How to choose a gainer

For many people, gaining muscle mass is an overwhelming task, coping with which even plentiful and high-calorie food does not help. In order for the mass growth to be constant, and the mass gained should be exceptionally high quality, weight gainers are used. it high-calorie formulations, including the optimal ratio proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as a huge amount of nutrients substances and all kinds of amino acids, while being a source a large number of “healthy” calories.

choose a gainer

The best manufacturers of gainers

A high-quality gainer cannot be bought in a regular store, it’s highly specialized product that is sold in special outlets specializing in healthy living and “iron” sports. It is produced by a variety of manufacturers sports nutrition, the best of which are:

  1. Optimum Nutrition

  2. Weider

  3. Universal

  4. Cuttler nutrition

  5. Dymatize

Mass gainers should be carefully selected based on their composition and characteristics, as well as on the reviews of experienced athletes, understanding how this or that supplement works and taking it in according to its features. Find detailed information in the Internet, in themed forums on bodybuilding, and also on social networks.

The principle of the gainer and its types

Unlike protein, a gainer performs radically different function. This product is designed for speed dialing. high-quality muscle mass and is used as experienced athletes during the off-season, and by amateurs in the gym the hall. If in protein the main emphasis is on protein component, then in the gainer the balance is shifted by equal proportions between protein and carbohydrates, and the emphasis is on calories. In fact, gainer is a great source of healthy calories, many times facilitating the consumption of the required daily amount.

Depending on the composition, modern gainers can be divided into two main types:

  1. Foods with a high glycemic index. These gainers contain about 20% protein and 80% carbohydrates, in the role of which almost always maltodextrin and dextrose. This product is used solely as a source. rapid replenishment of glycogen in the blood during intense training sessions. Given the fact that “fast” carbohydrates are absorbed fast enough, with excessive admission or with non-compliance the degree of load consumed calories gain high-quality, dry mass is impossible. In other words, sit on the couch while drinking a weight gainer with high GI will not work – after a short period of time instead of muscles, the stomach will grow. The main advantage of such products is low price, but in order for such a gainer to have an effect, in the gym needs to be plowed like a horse;

  2. Weight gainers with a low glycemic index. High quality quite expensive products, the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates in which are comparable, but the role of the latter are called complex carbohydrates, with a low glycemic index. Due to slow absorption, they are not stored as fat on the sides, and therefore are great for mass recruitment.

By and large, both the first and second options are equally suitable for gaining muscle mass with high intensity training.

The main selection criteria. What to look for when buying gainer?

Criterias of choice

Gainer composition

Regardless of the purpose of gaining a gainer, its composition should be balanced. The best products contain in about 20-25% of protein and 70-75% of carbohydrates. Prerequisite high-quality gainer is a rich amino acid complex and the prevailing content of the so-called BCAA – leucine, isoleucine and valine, that is, essential amino acids. Good products also contain L-carnitine, as well as creatine, designed to increase the hygroscopicity of muscle fibers and their volumization as a consequence.

Calorie content

Parameter that is important on the characteristics and execution by a gainer of its functionality.

When it comes to gainers with a high glycemic index, whose task is to replenish glycogen reserves, calorie plays secondary role, as a source of “building materials” for muscle, the protein used after training, or during it, when it comes to waterproof.

And the situation is completely different when it comes to low glycemic gainer used to dial muscle mass. In this situation, the higher the calorie content, the it’s better. At the same time, you should remember about the need to calculate daily amount of calories consumed, taking into account several meals, depending on the physical development of the body specific person.

Sources of carbohydrates used in the gainer

Understand that a high or low glycemic index has one or some other gainer, you can familiarize yourself with the composition of the main components on the back of the package.

  1. Fast carbohydrates designed to instantly boost blood glycogen present in most gainers in the form of maltodextrin, glucose polymers, starch, rice syrup.

  2. “Slow” carbohydrates that do not allow instant increase blood sugar levels, but at the same time nourishing the body with energy for for a long time, in gainers almost always present in the form of buckwheat, legumes, barley, bran and others cereal crops.

Choosing a weight gainer

Before giving preference to this or that gainer, it is necessary read the information presented above and decide on the purpose for which this or that gainer will be accepted. If in the main goal is a set of high-quality muscle mass, preference should be given to gainers with 30 percent content protein and 70 – the percentage of slow carbohydrates, as well as with developed amino acid structure and a large amount of BCAA in its composition. Creatine will also be useful, allowing you to increase the volume muscle fibers and, accordingly, increase stamina and strength Athlete performance.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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