How to choose a boat for fishing

A fishing boat is a compact floating craft that will allow the angler to get to any corner of the reservoir and increase his own catches. All you need is to choose the right boat, taking into account all the characteristics and conditions of future operation.

choosing a boat for fishing

The best fishing boat manufacturers

Despite the fact that at present you can find a variety of boats on sale, many of them are pleasure boats and not all of them are suitable for fishing. Quality fishing boats are produced by the following companies:

  1. Solar;

  2. Marlin;

  3. Korsar;

  4. Fregate;

  5. Oriole;

  6. YARZ;

The products of these manufacturers have been tested by time, and their shortcomings are described in detail on the Internet. The relevant reviews can be found on specialized fishing forums, as well as in groups on social networks. The lion's share of these features are very specific, and therefore it is impossible to find them in advertising booklets and catalog descriptions of manufacturers, only those who have had time to test the model in action and have personally convinced of the advantages and disadvantages speak of them.

Types of boats for fishing

Plastic boats

Plastic boats

These boats represent a non-separable structure, which is based on solid plastic sheets. This design provides rigidity, strength and resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical stress. Plastic boats are stable on the wave and are suitable for spinning fishing while standing. They are produced in various standard sizes, each of which is suitable for a specific fishing method, as well as for outdoor activities.


  • High mechanical strength;

  • A large number of different standard sizes;

  • Possibility to install an outboard motor;

  • Unpretentious care;

  • Reliability;

  • Excellent resistance to moisture and direct sunlight;


  • Expensive enough;

  • Require a carriage or roof rails for transportation;

Fishing boats

Fishing boats

A popular type of boats among fishermen, characterized by very good operational properties and a low price. They are compact in size and light in weight, and therefore are suitable even for those anglers who come to the fishing spot on foot. They are based on high-strength rubber that is not afraid of mechanical stress, moisture and temperature extremes. Under certain conditions, such boats will serve faithfully for many years.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Low cost;

  • Ease of operation;

  • Low weight;


  • Rubber tends to cake and crack, as a result of which the boat becomes unusable;

  • They are afraid of moisture and sand;

  • The need for thorough drying and cleaning;

  • Minimum service life;

PVC Fishing Boats

PVC Fishing Boats

Polyvinyl chloride is a modern synthetic material that has become widespread relatively recently. Its mechanical properties are similar to those of rubber, but there are a great many differences. PVC is more rigid, durable and reliable, not afraid of exposure to water and sun. It does not need to be thoroughly dried, this material is not prone to delamination and cracking. Many PVC boats are equipped with a hard bottom and are great for standing fishing.


  • Strong, reliable, hardy;

  • Allows installation of the motor;

  • Variety of models and sizes;

  • Unpretentious in care and storage;

  • Long service life;


  • Large weight;

  • High price;

The main criteria for choosing a boat for fishing

criteria for choosing a boat for fishing

The boat must be ready to go out on the water under any conditions and temperature, not afraid of the scorching summer sun, withstand contact with reeds and bushes, and also be stable on a strong wave, without a tendency to overturn. The following parameters are decisive when choosing a boat.

  1. The material from which the boat is made. Plastic is strong and resistant to any kind of impact, but such boats are bulky and require a carriage for transportation. Rubber is cheap and quite good, but it is afraid of rough handling and quickly cracks and ages. PVC is devoid of these drawbacks, but its cost is an order of magnitude higher than that of classic rubber models;

  2. Loading capacity of the boat. Going fishing means having a lot of luggage and diversified equipment, and therefore the boat must have sufficient carrying capacity. The preference should be at least models capable of carrying 200-250 kilograms of luggage, taking into account the weight of the angler;

  3. Number of seats. A parameter directly related to the carrying capacity. The higher the latter, the more, as a rule, the boat is designed for more people.

  4. The presence of a transom – a device designed for attaching an outboard boat motor. This is a special rigid structural element located in the stern of the boat. Even if the boat motor is not currently planned to be used, this structural element will definitely come in handy for the future;

  5. Bottom design. The simplest bottom is made of a thin-walled rubber element and is typical for cheap rubber boats. Advanced models have an inflatable bottom that is inflated separately from the balloons. PVC boats are always equipped with a hard plywood bottom that allows fishing from a standing position.

  6. The design and number of inflatable balloons. The most common scheme assumes the presence of two cylinders independent from each other. Even in the event of failure of one of them, the second is sufficient to keep the boat afloat and swim to the shore. Advanced models are equipped with three, four and even five cylinders, which allows you not only to feel safe, but also to continue fishing in the event that one of the cylinders becomes unusable.

  7. The design of oarlocks – devices designed to fix oars. Traditional oarlocks, known to many anglers since Soviet times, are shaped like a rubber ring into which an oar is inserted. It cannot be called convenient: during fishing, the oar turned around its axis, and if handled carelessly, it jumped out of the groove and could even drown. The modern design assumes the presence of a lock of a special shape, which reliably fixes the oar in one position and contributes to convenient operation;

How to store boats correctly

And finally, a few words must be said regarding the storage of an inflatable fishing boat. Both PVC boats, and especially their rubber counterparts, are extremely sensitive and critical to moisture during storage. Coming into interaction with abrasive (sand), moisture can quickly render the boat unusable. This also applies to joints and other places that are not properly protected and are prone to damage. For this reason, every time after fishing, it is necessary to turn the boat inside out and dry it thoroughly, and then clean it of the sand with a clean rag. It is also best to store the boat unfolded – this way, the risk of deformation, drying out and kinking is minimized.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a boat for a motor and the secrets of choosing a boat motor.

Video on choosing a boat for fishing

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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