12 best office shredders

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Office shredders have long been an integral part of any office. Their diversity can confuse any buyer therefore, when choosing, it is very important to start from work tasks, leaving aside personal preferences.

During the study of the technology market, the magazine team selected 12 the best office shredders that fit perfectly into any environment labor. The criteria for selecting products in the rating were following aspects:

  1. destroyer performance;
  2. reliability level;
  3. automation options;
  4. user and expert reviews;
  5. price indicator.

How to choose a good office shredder

Office shredders have a lot of design nuances and work parameters that need to be considered in the selection process. A lot depends on what enterprise you work at: a lot whether sensitive information passes through your office and what page flow must be disposed of. In this regard, experts our magazine recommend paying attention to the following specifications:

  1. Level of secrecy. The value indicates the possibility recovery of information on paper after recycling. So, if you work with regular documentation, then they’ll suit you Shredders P-1 secrecy, which cut the sheets into 10 mm stripes. If you have in circulation are very important documents, then for their destruction it is better to use devices level P-6 or P-7, which crush paper into fragments up to 0.8×1 millimeter.
  2. Performance. Pay attention to power and paper destruction rate. If the device will consume little energy (up to 200 W), but at the same time work quickly (cutting speed from 60 mm / sec), then the level of its reliability will be extremely low. Build on this ratio to choose the right one for you option.
  3. Type of slicing. There are devices on the market that cut the paper into parallel or longitudinal strips. Them the design is extremely simple, because of which the speed of work increases many times. However, the probability of recovery information after such shredders remains high. therefore the best choice for any office will be a shredder with cross-cutting, after which the chances to assemble a “puzzle” of document are reduced many times.
  4. Mobility. Pay attention to dimensions and weight. apparatus. If you are going to transfer it from place to place, then shredders weighing up to 10-12 kilograms will be the best choice.
  5. Basket. Minor parameter that depends on dimensions and power of a shredder. The higher the energy consumed, the more basket volume.
  6. Noise level. In order not to clog the surrounding area noise, we recommend paying attention to models with an indicator not more than 60 dB.

Rating of the best office shredders

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best office shredders 1 Fellowes AutoMax 550C 65 200 rub.
2 Heleos UP21-7 26 500 rub.
3 Fellowes 79Ci 26 330 rub.
4 Rexel Auto + 130X 17 390 rub.
5 New United ST-4HS 18 736 rub.
6 Office Kit S 215 16 560 rub.
7 Fellowes PowerShred 8CD 7 170 rub.
8 Heleos UM22-5 9 150 rub.
9 Rexel Auto + 60X 11 350 rub.
10 Gladwork iShred 16CD Effect 4 194 rub.
11 Brauberg s12 6 125 rub.
12 CACTUS CS-SH-6-13-4X12 2 990 rub.

Fellowes AutoMax 550C

Rating: 4.9


The most expensive and productive paper shredder in our rating. It is suitable for large offices with a high level. data privacy. Provides privacy class P-4 and shreds documents into 4×38 mm segments. Cutting speed is 56 millimeters per second. However, the main thing is not in that.

Fellowes AutoMax 550C has an automatic sheet feeding system in the amount of 550 pieces. It’s hard to imagine what kind of emergency happen in the workplace so you need to use all of it available features. In addition, a daily download resource sheets is 3000 pieces, that is, the system has a huge supply strengths and relatively short breaks between duty cycles. Such a device quite naturally consumes 770 watts of electricity and weighs under 34 kilograms. Real office car !.


  • daily cut tolerance of 3000 pages;
  • 550-page tray loading
  • acceptable cutting speed;
  • high degree of reliability.


  • very high price;
  • 770 watts of energy consumption.

Heleos UP21-7

Rating: 4.8

HELEOS UP21-7.png

The second line of the rating goes to the shredder UP21-7 from the Russian Helios company. It was designed specifically for offices that work with documents of increased confidentiality, providing they secrecy level R-7 with cutting sheets into fragments 0.8×2 millimeter. However, unlike other similar destroyers, this machine can destroy not only paper of different density, but and optical discs.

Heleos UP21-7 allows the simultaneous destruction of 7 sheets with at a speed of 43 millimeters per second. In this case, the noise level will not be exceeding the optimum mark of 58 dB is a standard that maintains the Russian manufacturer. Internal compartment can accommodate up to 23 liters of paper waste. In general, this everything you need to know about the model.


  • low noise
  • good paper hopper volume;
  • cutting into the smallest fragments according to the tolerance P-7;
  • Despite the thin knives, the machine is capable of cutting discs.


  • high price.

