How to choose a bike for the city

Modern urban life with its intense rhythm, huge the number of cars and constant traffic jams makes many people take a fresh look at quick and comfortable moving – to work, to study, somewhere else. Can use public transport however traffic jams he doesn’t solve, but you can transfer to a bicycle – practical, compact and unpretentious mode of transport, allowing dynamically and, what is most most importantly, with health benefits, move around the city. For everyday leisurely ride of any super-functional models not required – ordinary compact fits perfectly the device, called “Citibike”, or city bicycle.

choose a bike for the city

Which city bike to choose? Top manufacturers

Inexpensive, functional, easy to maintain and operations that do not have complex engineering solutions – as such are modern city bikes. In view of its immense popularity, city ​​bicycles can be found in the catalogs of almost all famous companies.

  1. Trek

  2. GT Bicycles

  3. Merida

  4. Shimano

  5. Forward

  6. Author

Unlike highly specialized models, choose a city bike simple enough. To do this, you must clearly determine criteria and operating conditions, carefully study characteristics of the model you are interested in, as well as familiarize yourself with reviews of users who managed to test the model in operation and probably highlighted both the pros and cons. Acquainted with reviews can be among all kinds of electronic catalogs, and on bicycle forums.

Selection options. What to look for when choosing city ​​bike?

The appearance of a city bike is quite different from the same road bike or MTB. Lightweight frame, low located carriage, ergonomic seat providing vertical landing, medium or large diameter wheels, equipped with “fleshy” tires – these are its key features. Weighty mudguards and basket-trunk on the steering wheel.

Like any other bike, the city bike has a number of functional features that you should pay close attention to Attention:

  1. The frame of the bike should be stiff enough and not deliver discomfort overweight. Inexpensive models assemble on steel frame, more advanced city bikes have aluminum or titanium frame. Its height should correspond to the height of the rider: the higher man – the greater the distance from the carriage to cross saddles. Otherwise, it is unlikely to provide comfortable fit;

  2. The brake system of a city bike can have any design, because as stringent requirements as in the case of MTB or highway bicycles, do not show it. To slowly move around U- and V-Brakes systems, as well as classic ones, are quite suitable for the city pedal brakes slowing down the bike when you press the pedals in the opposite side of the move. According to experienced riders, overpay for disc hydraulics on this type of bike there is no point;

  3. An important role is played by the transmission mounted on a bicycle. a similar class. Winding streets, long ascents and descents, speed bumps and many other features wait for the rider at every step, they must be overcome so so as not to exert excessive force and leave your back dry. High-quality 10-15 high-speed transmission for these purposes is enough with more than overpay for 30-40 speed mechanisms there is no meaning;

  4. But the presence of an additional trunk for a city bike is a thing quite important. With it, you can conveniently transport even sufficiently large bags, which is a huge advantage It is in urban operation mode;

How to ensure a comfortable fit on a city bike? Growth dependence and frame size

Criterias of choice

Long bike rides will be fun only if the frame size is comfortable landing and exactly matches the growth of the rider. Originally the necessary frame length had to be calculated and measured independently, but at the moment do not need to.

Modern bikes are equipped with frames unified by size. It is measured in inches and ranges from 14 to 24 inches with in increments of 2 units. Younger models with a height of 14-16 inches are suitable for people tall from 140 to 170 centimeters. “Elders” having height 22-24 doima, the prerogative of tall riders, whose growth is from 180 to 200 centimeters. For average people (160-180 centimeters) middle class bikes will be the best option, equipped with a frame height of 18 to 20 inches.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose adult bike, the secrets of choosing a bike for triathlon and features of the choice of a bicycle by height.

City Bike Video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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