How to choose a quality thermos

There is a huge abundance of thermos flasks on the market, differing in type, material of manufacture, and technical parameters. A large share comes to the market from European manufacturers, the quality of such products is at the highest level. In order not to regret buying, it is worth knowing exactly which thermos to choose.

choose a thermos correctly

Types of thermos

Modern models can be classified into the following types:

  1. Universal;

  2. Bullet;

  3. With pneumatic pump;

  4. Sudkovy;

  5. Thermo mug.


Universal thermos

The product has a wide mouth, food and liquid can be stored inside. For the second, a valve is provided on the plug. The lid can be used as a plate or mug.


  • Affordable cost;

  • Versatility.

  • The presence of a comfortable handle;


  • Large dimensions.


Bullet thermos

The thermos of an unusual shape has a small size and weight. Used exclusively for storing liquids and equipped with a screw cap on which the valve is mounted.


  • Affordable price;

  • Excellent heat retention;

  • Small size;


  • No handle provided;

    Cannot be used for food.

With pneumatic pump

thermos with pneumatic pump

It is equipped with a pump and has a wide neck. Designed for desktop use. The thermos perfectly keeps the temperature and has convenient dimensions.


  • Good roominess;

  • Excellent heat retention;

  • The convenience of use;


  • Large dimensions;

  • Not every backpack can fit.

  • High price;


Ship thermos

Has one or more containers for storing food. This is a great solution for those who are taking food from home or going for a picnic.


  • Good roominess;

  • Supplied complete with devices;

  • You can keep the temperature for several dishes at the same time;


  • Great cost;

    Big sizes.

Thermo mug

Thermo mug

A small mug with a handle with a closed lid, calculated not for a small amount of liquid. The perfect solution for the driver. At the time of use, there is no need to remove the cover, it is enough to move the lever.


  • The convenience of use;

  • A wide range of.

  • Affordable price;

  • Small size;


  • Do not keep warm for a long time;

  • They have a small volume.

Thermos selection parameters

Thermos selection parameters

Before purchasing a product, you need to decide on the purpose for which it is needed. Main selection parameters:

  1. Volume;

  2. Housing;

  3. Build quality;

  4. Flask;

  5. Bung;

  6. Pneumatic pump.

For the home, a large volume and design with a wide neck or universal plug is ideal. For hiking, it is better to pay attention to compact models of small dimensions.

Body material

The material of the body determines how long the thermos can hold the temperature of the product. The material can be used:

  1. Plastic;

  2. Metal.


The metal case does not give off heat as quickly as the plastic one. When dropped, it only bends, but does not burst and is not afraid of corrosion.

Inner bulb material

The inner flask can be made of three materials:

  1. Glass;

  2. Plastic;

  3. Metal.

If you choose, it is better to purchase a model with an inner flask made of glass. It retains heat better, does not absorb the smell of liquid and does not change it, but it is very fragile. This is one of the reasons why it is better to take on a hike with a metal flask, although it needs to be washed often, rust removed and it adds weight to the product. Plastic is brittle and often bursts faster than a glass bulb.


The plug design may or may not have a valve. Thermoses with valves are easy to use and do not let the heat evaporate every time the lid is opened. The blind plug demonstrates good tightness, but only until it needs to be removed. It is possible to keep warm by screwing the top cap tightly.

Pneumatic pump

The pneumatic pump is installed in most cases on thermoses with a volume of two liters or more. There is no need to tilt a heavy vessel to pour tea, just press a button.


Volume is an individual parameter and depends on the preferences of the tourist. For long hikes, it is better to choose more voluminous products, for hiking small ones with low weight.

  1. On the market there are thermo mugs with a volume of only 250 ml and thermo containers of 40 liters. The larger the product, the longer the core temperature of the product will remain. conditionally by volume, all products can be divided as follows:

  2. Small volume, that is, up to 1 liter. These thermoses are compact and lightweight.

  3. Medium volume up to 2 liters. They are irreplaceable companions of tourists, hunters and fishermen. They are lightweight and convenient in size, fit perfectly into a backpack.

  4. Large volume up to 40 liters.

Build quality

A good, high-quality thermos in nature cannot replace anything. Only effective insulation can maintain the temperature of the stored product. the absence of backlash on the covers is the main requirement for the build quality. The entire product must be airtight, otherwise heat will be released faster.

The best manufacturers of thermoses – which company to choose


Biostal thermos

The best domestic manufacturer is Biostal NB series. The product perfectly competes with leading European manufacturers and demonstrates high-quality assembly and affordable cost. There are models on sale from 350 to 2000 ml. The temperature inside remains up to 30 hours, there is a dispenser button in the design.


  • Excellent thermal insulation;

  • The presence of two additional buttons in the package;

  • Construction reliability;

  • Availability;


  • Loss of tightness of the plug is possible after a few months.


thermos THERMOS

The German quality of thermoses is represented by the best manufacturer in this field – THERMOS. The manufacturer pays special attention to the appearance of his thermoses. All of them are unique and attractive from an aesthetic point of view. There are no complaints about them when using. The hinged lid is airtight, inside there are two stainless steel flasks.


  • Heat insulating properties last up to 15 years of use;
  • Brand quality;
  • The presence of a carrying strap;

  • The temperature is maintained up to 48 hours.


  • High price. A thermos costs about 5 thousand rubles.

Which thermos to choose

Which thermos to choose

It is worth choosing thermoses with a glass bulb inside. among their advantages:

  1. No rust;

  2. Excellent performance characteristics;

  3. Simplicity of care;

  4. They keep warm well.

Such a thermos is perfect for home, but very fragile and breaks if dropped. It is not recommended to take the product on trips, it is better to choose for this with a metal bulb, which is more resistant to shock.

It is worth making sure that a special pump is provided in the design. The dispenser allows you not to open the thermos again, while maintaining the internal temperature for longer.

How much does a thermos cost

The cost of a thermos depends on many factors, including:

  1. Volume;

  2. Manufacturer;

  3. Material of manufacture.

The goods of the Russian manufacturer Arctic 106 can be bought from 1,068 rubles, the German Rocket Bottle costs around 5,653 rubles, and the domestic Biostal NB costs 935 rubles.

Thermos for food are of great value, Arctic 403 will cost the buyer 1,685 rubles. Thermo mugs cost from 880 rubles and more, depending on the brand and volume.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a backpack and the secrets of choosing a burner.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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