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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Modern man constantly has to deal with health hazards. This is radiation excess nitrates in products, poor-quality water, magnetic fields, etc. Monitor the environment, products and subjects help dosimeters. These devices are capable of working on outdoors and inside homes, analysis is quick, and the user receives the necessary security information. On the the domestic market sells many dosimeters that differ in functionality and cost. Make The recommendations of our experts will help you make the right choice.

How to choose a dosimeter

Destination Depending on the device tasks, distinguish between professional and domestic models.

  1. Identify different types of radiation help professional models. They have the widest range. measurements (0.05-999 μZ / h). Also for professional the use of the dosimeter should be entered in the state registry.
  2. Household gadgets are valued for their versatility. From the appliance do not requires a wide range of radiation measurements (up to 10 μZ / h), more important give the user information about safe or unsafe level. In addition, multifunctional devices are valued in everyday life, recording not only radiation, but the level of nitrates in vegetables and fruits, water hardness, magnitude of magnetic radiation.

A kind of signal. Most dosimeters have several options for informing the user.

  1. The numerical data on the display to the average layman difficult to identify. You need to know the threshold limit, Compare it with the received data. But professionals need exact numerical values.
  2. Simplified work with the dosimeter for the layman, when available built-in sound or vibration signal. It fires when the threshold of radiation or other hazardous factors is exceeded. Ordinary this is enough for the user to know whether it is safe for him whether it is in a specific place or whether the subject is safe thing.

Type of connection to a PC. Many modern dosimeters can connect to a smartphone or computer. This is done for systematization of data, safety analysis for a certain time.

  1. The easiest way to transfer data from the dosimeter to the external The device is a bluetooth option. Such devices are especially convenient. at home.
  2. If the device is not equipped with a wireless connection, then Uses a USB connector. In this case, you will need the appropriate cable.

Dimensions. So that the dosimeter is always at hand, It should be compact and lightweight. First of all it concerns household models. For example, a device weighing 80-100 g will not burden handbag or organizer. Professionals are also interested in the weight of the dosimeter, because they have to use the device for several hours. But serious devices will be heavier (250-500 g).

We selected the 7 best dosimeters in the review. They are all wide presented in the trading network of Russia. When compiling a rating Expert opinions and consumer reviews were taken into account.

Rating of the best dosimeters

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best professional dosimeters 1 RADEX MKS-1009 24 900 rub.
2 DRGB-01 ECO-1 29 600 rub.
The best household multifunction dosimeters 1 Greentest Eco 5, KIT FB0136 14 999 rub.
2 Soex Ecovisor F4 9 900 rub.
3 DO-RA VDR-IRQ1801-w 7 410 rub.
4 Haak Elektronik SMG-2 6 900 rub.
5 SOEKS (EcoX) Ecovisor F3 7 900 rub.

The best professional dosimeters

To determine a wide range of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma), professional dosimeters are used. They are fast and accurately analyze the data obtained, can for a long time work, not afraid of weathering. Experts drew attention to the following models.


Rating: 4.9


The professional dosimeter RADEX MKS-1009 is intended for determination of beta and gamma radiation taking into account the background of alpha rays. The device operates on a single battery (1.5 V), all information It is displayed on the screen with backlight. For analysis and processing of received Russian dosimeter requires only 25 s. Experts highly appreciated the model’s ability to promptly warn the owner about exceeding the threshold of radioactivity. For this, the device is equipped sound and vibration signal function. Time continuous reaches 950 hours. The device takes first place in our rating.

Users note such advantages of measuring tool as light weight (0.23 kg), compact and low error.


  • accurate readings;
  • timely notification of a high level of radiation;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • long work.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


Another Russian dosimeter is in our rating. professional appliances. The model DRGB-01 ECO-1 has an increased sensitivity, usability. Dosimeter is capable analyze the radiation environment (beta and gamma radiation), detect contaminated sites. Experts praised the speed measurement, which is only 20 s. In addition, the error measurements are at the same low level as the winner (15% dose rate, 20% flux density). Instrument calibration produced once every 2 years. The measuring device is powered by a battery that recharges from a household network. Because of this model weight reaches 0.45 kg.

Professionals speak flatteringly about simplicity and reliability apparatus. Only a lot of weight they consider the main drawback.


