordinary ordinary users;

  3. Models with stride lengths over 50 centimeters are a great option. for trained athletes or tall people whose growth exceeds the mark of 185 centimeters;

Availability of flexible adjustment of training levels

An important parameter for those who want to get the maximum Effect. The best simulators allow you to configure up to 20 modes intensities, and their change is carried out online, directly during training. Advanced in this regard are considered electromagnetic simulators that independently regulate the load in depending on the task – weight loss, a set of muscle mass, strengthening the cardiovascular system or other tasks.

The presence of special programs designed for those or other training conditions is also important for a successful workout. Popular simulator models, in addition to predefined algorithms, do it’s also possible to customize your own training modes, based on the degree of one’s own physical development and desired result.

The presence of a microcomputer and special sensors

The computer greatly extends the functionality of the device. Thanks to him, the athlete receives comprehensive information, regarding training time, distance traveled, calories burned and exercise intensity flywheel. In addition, in the presence of special sensors appears the ability to track the pulse and even blood pressure that allows you to closely monitor your own health and adjust the load depending on it.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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