Fellowes 79Ci

Rating: 4.7


A very effective office shredder from Fellowes, which has averaged performance indicators, but uses several constructive innovations. It’s about the Jam Proof system, which protects the device from interruption due to interruption feeding or clogging items with pieces of paper. Besides, in it implements Safe Sense technology and additional guide rollers for smooth paper travel.

For all this I had to sacrifice the level of secrecy and amount of power consumed. When operating at speed 56 millimeters per second and cross-cutting paper into pieces by 4×38 millimeters, the Fellowes 79Ci consumes 480 watts of energy. it the second indicator in our ranking, which in this particular case can be noted with a minus sign.


  • Safe Sense and Jam Proof;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • the presence of guide rollers;
  • acceptable paper cutting speed.


  • high power consumption with insufficient performance.

Rexel Auto + 130X

Rating: 4.7

REXEL AUTO + 130X.jpg

Another Rexel representative with auto-feed and destruction of up to 130 sheets of documents in one working cycle. is he provides 4 level of confidentiality of destroyed papers and maintains a stable cutting speed of 30 millimeters per give me a sec.

The main advantage of Rexel Auto + 130X is reduced waiting time between duty cycles. 10 minutes work to the 30 minute break “is the best within our rating. The noise level is 60 dB, which is optimal rate. The device is capable of processing not only paper, but also discs, staples, paper clips, thick cardboard and plastic cards. The capacity of its container is 26 liters, and in the design a relay is provided to stop paper flow during filling “bunker” to the eyeballs.


  • basket capacity;
  • the best ratio of working time to pauses;
  • manages to destroy about 130 sheets per working interval.


  • high price;
  • rather bulky design (13.7 kilograms).

New United ST-4HS

Rating: 4.6


New United ST-4HS – an expensive office shredder that beats every penny spent on it. He is the best solution for those companies that work with high-level documents confidentiality, because it ensures the destruction of sheets of 7 level of secrecy. In fact, cross cutting allows cut the smallest pieces 1×2 millimeters in size. Restore this is extremely problematic.

The power of the device is 280 watts, and the cutting speed is 50 millimeters per second. At the same time, knives can be pulled at a time only 5 sheets of paper with a density of 70 grams per square meter. Cutting anything else New United ST-4HS is not taught, and it costs take into account. The capacity of the built-in container is 26 liters. Noise level does not exceed 58 dB.


  • highest security class;
  • average power consumption;
  • acceptable speed;
  • reduced noise.


  • 15 kilograms of weight;
  • unable to destroy discs, plastic cards and metal staples – too delicate knives for thin cutting.

Office Kit S 215

Rating: 4.5

OFFICE KIT S 215.jpg

Strict paper shredder in gray-black plastic case, claiming to be one of the best in its class. Yes, its weight is as much as 10 kilograms, which can not be said, looking at dimensions. But performance is above average: loading 20 sheets at a time, cross cutting speed 54 millimeters per second, 58 dB noise.

True, a couple of nuances are hidden behind all this. First level secrecy corresponds to the indicator P-3 (fragments 4×40 millimeters), which makes the device obviously weaker than analogues with finer sliced. Secondly, the power is 370 watts without the presence of energy-saving mode. But on the case brought indicators of engine overheating and fullness of a 28-liter basket. There are many contradictions, but Office Kit S 215 uses a large popularity in the office sector.


  • bulk container;
  • low noise level;
  • large receiver load (up to 20 sheets at a time);
  • acceptable speed.


  • low level of secrecy;
  • increased power consumption.

Fellowes PowerShred 8CD

Rating: 4.5


Fellowes PowerShred 8CD is very popular among small offices and companies, however, in fact, does not exceed Heleos UM22-5 in terms of performance. With a power of 250 watts it capable of processing 8 sheets of paper simultaneously at speeds up to 50 millimeters per second. In this case, the segments will have a size of 4×35 millimeters.

The noise level of the Fellowes PowerShred 8CD is 65 dB. Volume baskets do not exceed 14 liters, but this is the cost of chasing compactness. By the way, in this component the destroyer from Fellowes very happy: small dimensions allowed to reduce the weight of the device up to 4 kilograms. We also note the easily removable cutting unit, the presence of an automatic stop system when removing the container and autostart at full readiness for work.


  • 4 kilograms of weight;
  • easily removable knife block;
  • automatic shutdown system when the basket is removed;
  • pretty high speed.


  • increased noise level.

Heleos UM22-5

Rating: 4.4

HELEOS UM22-5.png

An undoubtedly profitable investment is the purchase of a personal Shredder Heleos UM22-5. Its advantage is acceptable. operability at 130 watts of power. Paper destruction rate cross-cutting reaches 75 millimeters per second, and the tray allows you to load up to 10 sheets at a time. Particle size after processing is not more than 2×8 millimeters.

