How to choose a boat motor

A boat motor is a working tool that is popular among hunters, fishermen, as well as outdoor enthusiasts. With its help, you can get to any point in the reservoir, regardless of its location. However, maximum functionality is provided when the outboard motor is selected correctly, and its characteristics fully correspond to the operating conditions and characteristics of the vessel used.

choose a boat motor

The best manufacturers. What brand of boat motor to choose?

If we exclude the good old 'Veterok', known to every more or less experienced angler, the following firms are considered the best manufacturers of outboard boat motors:

  1. Tohatsu

  2. Mercury

  3. Mitsubishi

  4. Yamaha

  5. Suzuki

Before choosing a particular motor, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics, as well as with the reviews of anglers who use such equipment in the field – only they are able to give good advice and identify the key features of the operation of a particular model.

Types of boat motors

Despite the common name, outboard outboard motors for boats differ structurally in the most dramatic way. Considering these devices from the point of view of design features, it is necessary to highlight the following types.

2-stroke outboard motors

2-stroke outboard motors

Classic internal combustion engines with a two-stroke duty cycle. Unpretentious in maintenance and simple in terms of design. Oil in such an engine is added directly to gasoline, and cooling is carried out by taking water from the reservoir. A variety of engines are on sale, ranging from 1-2 to 100-150 horsepower.


  • Low price;

  • A wide range of devices in terms of power;

  • Lubrication is carried out with two-stroke oil added to gasoline;

  • Unpretentious in service;

  • Simple construction;


  • High noise level;

  • Large weight;

  • Low efficiency;

  • Exhaust gases are discharged into water;

4-stroke outboard motors

4-stroke outboard motors

More advanced constructively devices, the duty cycle of which assumes 4 strokes and is similar to that in cars. The efficiency of such motors tends to the maximum, while the noise is low. The lubrication system here has a closed circuit and is identical to that in a car;


  • Decent functionality;

  • Environmental friendliness;

  • Low noise;

  • Separate lubrication system;

  • High efficiency per unit of fuel burned;


  • Expensive enough;

  • Require regular and high-quality service;

  • It is necessary to monitor the oil level;

  • Are capricious about the quality of fuel;

Boat electric motors

Boat electric motors

These devices are popular among those anglers who fish in small closed shallow waters. The traction battery is a power source, which means that such motors do not require either gasoline or fuel. They are characterized by complete noiselessness, which allows you to approach the fishing point without alerting the fish. Sensitive adjustment of the tractive effort makes it possible to use the electric motor as an anchor when fishing in the current, keeping the boat in one place.


  • Environmental friendliness;

  • Low cost;

  • Unpretentious maintenance;

  • Complete noiselessness;

  • Compact dimensions and weight;


  • One battery charge is not enough for a long time;

  • They are unable to take the boat to the glide due to the low maximum speed;

  • Not suitable for large boats and boats;

Selection options. What to look for when buying an outboard motor?

motor selection criteria

Given the variety of motors on sale that differ in their technical characteristics, it is necessary to determine the type of boat on which the engine will be installed, as well as its main technical characteristics that have a direct impact on functionality.

Outboard motor power

The factor that needs to be considered first. Especially in light of the fact that on sale you can find versatile engines with a capacity of 1-2 to 300-350 horsepower.

  1. Compact motors ranging from 1-2 to 5-6 horsepower. Not a bad option for operation on small inflatable and PVC boats while fishing on small closed lakes and reservoirs. They provide unhurried movement of the boat at a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour.

  2. Boat motors with a capacity of 5-15 horsepower are a great option for use on 3-4 seater boats with a crew of 2-3 people and a full arsenal of fishing tackle. All motors of this type already have a two-cylinder design and can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption – 3-4 liters per hour;

  3. Not everyone needs outboard motors with a capacity of over 20 horsepower. For a PVC boat, they are superfluous due to their high weight, fuel consumption and their own high cost. These motors are installed on full-size boats and boats designed for high-speed movement along the water area of ​​large rivers and the expanses of reservoirs;

What does the outboard motor run on?

The most popular and widespread are gasoline engines. High efficiency, high efficiency, the ability to develop significant speed – these and many other advantages explain their popularity. The disadvantages are the increased noise, the presence of exhaust gases and the need to monitor the presence of technical fluids and their condition;

Electric motors are now gaining increasing popularity. The battery is used as a power source, and therefore the problems associated with the use of gasoline, the lubrication system and service will disappear by themselves. The second advantage is almost complete noiselessness. Such engines also have disadvantages – low speed, a relatively small battery life, which decreases along with the temperature drop below zero – some of them.

In order to neutralize the above-described disadvantages, many anglers use both types of engines at the same time: gas engines are used for transitions over a considerable distance, and if it is necessary to locally change the fishing point or move at a low speed, they switch to electric traction.

Motor mounting design

Typically, all outboard motors are designed to be mounted to the transom, a rigid structural element located at the rear of the boat. The motor is attached to the traznets using a design reminiscent of a traditional clamp, and has several degrees of adjustment for the angle of the screw. The feature is important in the case when it is necessary to bypass a sandbank, snag or a section of a reservoir overgrown with algae. The electric boat motor is attached to the bow of the boat using a special bracket.

Engine controls and their algorithm

In terms of controls, modern outboard motors are almost always divided into two types:

  1. Manual control, or tiller. A special handle, with which you can change the direction of movement of the boat, as well as change its speed;

  2. The foot pedal is a very convenient control with which you can change the speed of the boat without letting go of the tackle. Its disadvantage is the inability to change the direction of movement of the boat;

Choosing a motor for a PVC boat

PVC boat motor

PVC boats are compact floating craft used for outdoor activities, hunting or fishing. The carrying capacity of the most popular models is limited to 500-600 kilograms, and therefore an outboard motor is unlikely to be appropriate. You should choose two-stroke or four-stroke models, the power of which is 10-15 horsepower. Such an engine is enough to move around the water area at high speed without burning a large amount of fuel. Preference should be given to proven models from Tohatsu, Mercury, Honda

Choosing an electric boat motor

Low-power electric boat motors are used by anglers in small bodies of water – both standing and with a current, and provide high speed of movement with complete silence. Choosing such a device, preference should be given to compact models with a pulling force of about 15-20 kilograms. In addition to such a motor, it is necessary to purchase a capacious traction battery for 80-100 Ampere-hours. Preference should be given to products manufactured by Watersnake, Minn-kota, Suzuki, Honda.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a boat for a motor and the secrets of choosing a boat for fishing.

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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