How to choose a bike chain

Modern bicycles, regardless of their functional destinations are complex mechanisms, performance which directly depend on engineering solutions and technologies, which are implemented by the manufacturer at all stages of development. Take, for example, the chain – the main element that transmits torque moment from the pedals to the rear wheel. However modern bikes on two orders of magnitude more technologically advanced than their predecessors, and therefore quality and the key features of the chain must be given special Attention.

How to choose a chain for a bicycle

We repair and tune the bike. Top manufacturers chains

If we consider any brand bike whose name everyone is hearing, it will be a combination of technical elements, many of which are manufactured by third-party companies. Then there are, in fact, the final manufacturers are exclusively assemblers using off-the-shelf components. It’s for this there’s no reason to look for branded parts, the best on Today, chain manufacturers are:

  1. Shimano

  2. SRAM

  3. Wipermann;

  4. SunRace;

  5. Trek;

Main selection criteria

When choosing a chain for a bicycle, remember that it’s impossible to go to the store and buy the first chain that comes across. The criteria to consider when choosing a chain, enough:

  1. The number of stars on the drive shaft. Currently on sale presented a variety of bicycles, the design of which includes 1-2 to 5-6 leading stars. As a rule, the applicability of either another chain is indicated by the corresponding marking on the package. TO For example, the inscription Narrow says that the chain is designed to gears equipped with 5-8 leading stars, Super Narrow indicates the applicability of the circuit with a mechanism equipped with 9-10 the stars. If nothing is indicated on the package, such a chain suitable for a mechanism with fewer stars;

  2. Design, mechanical characteristics and type used metal – the criteria that have the greatest impact on wear resistance of the chain, it depends on them directly resource. Experienced cyclists say that judging by quality metal can be color chain: budget models almost always have yellow or olive color, white chains are inherent middle class, and if you have a chain of gray or graphite colors – you can be absolutely sure of its quality. What Regarding the design, almost all bicycle chains have a pitch of 1 \ 2 inches, regardless of the bike what type of circuit is being established;

  3. The thickness of the chain links and the number of walls. Everything is enough here simply – the thicker the link – the more durable it is. Important the role is played by the construction of the link itself: double and even triple links widely used in places where maximum reliability and no-problem guarantee, much more durable and resourceful than their single counterparts;

  4. Checking the chain for wear is easy. For this force must be applied to the chain at an equal distance from both stars. If the deviation from the starting position will exceed 3.5-4 centimeter, this means that the chain has significant wear and requires replacements. If you ignore this circumstance, worn out the chain will “eat” the stars themselves and break the cassette mechanism.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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