How to choose a snowboard cover

The winter ski season ends and the time comes send snowboard boards for storage. Reliable assistant in this situation will be a cover for a snowboard – a special dense case that protects against damage and exposure to negative factors the external environment. It will also be useful to transport the snowboard to winter time to places of future skiing, with its help keep the board close to ideal and protect yourself from breakdowns.

choose a cover for the snowboard

Top Snowboard Covers Manufacturers

Preference should be given to products of the following manufacturers:

  1. Burton

  2. Ride

  3. Forum

  4. Rome

  5. K2

  6. GNU

Products manufactured by these companies use popular not only among amateurs, but also among professional snowboarders. This is evidenced by numerous reviews in specialized forums and in social Internet networks.

Criteria for choosing a snowboard cover

criteria for choosing a cover for a snowboard

Despite the fact that the design does not cover is nothing complicated, each of them has a big the number of elements to be considered when choosing.

Case Form Factor

Functionality, technical features and, of course, price directly depend on this parameter.

  1. Compact over the shoulder covers are comfortable, compact and do not take a lot of space. Made from soft synthetic fabrics, and their the cut is fully consistent with the parameters of the board. Such models budget and accessible to everyone;

  2. Cover for two snowboards – a dense hard case designed for transporting several boards simultaneously. Great fit for fans of collective skating and people who enjoy simultaneously with several boards, changing them depending on specific situation;

  3. Cover on wheels – the most expensive form, design which resembles a suitcase. On its sides there is a large number of various pockets for auxiliary equipment, significantly expanding its functionality. At the bottom parts of it there are wheels that allow the cover to roll on the ground, and Do not carry it on your shoulders, which is much more convenient. Such models are the most expensive, however, they are in demand among experienced snowboarders.

Case Size

Choosing a protective element for a snowboard, you must remember that, as a rule, in a case not only itself will be stored board, but also all riding equipment. It’s for this Therefore, the dimensions of the cover should be slightly larger than the board, however the cut and its geometric shape must fully comply your snowboard.

Material of which the cover is made

Modern models of covers are almost always made of innovative synthetic materials most commonly used nylon and polyester. High durability, sun protection and moisture, the ability to arrange covers as needed to the user – these are the main advantages of these materials.

Protective seal

Shockproof material that protects the case from mechanical effects. The simplest and cheapest are cases devoid of packing. They are only suitable for trips to small the distance during which the board is carried in hands. However such boards are not able to provide a decent degree of protection against mechanical damage. It is for this reason that it is much better to give preference for covers with a protective layer of polyurethane, EVA , foam rubber and other materials.

The presence of additional compartments

The cover should provide the ability to transport not only itself board, but also all kinds of equipment – as bulky, like boots, and all kinds of accessories and little things. Right the arranged internal space provides safety additional snowboard accessories and allows you to place them in logical sequence.

Transport Devices

As a rule, all covers for snowboards are equipped with compact handles in the middle of the case, as well as a shoulder strap, adjustable in length and equipped with wide straps. As an additional option, many manufacturers understaff their covers with wheels for transportation, which allows you to roll the cover on land, not carry it on weight.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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