  • high speed analysis;
  • low error;
  • large calibration interval;
  • entered in the state registry.


  • a lot of weight.

The best household multifunction dosimeters

Household dosimeters are in high demand among Russian consumers. With the help of multifunction devices detect hazardous foods, detect poor-quality water, and determine the level of radiation. Specialists liked the following multifunctional devices.

Greentest Eco 5, KIT FB0136

Rating: 4.7

Greentest Eco 5, KIT FB0136

Extremely useful appliance for home use is a multifunctional dosimeter Greentest Eco 5. It is capable of work for three, determining radiation background, nitrate content in products and measuring water hardness. Many Russian users after the purchase of the device were shocked by the quality consumed food and water. The device is simple and intuitive to operate. Just turn on the tester, and then select the item from the list on the menu. Battery powered model that can be recharged thanks to the included adapter. The manufacturer encloses the instructions on operation. Experts gave the product the first place in our rating.

Owners admire the work of the dosimeter, despite the typical for a household appliance error (up to 30%).


  • compactness;
  • convenient menu;
  • multifunctionality;
  • battery operation.


  • high error.

Soex Ecovisor F4

Rating: 4.6


In terms of functionality, the tester Soeks Ecovisor F4 surpasses the leader of a rating. The instrument can measure nitrates in products, detect radiation, test quality water and detect electromagnetic fields. To provide health manufacturer used 2 batteries type AAA. The advantages of the model experts include a durable case with rubberized inserts, high sensitivity display and simplicity of operation. You can update the dosimeter firmware immediately after connecting to a PC.

Domestic users praise the device for multifunctionality, touch display, high-quality assembly and simplicity of operation. The disadvantages they include a high price and short wire charger.


  • multifunctionality;
  • sensitive display;
  • the ability to update software;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • high price;
  • short cord charger.


Rating: 4.5


A novelty in the market of dosimetry devices was the Russian development DO-RA VDR-IRQ1801-w (white color). Weight of this item in the package is only 85 g. The gadget is a A peripheral device that connects to a smartphone or PC. The dosimeter determines the ionizing radiation on the studied territories and objects. At an affordable price, a modern approach and compactness, experts gave the product the third place in our rating. To receive radiation level data on a smartphone, you should Download the free app from Google Play or the App Store.

The DO-RA VDR-IRQ1801-w indicator has just begun to conquer domestic market, therefore reliable data on reliability and longevity yet. So far, potential buyers look at the device, choosing the right color.


  • lightness and compactness;
  • affordable price;
  • innovativeness;
  • variety of colors.


  • limited scope.

Haak Elektronik SMG-2

Rating: 4.4


German household dosimeter Haak Elektronik SMG-2 bribed experts with their unusual design. It looks like a cell phone, but it is not associated with a fashionable toy. Manufacturer emphasized the indication of radioactivity, the main task of the device performs as efficiently as possible. Of course, in terms of error The model loses to professional dosimeters. Consumer can receive an operative operation about the power of beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. Given the affordable price, dosimeter deservedly falls into our rating.

According to users, the dosimeter is worthy of praise for the stylish design, ergonomics, intuitive menu, built-in thermometer and watch. Of the shortcomings, an unreliable connector is noted micro USB, leaky housing.


  • low price;
  • original design;
  • efficiency;
  • clear menu.


  • short-lived joystick and micro-USB connector;
  • leaky housing.

SOEKS (EcoX) Ecovisor F3

Rating: 4.3


Not inferior to the leaders in terms of functionality dosimeter SOEKS (Soeks) Ecovisor F3. The device is capable of detecting radiation background, measure the nitrate content in products and evaluate water quality. The manufacturer installed on the tester composite probe, it allows you to take measurements at different points. Therefore, the results are quite realistic. After database updates significantly expanded the range of vegetables and fruits with which the model is able to work. Dosimeter setting will not cause difficulties for modern consumers, especially since comes with an instruction manual.

Most users note the accuracy of the testimony tester. But there are skeptics who don’t believe in the accuracy of measurements, considering the price is too high.


  • multifunctionality;
  • composite probe;
  • wide range of products under investigation;
  • simple operation.


  • high error;
  • overcharge.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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