How to choose a hoverboard

The scooter is a modern vehicle, extremely popular among residents of megacities. However go to the store and buy the first model you get – a very rash decision, fraught with serious injuries, and therefore to the choice of a hoverboard should be taken seriously.

how to choose a hoverboard

The best manufacturers of scooters

Many leading manufacturers mastered the production of gyro scooters microelectronics, and it is their products that must be given Attention:

  1. Smart balance

  2. Air motion

  3. Hoverbot

  4. Novelty Electronics

Choosing the right model is easy – that’s it what you need, familiarize yourself with specific characteristics and apply them to their own operating conditions, and to study various user reviews on the Internet, whom you can meet great many, both positive and negative character.

The principle of operation of the hoverboard and its types

The hovercraft is a compact vehicle designed to move in urban environments. Based its functioning at the work of a gyroscope – a special device, tracking the position of the board in space and preventing it from falling the rider. The gyroscope is driven by electric motors, Installed inside and powered by compact batteries.

Three types of these devices are most popular. The principle of their work is identical, but the appearance and functional Features vary:

  1. Traditional hoverboard. Two-wheel platform, control carried out by tilting the housing to one or another side;

  2. Monowheel – a more complicated device in operation, requiring certain skills and proper balance. The wheel is all there one thing, and therefore maintaining balance is much more difficult;

  3. Segway – a modified hovercraft, characterized by large dimensions and having a special emphasis for hands;

Selection options. What to look for when buying hoverboard?

criteria for choosing a hoverboard

Criteria to consider when choosing hovercraft and which are directly responsible for its functionality – great multitude. Not all of them you can find out sellers, many parameters will have to seek out on the site manufacturer, in service manuals or online forums, specializing in the operation and maintenance of devices a similar class.

The maximum speed of the hoverboard

The maximum speed is directly affected by the type and the power of the electric motor installed on its board, as well as the type and wheel diameter. In the second case, the simplest laws of physics work. – the larger the diameter of the drive wheels – the higher the speed that able to develop a device. Therefore, the fastest are segways – with their 13-15 inch wheels they are capable of accelerate to 20-25 kilometers per hour. Classic speed gyro scooters are almost always limited to 13-15 kilometers in hour.

Maximum transported weight of a hoverboard

Or the maximum load of the device. Displays the weight that able to withstand the device without the risk of breakage and failure executive mechanisms. Choosing a gyro scooter, you must focus on the carrying capacity of the device, as well as on own weight of the rider, considering it with a 10-15 percent reserve durability.

Wheel diameter

As already noted, the larger the diameter of the wheels, the higher The maximum speed developed by the device. In its turn, large 18-20 inch wheels characteristic of high-speed subways and large segway models make such devices bulky and heavy, which negates the charm of operating such devices in urban environments. The most popular gyro scooters are:

  1. Mini gyro scooters equipped with compact 3-4 inch wheels. Great for kids and teens;

  2. Gyroscooters of medium size group, the diameter of the wheels of which is 4 to 8 inches. Such wheels allow not only ride on perfect asphalt surface, but also to overcome small obstacles;

  3. Large-sized gyro scooters equipped with wheels of the order of 7-9 inches – a great option for large and overall riders. They easily cope with obstacles and even climb strong bias. The flip side of the coin is its large dimensions and weight of the device, imposing certain restrictions when operating in an urban environment;

Electric motor power

There are two of them in the hoverboard – each rotates a separate wheel. Higher power – the greater its own speed is able to develop device and the faster the built-in charge is consumed battery. Gyroscooters with powerful engines, but weak batteries, as well as their low-power counterparts with capacious batteries, meaningless: the former are able to overcome the minimum distance on one charge, the second, on the contrary, will be It’s a long trip, but it’s very slow and boring.

Battery capacity

A parameter that directly affects the duration of the trip and possibility of operation in certain conditions. It is measured in amp hours – the higher the battery capacity, the greater the number amp hours, it has and, accordingly, the longer the time from single charge. The reverse side of the increased battery capacity is long charging time, as well as a significant increase own weight of a hoverboard.

Resource range travel on a single charge

Range of travel, many manufacturers measure in ideal conditions on the highest quality road. In real life everything is different – bumps, holes, slopes and elevations impose a large load on the electric motor and significantly reduce range of your trip.

Device Control Method

  1. Torso control – a method requiring addiction and clear coordination of actions;

  2. Steering by steering column deviation widely used in segways due to their design features and overall dimensions. Hardly applicable for compact gyro scooters;

Gyro scooter weight

The lion’s share of the weight of the device is electric motors and battery features – the higher their capacity, the heavier they are in real life. Accordingly, a small dead weight a hoverboard will probably indicate that the installed the batteries will have a small capacity, which will negatively affect on the performance characteristics of the model.

How to choose a gyro scooter for a child?

choose a child scooter

When choosing a hovercraft, the operating conditions and physical characteristics of the person for whom either another device. In the case of a gyro scooter for a child, Its characteristics will be as follows:

  1. Compact size and low dead weight;

  2. Miniature wheels with a diameter of 2-4 inches;

  3. Lack of a wheel and platforms for hands;

  4. The maximum speed developed by the device, no more than 8-10 kilometers per hour;

In the next article, our experts tell you how to choose a unicycle for adults and children.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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