12 best vacuum sealers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In recent years, we have made every effort to extend the shelf life of our products. And if earlier only the refrigerator fought with the appearance of mold and spoilage of food, now a vacuum sealer can help it. It covers the food with plastic wrap, thus completely excluding access to oxygen. As a result, the food can last at least twice as long. Let's find out which vacuum sealers are the best, which ones are absolutely not a pity to spend your money on.

Rating of the best vacuum sealers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best professional vacuum sealers 1 Apach AVM425F RUB 206,000
2 Indokor IVP-450 / A RUB 102,300
3 Gemlux GL-VS-86 RUB 47 290
4 Caso FastVac 4000 RUB 36,067
Best Low Cost Vacuum Sealers for Home 1 Caso FastVac 500 RUB 15,134
2 STATUS SV 2000 RUB 14,499
3 Redmond RVS-M021 RUB 8 794
4 Zigmund&Shtain VS-505 RUB 9 190
5 Caso VC 200 RUB 10,690
6 Gemlux GL-VS-990PS RUB 2,890
7 Clatronic FS 3261 RUB 1,590
8 KITFORT KT-1501 RUB 2,290

Best professional vacuum sealers

Apach AVM425F

Rating: 4.9


To an ordinary person, such a unit will seem terribly expensive. In Russian online stores, over 260 thousand rubles are asked for it. This cost is due to the large size of the device. In fact, it is floor-standing – there are even wheels here, which simplify the movement of the device around the room. Packaging of products and any other things takes place inside the chamber, the depth of which reaches 175 mm. For sealing the package, a welding rod is used, the length of which is 455 mm. It turns out that the seam can be just that long. That is, you can even pack a goose or duck. Problems can arise only, perhaps, with a turkey.

This model consumes up to 750 watts. Moreover, the appliance requires a three-phase power supply! In a word, before buying such a vacuum sealer, a thorough preparation of the premises is required. But the device will offer tremendous pumping power. It can pump up to 417 liters of air in just a minute! The packet splicing is very fast. Moreover, from both sides, because a pair of welding rods is used here.

The device has a pressure gauge and convenient controls. It also allows you to use one or another gas. The body of the vacuum sealer was made of metal – in this regard, the product does not differ from a stove or refrigerator. In a word, we can safely assume that the service life of Apach AVM425F will be calculated in decades.

To find fault here, perhaps, it is possible only to weight (especially if you forget about the cost). Agree, with the installation of a 116-kg device, problems may arise, since even three adult men are difficult to cope with lifting it.


  • Huge force of air evacuation;
  • Decent length of the welding rod;
  • The number of welding rods is two;
  • Industrial use possible;
  • High reliability;
  • Gas can be used;
  • Built-in pressure gauge.


  • Huge weight;
  • You need a three-phase power grid;
  • High power consumption;
  • Astronomical price tag.

Indokor IVP-450 / A

Rating: 4.9


Another vacuum sealer in our ranking, close to the status of an industrial device. However, this model is easier to manufacture, which makes it less expensive. In Russian online stores, they ask for it in the region of 100 thousand rubles. A serious restaurant is quite capable of generous with such an amount.

This device is bench-top and its dimensions are quite acceptable. It also differs from the model discussed above in its tubeless type. This also uses a long welding rod. To be precise, it can create a 45 cm seam. The width of the seam can reach 8 mm, which is also a very decent parameter. The only pity is that only one rake is used here.

The depth of this 'box' is 220 mm. Although the dimensions of the device itself are still larger – more than twice. I am glad that the body of the product was made of metal – this makes the packer more reliable. A very powerful engine is located inside the device. During operation, it consumes 900 watts. Perhaps it is the high power consumption that is the main disadvantage of this packer. However, this model is unlikely to be used continuously, packing hundreds of products every day, so there is no need to worry. By the way, unlike the device that opens our rating, the Indokor IVP-450 / A can be connected to a regular power supply with a voltage of 220 V.

Unlike household models, this vacuum sealer can pump up to 333 liters of air per minute. In this case, the speed is regulated, and the user can also set the degree of vacuuming. Of course, there was a pressure gauge here – its readings are displayed on the dashboard.

It remains to add that this is a rare specimen, ideal even for moisture-containing products. As for the weight, it is 68 kg. Yes, not every table can withstand such a heavy device. But the heavy weight once again reminds of how reliable the components are used.