Due to the small dimensions, the internal volume of the Heleos UM22-5 basket had to be reduced to 15 liters. However, without features cost here too: on the device case there is an indicator fullness, and for convenient extraction of the container in the design retractable mechanism implemented. This shredder is different “omnivorous” because it accepts not only paper, but also plastic cards, staples, optical discs, etc. Oh yes almost forgot: the noise level during operation does not exceed 58 dB.


  • compact and light (only 5 kilograms);
  • low noise level;
  • low power consumption (130 W) and high speed work;
  • cross cutting documents into the smallest pieces.


  • even with moderate amounts of daily work quickly a resource is being developed.

Rexel Auto + 60X

Rating: 4.3

REXEL AUTO + 60X.jpg

Rexel Auto + 60X is dramatically different in performance from Gladwork iShred and Brauberg s12 . The device provides simultaneous cutting up to 60 sheets is about 5 times more than the above models. Moreover, its work cycle is 8 minutes with the need for a break of 40 minutes. Privacy level corresponds to tolerance P-3, since the resulting fragments have size 4 × 45 millimeters.

The average paper destruction rate in Rexel Auto + 60X is 1.5 meters per minute. In this case, the noise level will not exceed 59 dB, which also a virtue of the model. To attract buyers to his product, the Chinese manufacturer gave a 2-year warranty on himself shredder, as well as a 5-year warranty on knives. However, users note that with frequent loading of sheets with staples and staples the blades readily go blunt. And this means that their warranty recovery is very popular.


  • low noise level;
  • extended warranty for the operation of the cutting unit and the apparatus itself;
  • the ability to simultaneously cut 60 sheets of paper;
  • 8 minute work cycle.


  • knives are subject to accelerated wear.

Gladwork iShred 16CD Effect

Rating: 4.2


This unit is high power and capable of destroy up to 16 sheets at a time. Although cut fragments have a size of 4×35 millimeters, the level of secrecy falls under 4 point. A4 sheet destruction speed is 37 millimeters per second. In this case, it is worth considering the fact that the device has a small duty cycle – only 3 minutes after which he needs a break of 40 minutes.

Gladwork iShred 16CD Effect uses a cross cutting type. In addition to staples and paper clips, he is able to destroy plastic cards and optical drives. The capacity of his basket is 26 liters, and the motor power is 380 watts. During operation, it emits up to 68 dB of noise, which is a pretty bad result by exterminator standards documents.


  • high load of the document receiver;
  • acceptable cutting speed;
  • the ability to destroy optical disks;
  • reliability.


  • short duty cycle;
  • high power consumption;
  • increased noise level.

Brauberg S12

Rating: 4.1


Representative of a full-fledged office segment of shredders with cross-cutting type and tolerance for simultaneous destruction 12 sheets. It has a 4 level of secrecy and segments materials into pieces measuring 4×35 millimeters. Paper destruction rate is 30 millimeters per second – according to this indicator excellence remains on the side of Gladwork iShred.

Brauberg S12 has an autostart function, as well as a mode energy saving and engine overheat indicator. In excess the threshold of acceptable operating time, the device automatically turns off for 4 hours. Disadvantage? Another one! The volume of his basket is 25 liters, and on the side there is a convenient control window fullness. The total noise level during operation is 72 dB. IN in general, all the nuances and roughnesses are recognized in comparison.


  • large container volume;
  • admission for the simultaneous destruction of 12 sheets;
  • the presence of indicators of overheating;
  • power saving mode;
  • reliability.


  • 9.1 kilograms of weight;
  • requires up to 4 hours break between cycles;
  • 72 dB of noise.

CACTUS CS-SH-6-13-4X12

Rating: 4.0

CACTUS CS-SH-6-13-4X12.jpg

Compact paper shredder with loading up to 6 sheets at the same time. It is popular in small offices for reliability and uptime. It implements the transverse cutting method providing a level of privacy lost P-4 information. The volume of the inner basket is 13 liters, and its fullness can be tracked through a special transparent window.

CACTUS CS-SH-6-13-4X12 works with both plain paper and plastic cards, metal staples and paper clips. The size shredded pieces of paper does not exceed 4×12 millimeters – recover lost data on them will be virtually impossible. For normal operation, the device consumes up to 300 watts energy from the network.


  • strict, attractive design;
  • the difficulty of data recovery even though the transverse cutting method;
  • compactness and lightness;
  • extremely low price.


  • increased power consumption for a device like dimensions.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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