How to choose a swedish wall

The Swedish wall is a great way to improve your child’s health and develop his strength, agility, coordination of movements and endurance. To choose a quality gymnastic equipment, you need to consider the material from which it is made, as well as the manufacturer, type mounts, design features and other nuances.

The most popular manufacturers of Swedish walls

Sports corners should be made of quality material and be safe to operate. Therefore, you should choose Swedish walls of those manufacturers whose products comply Russian GOSTs and European standards. Such companies are:

  1. Samson;

  2. Romana;

  3. Health formula;

  4. Absolute Champion;

  5. Midzumi;

  6. TMK PRO;

  7. Perfetto sport.

Which Swedish wall is better: metal or wooden

Some models of Swedish walls can be used for classes on the street, while others are indoors.

  1. Outdoor gymnastics is most often made from metal (steel), as this material is highly durable and durability. It is resistant to the negative effects of environmental factors: sun, rain and snow.

  2. In the production of Swedish walls for rooms can used as hard wood (beech, maple, birch), and metal. Both materials have their own characteristics, which you need. consider when buying.

Swedish metal walls

Swedish metal walls

This is the strongest and most reliable gymnastic apparatus, which maintains both the weight of the child, and the adult. Average, the maximum load on the Swedish wall is 100–200 kg.

The bars of metal sports corners are often slippery, due to which the child runs the risk of breaking and getting injured. therefore it is better to choose models with rubberized (anti-slip) crossbars.


  • High strength material. Designed for heavy weight;

  • It is more convenient for small children to hold on to metal (thin) crossbars, but not for wooden;

  • Suitable for outdoor use.


  • Slippery metal rungs can fall;

  • Striking a Swedish metal wall is more painful than striking a Swedish wooden product.

Swedish wooden walls

Swedish metal walls

Wood is a safe and environmentally friendly material. While creating sports equipment it is carefully processed, sanded and sometimes varnished to prevent roughness and splinter.

Wooden models, as a rule, withstand maximum a load of 70–120 kg. Therefore, they are poorly suited for adolescents and adults who, in addition to the wall itself, will also need additional equipment: bars, bench for the press, etc.

Wood products are great for children, because have non-slip surface. In addition, babies enjoy touching wooden beams, not cold steel bars.


  • The most environmentally friendly type of material;

  • Wood is a warm material, and when practicing barefoot, the child does not feels discomfort;

  • Fits well in the interior of the children’s room.


  • They have a small margin of safety compared to metal constructions;

  • Quickly deteriorate due to adverse factors environment (UV radiation, moisture).

What design of the Swedish wall to choose

In the form of the letter I

In the form of the letter I

Such a product has an extremely simple design – two vertical racks with cross bars. Swedish wall can be attached to the wall or fixed between the floor and the ceiling (disputed).

These models are not suitable for children, but they can be used for flexibility and stretching exercises, as well as for physical therapy culture and sports rehabilitation.


  • Take up little space indoors – perfect for small-sized apartments;

  • Affordable price.


  • The Swedish wall is not of interest to children, as It has little functionality. You won’t be able to hang the ropes on it, gymnastic rings and other sports equipment.

In the form of the letter G

In the form of the letter G

This is one of the most popular types of sports corners. is he differs from the previous model by the presence of a horizontal bar or grip, thanks to which the functionality of the product increases. To Swedish gymnastic rings, rope, rope can be attached to the wall stairs, due to which the child will be interested in doing.


  • They take up little space in the room;

  • Multifunctionality;

  • Reliability of fastening. You can attach in several ways: to wall and / or in disgust.


  • The price of the L-shaped model is higher than the I-shaped.

In the form of the letter T

In the form of the letter T

It is a staircase, on both sides of which are horizontal bars or bars. Therefore, you can attach to the Swedish wall various attachments.


  • Suitable for classes with several children;

  • The guys are interested in studying on such a wall due to numerous sports equipment.


  • Take up more space in the house compared to I- and L-shaped models;

  • Attached only by surprise.

In the form of the letter P

In the form of the letter P

This is the most bulky and stable design. She stands a large load – on it you can attach many additional sports elements.


  • Suitable for classes with several children;

  • Has a high gaming potential.


  • Only suitable for spacious rooms;

  • Attached only by surprise;

  • It has a high cost.

Swedish wall tips


  1. Before buying, pay attention to the method of fastening the Swedish the walls. If you have suspended ceilings, products will not work for you, fastened at odds (P- and T-shaped models). And if available plasterboard walls can not be used products in the form of the letter I and L-shaped sports corners that need to be attached to the wall.

  2. Together with the Swedish wall, choose mats – they will protect the child when falling.

  3. Make sure that the crossbars are well fixed and do not rotated around its axis.

  4. There should be no sharp protruding edges on the Swedish wall, but also nails and screws.

  5. If you have several children, it is better to choose multifunctional T- and L-shaped models.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose horizontal bar for home and the secrets of choosing an expander.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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