  • Powered by an ordinary household outlet;
  • High reliability;
  • Long welding rod;
  • Decent camera depth;
  • High air pumping speed;
  • Vacuum regulation is possible;
  • There is a pressure gauge;
  • Suitable for products containing moisture.


  • Very high power consumption;
  • Large weight;
  • The price will not suit everyone.

Gemlux GL-VS-86

Rating: 4.8


Another vacuum sealer of the chamber type. It should be noted that only one chamber is installed inside it, the same number of welding rods is here. At the same time, the product is desktop and very light – its weight does not exceed 25 kg. Perhaps you should not count on decades of work with the active operation of this device – it is unlikely that there are any reliable components inside it. This is hinted at not only by the relatively low weight, but also by the price tag, equal to about 40 thousand rubles.

This model has a metal case, on which you can see a number of ventilation holes. There is also a modest control panel consisting of a small digital display, indicator lights and a few touch-sensitive keys. This vacuum sealer is not intended for domestic use – this is symbolized by the large number of modes available. And the power consumption, reaching 1.1 kW, can confuse the average user. However, a restaurant or grocery store may also opt out of this model. The fact is that the depth of the camera installed here is only 110 mm. With a 30 cm welding rod, you can say that long but narrow products fit here. In a word, you will definitely not be able to pack the cooked Peking duck. But there are no problems with moisture-containing products – and after all, many household models cannot cope with their packaging, even with approximately the same price tag!

Despite the high power consumption, this vacuum sealer can be easily connected to a regular power supply.


  • A metal body is used;
  • Relatively light weight;
  • Chamber construction;
  • Sufficiently long length of the welding rod;
  • High air pumping speed;
  • Suitable for products containing moisture;
  • There is a vacuum adjustment;
  • Not very high cost.


  • The depth of the chamber is not great;
  • Very high power consumption;
  • The service life is unlikely to be long.

Caso FastVac 4000

Rating: 4.7


This vacuum sealer is tubeless. However, it is still suitable for use in cafes, restaurants or supermarkets. Their workers should love the ability to evacuate containers and wet foods. But the pumping speed will not suit everyone – it cannot exceed 20 l / min. But on the other hand, the device does not waste extra energy – the power consumption is only 350 W.

Inside the device that got into our rating is one welding rod. There are no complaints about its 400 mm length. Interestingly, the welding seam can be double, which significantly increases the reliability of the package. On the body of the product you can find a well-thought-out dashboard, thanks to which you can customize the evacuation in every way. The built-in film knife should also please.

The vacuum sealer is connected to a regular household power supply. The body of the product is made of plastic and metal – the proportions of these materials are divided approximately equally. It comes with a hose for containers, a roll of film 30×600 cm, as well as ten bags of 20×30 cm and 30×40 cm.In the future, it is proposed to buy consumables either in the official online store of the manufacturer, or on some other sites dedicated to vacuum packers.

This model is definitely not capable of boasting a pretty design. But on the other hand, it is one of the lightest packers among those intended for professional use. The weight of this benchtop device does not exceed 6 kg! It is by weight that we can conclude that a weak pump is used inside. The lack of a camera also affected the weight.


  • Connects to a 220 V network;
  • Very light weight;
  • Good equipment;
  • Long welding rod;
  • Vacuum regulation is possible;
  • Containers and moisture-containing products are supported;
  • There is a built-in film knife;
  • The creation of a double weld is available.


  • Low pumping speed;
  • The cost will not suit everyone.

Best low cost vacuum sealers

Caso FastVac 500

Rating: 4.8


If you are going to buy a vacuum sealer for home use, then in no case should you spend 40-50 thousand rubles. for a professional model. Instead, you can buy a much less expensive device. It will have a lower suction power, but it will also be quite sufficient for packing one to two dozen items per day. For example, the Caso FastVac 500 includes a pump that will provide 0.9 bar power. Therefore, an almost complete vacuum will be observed under the film, although not 100%. And the packaging process will definitely not take much time.

Of course, such a device is connected to an ordinary power supply with a voltage of 220 V. Power consumption is only 130 W. Steam humidifiers have a similar parameter, so that you understand, and even then only at the weakest operating mode. As for the welding rod, there is only one here, and its length is 300 mm. However, this will be enough for any person who buys a vacuum sealer for home use. And the device turned out to be extremely light – even many microwave ovens are much heavier! The weight was influenced not only by the insides, but also by the case, which is only partially metal – many parts were created from plastic.

