How to choose a boat

Boats are currently gaining popularity among lovers of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. These devices provide comfort when operating in both freshwater and marine conditions, they are able to develop high speeds and cover tens of kilometers in a short period of time.

choose a boat

Top boat manufacturers

For those who choose such a device for long-term operation, you should pay attention to the products of brands that are on everyone's lips:

  1. Corvette;

  2. Nissan;

  3. Honda marine;

  4. Spinningline;

  5. Tourist;

  6. Viking;

Before giving preference to a particular model, you need to familiarize yourself with the main technical characteristics, as well as study user reviews on the Internet, isolating both positive and negative aspects.

Types of boats

“Boat” is a generalized concept that includes a large number of different floating crafts, each of which is designed to solve specific problems.

Hunting and fishing boats

fishing boats

Specialized devices, the functionality of which is designed to meet the needs of hunters and fishermen. Special stands for rods, compartments for fish, built-in echo sounder and chartplotter – these are just a few of the features of these models. Their size is compact enough that it can be towed on a carriage in conjunction with a passenger car.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Spacious deck;

  • Equipped with powerful motors and a convenient, intuitive control system;

  • The presence of many different devices designed for hunting and fishing;

  • High ergonomics;


  • High price;

  • The minimum degree of comfort;

  • It cannot be called universal – not suitable for outdoor activities on the water;

Towing boats

Towing boats

Devices used for recreation and riding in the warm season. Their main task is to tow an athlete-skier, wakeboarder, as well as having a rest on a 'banana' and other similar devices. They are capable of developing high, up to 100-120 kilometers per hour, speed. An indispensable attribute is a rear-view mirror that allows you to monitor the condition of the athlete.


  • High-speed;

  • Ease of launching and transportation;

  • Suitable for outdoor activities;

  • Powerful motors;

  • Compact dimensions;


  • Narrow device specialization;

  • High price;

RIB boats

RIB boats

These models can hardly be called a boat in the classical sense of the word. They are boats with a rigid bottom and inflatable sides, which are equipped with a rigid transom and are intended to be operated in tandem with an outboard motor. The undoubted advantage of such boats is their high versatility, as well as a more democratic, in comparison with classic boats, price.


  • Compact size and relatively light weight;

  • Hard bottom for maximum stability;

  • Thoughtful and ergonomic control;

  • The ability to install a motor of any power;

  • The inflatable board is great for spearfishing, diving, swimming;


  • Inflatable boards are afraid of the impact of hard and sharp objects and require careful handling;

  • Aging of the material from which the sides are made, under the influence of sunlight and moisture;


Boat Bowrider

A subspecies of pleasure boats, which is a very versatile device. It is assumed that there are two cockpits – a traditional one and a bow, which are separated by a partition. Depending on the specific manufacturer, they can be equipped with all kinds of devices for diving, fishing, towing water skiers, which significantly expands the functionality of the bowrider and makes the device as versatile as possible.


  • High functionality and versatility;

  • Two cockpits isolated from each other;

  • Rigid and durable construction;

  • Possibility of using both a stationary boat motor and its outboard analogue;

  • Significant overall dimensions (up to 10 meters) maximizing comfort during rest;


  • High price;

  • Labor intensity of transportation;

Cabin boats

Cabin boats

It is these models that many manufacturers associate with the word 'boat' in principle. Their main difference from all other models is the presence of a cabin, which in the most functional models easily acts as a well-equipped living room. The presence of household appliances, deck showers, air conditioning, sewerage and ventilation systems are the main attributes of such boats. However, you have to pay for everything – cabin boats are the most expensive among all types of these devices.


  • Maximum functionality;

  • The presence of a large number of household appliances and all kinds of devices;

  • If necessary, the cabin is quite capable of replacing the living quarters;

  • Spectacular appearance;


  • Large dimensions;

  • Expensive;

  • The complexity of transportation;

Selection options. Which boat should you choose?

The material from which the boat is made

  1. Plastic is a durable, lightweight and inexpensive material. It is used in inexpensive boat models, has excellent thermal and mechanical resistance.

  2. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable metal used in boat construction. Does not absorb water, rust or oxidize when handled correctly. Maximum resistance to mechanical stress. The preferred option for hunters and fishermen;

  3. Structural elements of individual boat models include PVC inflatable elements. This material allows you to reduce weight and increase the functionality of the boat without sacrificing performance;

Motor design

All boats are divided into two conventional types – boats with an integrated engine and models designed for the installation of an outboard motor. The advantage of the former in greater functionality and reliability, as well as in a holistic design, while the latter provide the ability to choose the engine that is best suited for certain conditions. In addition, these boats are significantly cheaper.

Availability of additional devices and functional elements

It all depends on the type of boat, as well as on its price. The more expensive a boat is, the more it is 'packed' with all kinds of devices that make life easier and turn them into a full-fledged complex suitable for a long stay on the water. Certain models of cabin boats will easily surpass the apartment and will allow you to live in them for a month or two without much discomfort.

Transport and storage

In order to deliver the boat to the place of operation, it is necessary to use special transport carriages. Some manufacturers complete their boats with similar devices, while others force them to buy them separately. When choosing, you should take into account the capabilities of your own car – not every boat is allowed to be towed by means of an ordinary passenger car. Many boaters are well aware of this, and therefore prefer to use crossovers and SUVs.

Concerning storage issues, it is necessary to mention the covering awning. According to experienced users of such devices, the awning is a necessary accessory that can protect the boat from damage and negative impact of external factors during transportation and storage, especially in winter.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a wetsuit and the secrets of choosing a reliable boat.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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