25 tips for a man who doesn't want to look stupid

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When a man is just starting to create his own style and taste, various questions come up on his way. For example, 'what's the main thing about a man's style?' or 'what mistakes not to make so as not to look stupid?' or 'what is better to wear or how to wear it?'. I am sure that every man has come across similar questions, to which relatives and friends, the Internet or, ultimately, books, helped him to answer. However, it will take a lot of time to study all the information. That is why we have collected 25 tips for a man who does not want to look stupid.

Mistakes in masculine style

Every high school student should know what we list below. So here's a list of tips:

  1. Unbutton the bottom button of your jacket. It is not intended to be fastened.
  2. The same goes for the vest and cardigan.
  3. After purchasing a jacket, remove all labels before putting it on.
  4. Some jackets have threads on their shoulders after purchase. Remove the threads carefully with scissors.
  5. Chest pocket, side jacket pockets and rear trouser pocket can be sewn on. Also, carefully remove the threads with scissors, do not pull the thread, you can ruin the clothes.
  6. If you have not bought a suit (jacket) yet, but are just going to, do not buy a single-breasted jacket with 4 or more buttons. It won't fit anywhere.
  7. The top button of the coat is optional. It even happens that on some models the lapels are so bent that it is simply not possible to fasten the top button – this is such a style.
  8. Color-match classic shoes and a belt. Black shoes, black belt. Brown shoes, brown belt.
  9. Belt or suspenders, choose one.
  10. The sleeves of your jacket should be 1 to 1.5 centimeters shorter than the sleeves of your shirt. They should look out a little bit.
  11. Your pants shouldn't be too long. Put on your shoes, look at the heel. The distance from the ground to the trousers should be 1.5 – 2 centimeters – this is the normal length. Anything in short is fashion trends and styles.
  12. If after buying a suit requires the intervention of a tailor, do not regret 1000 rubles and give it to be hemmed for you.
  13. Your coat shouldn't be tight-fitting. Put on your coat, fasten the buttons and try to stick your hand between the buttons and make a fist. If the coat is open – not your size, look for more.
  14. The tip of your tie should be at waist level. Not higher, not lower.
  15. Don't wear Dad's old tie that was in vogue 20 years ago. The tie should match the width of the lapels of the jacket, so go to the store and pick up one good navy or burgundy tie.
  16. If possible, wear a tie with a blazer, jacket, or at worst with knitwear. Don't just wear a classic tie.
  17. Black suit only for the holidays and funerals. In all other cases, any suit other than black.
  18. Do not wear a holster-style phone case dangling from your belt. It looks just awful and 'old man'.
  19. The same goes for the beard, the 90s have already passed. Briefcase only.
  20. Don't buy square shoes if you can buy round toe shoes.
  21. Never wear long socks while wearing shorts. Only short socks that are not visible from under the shoes.
  22. Never, NEVER wear socks while wearing sandals.
  23. Slippers are worn at sea or in the pool. Don't wear them in town.
  24. Do not wear sloppy, dirty, or wrinkled clothing. Respect yourself first.
  25. Use natural fabrics, no polyester or other synthetics.

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