This representative of the rating cannot be called very cheap, because they ask for about 19 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is not overly simplified. There is a built-in film knife, which some budget models lack. The product also features support for rolls – this is evidenced by the presence of a corresponding container. Well, the dashboard allows you to adjust the degree and duration of vacuuming. The creation of a double welded seam is also available to the user – a guarantee of the longest possible preservation of the package.

With this device, you can pack both containers and products containing moisture. In a word, it is difficult to imagine a task with which this product could not cope. It's nice that the manufacturer paid attention to the appearance – the packer is unlikely to spoil the interior of your kitchen.


  • Weight is only 2.79 kg;
  • Great appearance;
  • Connects to a standard power supply;
  • Decent length of the welding rod;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • There is a built-in film knife;
  • Rolls can be used;
  • Suitable for moisture containing food and food containers;
  • The creation of a double weld is available.


  • The price, after all, cannot be called low.


Rating: 4.7

STATUS SV2000.jpg

An even more affordable vacuum sealer. Despite the fact that he still got into our rating, we warn about his atypical appearance. The abundance of red and white plastic makes the device look like a toy. If your kitchen has a modern interior, then the packer will look ridiculous on it. But on the other hand, they ask for only 12-14 thousand rubles.

In many of its characteristics, the device is almost as good as the model discussed above. The suction power is 0.8 bar here. This is still quite an adequate parameter, which is enough for almost complete evacuation of air. Only professional models are capable of more, and you already know how expensive they are. As for the pumping speed, it reaches 22 l / min. This means that a chicken leg will be packed in a matter of seconds. Larger products will not cause problems – the rail used as much as possible here is able to create a 28 cm seam. The only pity is that it cannot be double – the packer is deprived of this function in order to reduce the final cost.

The body of the product is completely made of plastic. Under it, not only a container for collecting liquid is torn off, which indicates the possibility of packaging moisture-containing products, but also a film knife. The plastic case allowed to reduce not only the price tag, but also the weight of the device – it was 3.7 kg.

The vacuum sealer STATUS SV 2000 should not be afraid to be connected to a regular power supply – it is sharpened for it. The power consumption is only 240 watts. It's nice that this packer can even work with containers. Well, negative emotions are caused, as mentioned above, by design. However, you can find fault with the configuration. The buyer will have to think about purchasing consumables almost immediately, since only three packages of 20×28 cm and 28×36 cm will be found in the box with the device.However, if you are going to use only rolls, then there will be no special problems – there are two of them in the kit: the dimensions are 28×150 cm and 20×150 cm.


  • Connects to household power supply;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Evacuation of containers is possible;
  • Work with moisture-containing products is supported;
  • There is a built-in film knife;
  • Low weight;
  • The set contains two rolls.


  • Strange design;
  • The set includes only six packages;
  • There are questions about reliability.

Redmond RVS-M021

Rating: 4.7


The Redmond company is famous for its multicooker, electric grill and other kitchen appliances. For some time now, it has also produced vacuum packers. They all belong to the desktop household type. Any restaurant or store will definitely not be satisfied with the possibilities of Redmond RVS-M021, while for an ordinary consumer they will be quite enough. But most of all, not even the functionality will please, but the cost, which is only 8-9 thousand rubles. This makes this model one of the cheapest in our rating! And certainly its purchase looks the most optimal. Especially if you are faced with the need to vacuum products not every day.

Inside this device there is one welding rod, the length of which reaches 30 cm. The width of the seam is relatively small – 2.5 mm does not make the soldering the most reliable. Certain problems with the device and with the pumping speed. Agree, 12 l / min is a result far from a record. But this does not mean that the packaging of a salad will take a long time. Instead of a couple of seconds, you just have to wait 10-15 seconds. In this case, there will be an almost complete vacuum under the packaging film, as evidenced by the suction power, which reaches 0.8 bar here.

As expected, the device is connected to a traditional power supply. Its power consumption does not exceed 120 W, which is good news. A hairdryer has a much higher impact on your electricity bill, not to mention a vacuum cleaner or iron. But most of all, the vacuum sealer surprises with its weight, which is only 1.4 kg. However, he is talking about simple components inside this device, which is why it is not a fact that the device turned out to be reliable.

Despite its low cost, Redmond RVS-M021 supports packaging of waterproof products. It also allows you to evacuate the containers supplied (they have a capacity of 0.7 l, 1.4 l and 2 l). The degree of evacuation is adjustable – a modest control panel is used for this. By the way, the product is capable of boasting a pretty design. The manufacturer can be safely praised for choosing a silver-colored plastic. However, household appliances from Redmond rarely have any design flaws.


