How to choose a road bike

Despite the fact that in our country the most popular use city bikes and their off-road counterparts – MTB, not all bikers give preference to them. For a certain categories of cyclists a much more preferred parameter is the maximum speed that is able to develop bike, as well as the ability to maneuver at high speed. The best option for such people are bicycles highway class, capable of developing a sufficiently high speed, that’s why they’re great not only for all kinds of bike races, but also for regular cycling trips and long trips around good paved road.

How to choose a road bike

The best road bike manufacturers. What brand models should be preferred?

In view of the features of its own operation and capabilities to develop a sufficiently high speed for road bikes special, extremely specific requirements are imposed. Implement them is possible only through the use of quality management mechanisms and by the forces of those manufacturers who work in this field quite a long time and clearly know how to ensure maximum safety when driving fast:

  1. Giant

  2. Trek;

  3. Scott;

  4. Author;

  5. Specialized

Choosing a new two-wheeled comrade, you need to learn how technical catalog information provided by the manufacturer, and reviews of real users exploiting this or that bike for some time and managed to identify advantages and disadvantages.

How is a road bike different from its closest peers?

Road bike differences

As in the case of other types of cycling, all the road lanes equipped with a typical set of mechanisms and options, however, their execution designed for exceptional performance and maximum efficiency:

  1. The road bike frame is almost always lightweight, has low pedal carriage and high saddle. This is done to maximize aerodynamics;

  2. The wheels of any roadway are large, about 28-30 inches, diameter and are equipped with thin and narrow rubber, stripped of bright pronounced tread. This is done deliberately for improvement. coasting and, as a consequence, general speed;

  3. Road bike brakes exclusively disc like most functional and effective. Basic models are equipped mechanical brakes, more advanced are carried on board hydraulics;

  4. The road bike wheel has a very original shape, nicknamed as “lamb horns” because of its appearance. Applied it is to maximize aerodynamics;

  5. Transmission of all road bikes without exception – the main item to pay attention to. Top quality manufactures, mechanisms from well-known Japanese manufacturers and not less than 30 speeds – these are the main characteristics that have best road bike transmissions;

  6. The front fork must have a stroke of at least 150-200 millimeters and It is made of aviation aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium. Only in this case will the maximum stiffness of the whole constructions and high-quality depreciation properties;

The main selection criteria. What to look for when choosing roadway?

Criteria determining the quality and functionality of any road bike, quite a lot, and it is their combination determines decisive importance when operating the bike at high speeds.

Bike frame

The key structural element to which are presented quite specific requirements. The frame of the bike should be strong enough and strong, however its weight should be minimal. Based on the above criteria, suitable for production can be called the following materials:

  1. Aviation aluminum;

  2. Lightweight magnesium alloys;

  3. Titanium;

  4. High Modulus Carbon Fiber;

The first two materials are almost always found in models low and medium price range, titanium and carbon fiber – the prerogative of exclusively top-end, most expensive models.

Frame size

A parameter that directly affects the ride comfort. IN Unlike other models, all road bikes have a clear a certain classification of the frame. She includes six various classes starting with XS (extra-small, height up to 14 inches) – bicycles intended for use by riders growing from 135 to 150 centimeters, and ending with models of class XXL (height 24-inch frames) designed for people 2 and more meters tall. Between them are classes S, M, L, XL, whose frame has heights of 16.18.20 and 22 inches, respectively;

Transmission Functionality, Crank and Gears

road bike transmission

The above nodes are the main transmission mechanism. traction on the rear wheel, they have the most direct effect on the acceleration of the bike and its maximum speed. The vast majority of road racers have the following types transmissions:

  1. The double crank system is a mechanism including two leading front stars, paired with 10-12 high speed cassette. The resulting combination gives a total of 20-24 speed. Such a system is considered the most reliable, but among disadvantages emit a low range of speed adjustments;

  2. Triple crank system is three pinion gears and a mechanical cassette of 9-11 elements, which The result gives 27-33 speeds. This option is more preferable, however, an increasing number of elements directly affects the overall reliability. The more mechanical elements – the higher theoretical chance that one of them crashes during operation;

Wheels and tires

One of the most significant structural elements, providing the most direct effect on the dynamics of acceleration and braking, and also on the general roll of the bike. The best road bikes equipped lightweight wheels made of lightweight aluminum or magnesium alloy, and their diameter is at least 27-29 inches. Attention tires should be given – are considered the best for high-speed driving compact tires with low profile heights and typical widths road tread for maximum traction expensive and conducive to the development of high speed.


An interesting feature that customers immediately notice is is the lack of pedals on road bikes. It looks somewhat unusual, since the pedals are the main unit rider and bike interactions. It is explained very simply – with such a gesture, the manufacturer hints at the need careful selection of pedals for a specific athlete. Factors – quite a lot: these are overall dimensions, and form factor, and materials and even the weight of the pedals, as well as the ability to interact with a certain kind of bike shoes. Production pedals are considered the best Speedway, Shimano, Look, their products should be given the most close attention.

Design and type of brake system

Any seasoned rider will say that a road bike should accelerate well and even better to stop. On efficiency braking is affected by properly selected tires, and by itself brake system with which the bike is equipped. For a similar class Bicycles should prefer disc hydraulic brakes – only they are able to stop the bike as quickly and efficiently as possible from almost any speed. As a last resort and with limited budget should pay attention to disc mechanical brakes. Brakes of U and V-brakes systems, as well as other models in which one of the elements is the wheel rim, for road bikes not used due to low efficiency.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose wheels for a bicycle, secrets of choosing a chain for a bicycle and Features of mountain bike selection.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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