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Skateboard is currently not very popular. only among young people, but also among adults. Who came to us with West, this board on wheels allows not only beautiful and fast ride with minimal effort, but also perform many spectacular and breathtaking tricks that are for sure will attract the attention of viewers. However, this is possible only if when the board is chosen correctly, and its main elements are entirely correspond to operating conditions.

choose a skateboard for extreme

What elements does any skateboard consist of?

The design of a skateboard, at first glance, is quite simple and not has complex or expensive components. Main components considered key – three:

  1. Soundboard – the upper part of the board, which they stand on their feet with skiing. Depending on the type of skateboard, the deck may have different lengths and widths as well as a variable design and be made of two or even three elements.

  2. Truckee. An element that is a kind of analogue pendants and used to connect the deck to the wheels.

  3. Wheels. Rotating structural element, which accounts for the main load while riding.

What should be a skateboard board (deck)?


The deck of any skateboard is a specially shaped board, having several diverse bends. So, the front end has bend, referred to as nose, the back, respectively, bends and designated as tail. Side elements are also made on special form and called concave, and their main purpose is maneuvering and controlling the board while riding.

Almost always, the deck is based on natural wood, and it is made on the basis of a sandwich, which includes from 7 up to 9 different layers. The deck is covered with special lamination materials that improve grip on shoes during driving, as well as performing an aesthetic function. Similar coverage located at the bottom of the deck, but its function is different – it is designed to perform tricks and glide on solid surfaces.

The geometric dimensions of classic skateboards are practically always limited to 75-80 centimeters long and 20-25 wide centimeters. On sale you can find special long boards, called longboards designed for active driving. Their length can reach one and a half meters.

What should be the suspension (tracks)?

Tracks are a kind of transition element from the deck to the wheels and acting as a kind of suspension, absorbing blows and directly affecting the stability of the skate during riding. They make tracks from durable plastic or metal, and their thickness varies. When choosing a skateboard, you should consider the conditions operation, as well as the own weight of the rider. Bigger last – all the more durable and thick should be the tracks mounted on skateboard. However, this factor also plays a negative role, aggravating skateboard and making it less maneuverable. Exactly because of this reason skateboard durability should not be abused.

What should be the wheels and bearings

When choosing a skateboard, you need to pay special attention to the material, from which the wheels are made. In 99% of cases, this role will be perform polyurethane, however, the degree of its density can be quite vary widely:

  1. Soft wheels (polyurethane grade 70-80A) provide high smoothness and excellent performance. The downside is the quick wear of the wheels with active operation;

  2. Medium-hard wheels (80-85A) are beautiful ratio of strength characteristics, softness and smoothness course;

  3. Hard wheels (more than 85A) – strong, reliable and durable. Such wheels are installed on high-speed models, as well as on those skateboards, which tracks provide a decent degree depreciation;


In addition, do not forget about the importance of wheel size. skateboard. The general rule is as follows – the larger wheels are installed on one or another model, especially speed she is.

Speed, roll and other features depend not only on the wheels and their design, but also on the quality of the bearings installed in them. This parameter is marked with ABEC and indicates quality and level of specific bearing models. The cheapest and, accordingly, low-quality bearings are marked ABEC3 – they are installed only in low-cost models of skateboards. Most expensive and high-quality bearings are classified as ABEC9, they equipped with the most expensive, professional models. For most buyers have enough models equipped 5-7 class bearings.

What else to consider when choosing a skateboard

criteria for choosing a skateboard

When choosing your first skateboard, pay attention to manufacturing company. Do not save and choose budget options from nameless Chinese manufacturers. At doubtful economy disappointment from poor quality befall you very soon. For this reason, preference is given follows proven European or American to manufacturers.

Currently there are a great many models that differ not only constructively, but also in degree of readiness. For a beginner, the best option would be called “compliant” – a skateboard fully assembled and ready for operation. With the growth of skills and mastery of technology comes Awareness of what a particular rider needs, and it is in this the moment begins the so-called tuning – is selected corresponding deck on which certain tracks are installed and custom wheels that serve to achieve specific goals. Fortunately, all these elements can be found on sale separately, which opens up for the “tuners” skateboards truly limitless opportunities.

Having picked up a certain model, it will be useful to get acquainted with user reviews about it, which can be found on the Internet. Both positive and negative should be taken into account. comments.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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