How to choose a punching bag for training

For those who are fond of sports and try to stick an active lifestyle, a punching bag is essential a workout attribute and a great way to maintain muscle in toned. A pear is not only a great way to strike and work out your own battle technique, it’s also wonderful cardio trainer: even a 15-20 minute punching session contributes to active energy expenditure and fat burning. IN combination with affordable price, the above factors contributed to its popularity and high demand is not only from all kinds of gyms and fitness clubs, but also and from ordinary people who decided to equip an improvised Hall at home.

choose a punching bag

Which punching bag to choose?

A punching bag is a special hard leather bag, designed for practicing punches and kicks. At present all the models on sale can be divided into several conditional categories.

Inflatable punching bag

Inflatable punching bag

It is a hard bag filled with compressed air. Designed for practicing punches, holds shape perfectly and is quite mobile – if necessary, such a pear can be blown off and moved to another place.


  • Inexpensive

  • Convenient in transportation;

  • Compact and miniature;


  • Not strong enough, suitable only for practicing blows hands;

  • They require regular pumping with air;

Printed punching bags

Packed punching bags

The most common type, durable, comfortable and reliable. It is a bag filled with a variety of materials – sand, rags, gravel. It is such pears that are present in most gyms in our country.


  • Durable and reliable;

  • Inexpensive

  • Withstand blows of any strength;

  • Allow to work out any technique of blows – both hands and legs;


  • Bulky;

  • Transportation to another place takes a lot of time and effort;

  • Heavy;

Boxing Pears

watering pears for boxing

The design of the outer shell of such models is similar to described above, but the filler is very different. This time in its role is water, which is filled with a pear and which perfectly holds a blow. Such pears are very comfortable, and because they are quite widespread.


  • Compact;

  • If necessary, you can easily transfer from place to place, drain water

  • Suitable for use at home;

  • Great punch;


  • Afraid of sharp objects;

  • Expensive;

Choosing a filler for a boxing bag

If you decide to give preference to water or air punching bag, the next paragraph can be skipped. In the case of bulk pear preferences, acting as filler plays a very important role:

  1. Sand is a popular and inexpensive material for filling pears. For all its versatility, sand pears have one a significant minus – they are very tough, and therefore do not fit far to each. First of all, pears filled with sand prefer Experienced athletes with a sophisticated impact technique;

  2. Sawdust is good only the first time after filling. Being highly hygroscopic, this material absorbs water and cakes, and therefore become hard and rigid in its lower parts, and soft on top.

  3. Rubber chips – the best option. She holds great form, is not subject to caking and deformation, and also perfectly extinguishes impact energy, minimizing the risk of injury.

Choose the weight and height of the projectile

pear weight and height

  1. Miniature pears, the weight of which does not exceed 30-35 kilograms – good for kids and teens;

  2. Models weighing 30-60 kilograms are considered universal, they have been widely used both in gyms and in normal daily use;

  3. Pears weighing more than 60 kilograms are professional models allowing to work out the whole range of punches and legs. However, due to the large size, they are very specialized and not suitable for home use.

  4. Regarding the height of the projectile, preference should be given 100-120 cm long models. Such pears are truly universal and suitable for both children and adults;

Decide on a punching bag

  1. Leather is the most durable, practical and reliable material. It withstands mechanical loads and impacts of various degrees stiffness. The disadvantage is the high price;

  2. Vinyl and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – synthetic materials, used mainly for the manufacture of inexpensive boxing pears. They perform their functions only in the first time, after which fail – they break and crack. The above materials can be considered a good choice only if pear operation will not be excessively intense and impacts will not be differ in increased rigidity and power;

What should be the mount?

  1. The single-point ring mount at the top of the pear does not highly reliable and suitable only for compact pears weighing up to 35-40 kilograms;

  2. The mounting of the pear to the wall in terms of reliability looks more preferred, however cumbersome, and therefore suitable only for gyms. At home, hang a pear on the wall will be problematic;

  3. Ring-shaped fasteners located around the perimeter of the upper Seam pears are considered some of the best. The complexity of fixing and the inability to hang a pear alone more than pays off strength and stability of the projectile during active training.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose boxing bag, the secrets of choosing gloves for boxing and features the choice of boxing mouth guard.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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