  • A long welding rod is used;
  • Evacuation of containers is possible;
  • Packaging of moisture-containing products is available;
  • Vacuum regulation is possible;
  • The set includes 18 bags and 3 containers;
  • Very light weight;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Modern design;
  • Affordable price tag.


  • The seam is not very wide;
  • The pumping speed could be higher;
  • There are questions about reliability.

Zigmund&Shtain VS-505

Rating: 4.6


Another vacuum sealer in our rating, which is sold for 9 thousand rubles. To create the case, its manufacturer also decided to use plastic painted in silver colors. As a result, the packer turned out to be light enough, and its appearance will definitely not affect the kitchen interior. As usual, part of the top panel is occupied by buttons and a display. It is nice that all the signatures are made in Russian – not every vacuum sealer supplied to our country can boast of this.

There is one welding rod inside this device. Unfortunately, its characteristics have not been specified. However, judging by the reviews, the rail has a 300 mm length. And it's not without reason that the rolls supported by the device have exactly this width?

I am glad that the product has received a built-in knife, which can easily cut even a very thick film. The vacuum sealer also boasts support for moisture-containing products. Partly because of this, this model got into our rating. It is also possible to evacuate containers. It's a pity that only one container is supplied in the kit. Even in the box with the device, the buyer will find a roll and a hose. In a word, the equipment turned out to be rather poor.

The power cord plugs into a regular outlet. During operation, the device consumes no more than 170 watts. The product is capable of pumping out up to 12 liters of air per minute. This is a good indicator, but far from a record. Nevertheless, hardly any of the ordinary consumers will be dissatisfied with the capabilities of the packer.

Otherwise, it is a typical tabletop model, belonging to the tubeless type. Its low cost is due to the small number of accessories supplied in the kit. If you want to get a larger container, you will have to look for it in specialized online stores.


  • Nice design;
  • Connects to household power supply;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Long enough welding rod;
  • The built-in film knife is not forgotten;
  • Evacuation of containers is possible;
  • You can pack moisture-containing products;
  • Low weight.


  • After the warranty period, breakdown is quite possible;
  • Not the highest pumping speed;
  • Not very rich equipment.

Caso VC 200

Rating: 4.5

CASO VC200.jpg

Another vacuum sealer in our ranking, the body of which is made of plastic. It should be noted that this device is less beautiful. Most of all, it is similar to the printers produced in the last decade. However, we cannot call the design disgusting either – some will even like it. There are only four buttons on the control panel. This makes the device as easy to use as possible. Alas, there is no display here. This indicates that there is no evacuation adjustment – the device will always try to evacuate air to the maximum.

The vacuum sealer turned out to be extremely light – the scales under it will not even show 2 kg. The manufacturer managed to achieve this due to the plastic case and the simplest tubeless system. At the same time, he placed a good welding rod inside, the length of which is 300 mm. The pump used here is capable of pumping out approximately 12 liters of air per minute. It pumps it out not only from the usual packages, but also from containers – for this, a special hose is used. The device also has a built-in film knife, which is never superfluous.

It's nice that the device is capable of creating a double weld. As you know, it is much more reliable than usual. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the container for collecting liquid. The presence of the latter indicates that it is not difficult for the packer to cover the moisture-containing product with a film.

Like all other household vacuum sealers, Caso VC 200 plugs into a regular outlet. In this case, the power consumption of the device is only 120 watts. Even the printer mentioned above can consume more power!

You can only get upset with the price tag. Unfortunately, the manufacturer asks for more than 12 thousand rubles for his creation. If the cost of the device was several thousand less, we would safely recommend the packer for purchase. It remains to add that two rolls are supplied with the product – they have dimensions 22×300 cm and 28×300 cm.


  • Long welding rod;
  • Double welded seam is used;
  • There is a film knife;
  • Packaging of moisture-containing products is possible;
  • Vacuuming of containers is available;
  • Connects to 220 V power supply;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Very easy to use.


  • As such, there is no vacuum regulation;
  • The cost cannot be called the most adequate;
  • There may be questions about reliability;
  • Pumping speed not very high.

Gemlux GL-VS-990PS

Rating: 4.5


One of the most affordable vacuum sealers in our ranking. In Russian online stores for Gemlux GL-VS-990PS they ask for only 5 thousand rubles. Such a device can be bought even for fun. Even if you only need to pack food for the child to school, or food that you take with you to work.

This model belongs to the tubeless type. Its body was made of silver plastic – in fact, this is the standard for vacuum sealers. Above the lid is a modest dashboard consisting of several buttons and indicator lights. The signatures are in English, but the simplest words are easy to learn. Well, inside the device there is a welding rod. Its length is 280 mm. Not a maximum, but practice shows that this is enough for the absolute majority of users.

This device weighs only 1.75 kg. The minimum weight suggests that some of the components are hardly reliable. The device is powered by a traditional household network with a voltage of 220 V. During operation, the vacuum sealer consumes about 175 W. At the exit we get a packaged product with a 3 mm wide weld seam. Unfortunately, double weld is not available. But with such a price tag, this is not at all surprising.

We do not recommend counting on a long service life of this device. However, it all depends on how often you use it. If it is intended to use the device once a week, then the device will not only survive the warranty period, it will also last three to four years after its end. And you should also be aware that you will not receive the usual packages with the Gemlux GL-VS-990PS – you will have to buy additional consumables immediately.


  • Very low cost;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Connects to a regular power supply;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Decent length of the welding rod;
  • Sufficiently large weld seam width.


  • No support for evacuating containers;
  • In stores it is less and less common;
  • Meager equipment;
  • No specific evacuation setting;
  • There are questions about reliability.

Clatronic FS 3261

Rating: 4.4


More recently, vacuum sealers were a real exotic. They were used in restaurants and some shops, but nothing more. Tubeless models were widespread, but their cost often frightened ordinary consumers. However, times have changed a lot since then. Now you can buy a vacuum sealer for only 1500-2000 rubles! Don't believe me? Take a look at the Clatronic FS 3261. Of course, for the money you will not get a reliable device with a lot of functionality. This product is equipped with a plastic case and weighs just 1.49 kg. With such a mass, it is clear that there are modest components inside with a minimum amount of metal. During the warranty period, the device will definitely work, but after the end of that … In a word, if during the use of Clatronic FS 3261 you manage to get used to the regular packaging of products, then after the end of the warranty it is recommended to buy something more expensive. There is plenty to choose from – our rating confirms this.

Despite the low cost, the product received a traditional 30 cm welding rod. Electricity is taken from a household network with a voltage of 220 V – in this regard, nothing unusual awaits you. The power consumption of the device is only 100 W. Unfortunately, the vacuuming power is not high here, and the pumping speed also leaves much to be desired. Because of this, we can say that the Clatronic FS 3261 only shows what a vacuum sealer is. If you get involved in the process of packaging products, then you will certainly want to purchase a more advanced copy.

A three-meter roll is supplied with the product. Of course, this will not be enough, so you will have to immediately spend a certain amount on additional consumables.


  • Works from a household power supply;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Works with a long welding rod;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Very low cost.


  • Simplest design;
  • After the end of the warranty period, you can expect a breakdown;
  • Not very high pumping speed;
  • Cannot pump air out of containers.


Rating: 4.3

KITFORT KT-1501.jpg

Must be the most unusual vacuum sealer on our list. The point is that it belongs to the manual type. Its device is similar to the structure of a hair dryer, only the pump here pumps out, not blows out air. And it certainly doesn't heat up.

This design has one unpleasant drawback. You will need special bags that have a valve. Fortunately, they come bundled. To be precise, the buyer is waiting for three packages of 22×21 cm and the same number of packages of 26×28 cm. In the future, you can buy other packages, already larger. You can also purchase containers – the packer is able to work with them.

Otherwise, the device will hardly surprise you. It has the weakest characteristics. For example, the suction power is only 0.63 bar. This means that certain problems may arise with any large package. Well, the pumping speed, not exceeding 8 l / min, means that a rather long process awaits you. However, do not be alarmed. In half a minute, even the largest package should become completely airless. Poor characteristics allow the device to operate from a built-in battery. And this, perhaps, cannot be included either in the advantages or disadvantages. Of course, the lack of a wire at first pleases. The user will have to regularly recharge the packer. Otherwise, he may refuse to work exactly at the moment when he needed to pack the next products.


  • Weight is only 900g;
  • Evacuation of containers is possible;
  • Several dense bags of different sizes included;
  • Convenient manual use;
  • Low cost.


  • The device cannot be called reliable;
  • Low pumping speed;
  • The suction power cannot be called high.


This is the list of the best vacuum sealers available today. It remains to add that professional models are intended for use in supermarkets and restaurants, while for ordinary people there are amateur packers, which are distinguished by a lower speed of work and a more modest price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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