100 Things That Happen to You When You Start Dressing Stylishly

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How often do you get noticed on the street or indoors? Do strangers come up to you to find out the way or just smile back? If not, maybe you should pay attention to your appearance and start dressing well. We have collected 100 events that will happen to you if you dress stylishly.

According to the observation of people who have revised their clothing style, new events began to appear in their lives. There was more confidence in them from strangers. More compliments from colleagues who didn't pay attention to them before.

Stylish men, confident Stylish men, confident

When you dress well, you exude confidence. Look at well-dressed people, how determined and confident they are. With such an inner sense of the matter, it becomes easier to solve. The people with whom you start a dialogue are better disposed towards you and it is easier to negotiate with them. Judge for yourself who is more pleasant for you to meet and talk to, a tastelessly dressed man or a stylish gentleman? The answer is obvious to most people.

If you are still in doubt about my arguments, here is a list of 100 things that will happen to you if you start dressing stylishly:

  1. Women notice you more often.
  2. Men notice you more often.
  3. Cars stop to let you cross the road.
  4. You will smile more =)
  5. Tourists will often ask you for directions.
  6. Friends will turn to you for style advice.
  7. Random people will ask where you bought this or that accessory.
  8. You will be interviewed for a new job, even if someone is smarter.
  9. Your new boss will be slightly better disposed towards you.
  10. People want to communicate with you, go to lunch with you, tell you their stories, share their impressions. People want you to be their environment.
  11. People subconsciously trust you.
  12. Some people don't like you.
  13. People laugh at your joke, even if it wasn't funny.
  14. Your friends will make fun of you and say that you are 'metrosexual' or even 'gay'.
  15. Your friends start copying your style or image.
  16. Sometimes you feel like you are going overboard with style and can dress easier.
  17. You start to understand the style and notice mistakes in other people's style.
  18. Increasingly, you restrain yourself so as not to come up and give advice on how to dress.
  19. Upon arrival at the hotel, you may just be offered a better room.
  20. Get approval from other stylishly dressed people.
  21. People around you smile more often.
  22. You start to hate clothes that don't fit well on you.
  23. You open the closet and realize that you have 'nothing to wear'.
  24. Accidentally seeing your old photograph makes you cringe at your old style of clothing.
  25. You don't get as much admiration for well-dressed stars or showmen as those around you.
  26. You notice the collar and tie on the street, in movies, on the subway … everywhere.
  27. One morning, getting ready for work, you easily pick up your suit, shirt and tie.
  28. You tie your tie with your eyes closed.
  29. Your family and some friends ask you to tie a tie.
  30. People regularly praise you for your taste.
  31. You begin to believe in yourself more, and others believe in you even more.
  32. When you meet new people, you notice how their eyes move and study you from head to toe.
  33. Women begin to notice you faster than you notice them.
  34. You will feel yourself starting to maintain your posture.
  35. A classic suit is no longer inconvenient.
  36. You buy watches, glasses, belts, braces, etc.
  37. One briefcase is not enough for you, and you buy bags and wallets.
  38. Considering buying a three-piece suit.
  39. Women start asking what suits them best in clothes.
  40. You notice the details and styles (good and bad) of the people around you.
  41. Men begin to envy you and less often invite you to drink beer.
  42. People are waiting for you and looking forward to seeing the clothes you wear.
  43. People around you expect good and competent speech from you.
  44. Everyone says hello before you.
  45. You often discuss and criticize the style and clothing of people on the network and social networks.
  46. People think that you are a business owner or a big manager, and around the corner you have Mercedes – Benz or Porsche parked.
  47. You feel confident day by day.
  48. Older people use you as an example.
  49. The bosses at work treat you with great respect.
  50. They will always wait for you if the elevator starts to close.
  51. You begin to understand that walking in the summer without socks and in moccasins is great!
  52. You are confident and unshakable when people look at you.
  53. You start to get rid of old things that don't suit you.
  54. In the parking lot or in a restaurant, they start to remember you by name.
  55. You start to hate the business casual style. You choose either business or casual style.
  56. The bar will serve you faster.
  57. You stop wearing sneakers.
  58. Red moccasins don't seem like such a bad idea to you!
  59. Your girlfriend will be proud of you and brag to her friends.
  60. You begin to understand the phrase 'they are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds.'
  61. Shopping in the store is becoming a sport.
  62. Your phone is bursting with sms of store sales.
  63. You start to have things that need to be returned before the expiration of 14 days.
  64. You understand that one wardrobe is not enough for you.
  65. You are discovering the convenience of dry cleaning.
  66. Everything starts to make sense. You start making smart and judicious decisions.
  67. You know your sizes and can easily find clothes.
  68. You begin to understand women, why they dream of a dressing room.
  69. In negotiations, you are given the floor more often.
  70. The forever empty accessory box is filled with cufflinks, collar underwire, pins and boutonnieres for the lapel of a jacket.
  71. You read blogs about masculine style, 3 things you visit exactly.
  72. Sunday is spent preparing clothes for the week (shining shoes, washing, ironing shirts, etc.).
  73. If you are still young, they add 5-10 years to your age; if you are already over 40, then 5-10 years will be reduced from age.
  74. Self-care is no longer such a useless exercise.
  75. Experiment with hairstyles and haircuts.
  76. Women listen to you if you recommend them to wear something.
  77. You are looking forward to the fall / spring weather when you can combine multiple layers of clothing and accessories.
  78. You are waiting for events to wear your best costume.
  79. You always clean your shoes and polish them.
  80. You inspire people to change their clothing style. The people around you look at you and begin to find the strength to change for the better.
  81. You are considering making a bespoke suit and buying very expensive shoes.
  82. You start to understand a little about watches.
  83. You can iron a shirt in 3-4 minutes.
  84. Throw your torn jeans in the trash and do not wear them as 'rags'.
  85. You’re beginning to realize how irreplaceable and versatile chinos are.
  86. Your wardrobe will allow you to dress 12-15 people.
  87. Your wardrobe allows you to dress for all occasions in life.
  88. Your status rises and you like it.
  89. People think you are very rich.
  90. You start to feel uncomfortable when you hang an expensive shirt on a cheap plastic or wire hanger.
  91. You are purchasing wooden accessories for storing clothes and shoes.
  92. You are remembered as the 'guy in the jacket'.
  93. The idea appears to wear a jacket, trousers and white sneakers.
  94. People forgive you some liberties, sometimes even arrogance.
  95. New people, new experiences, new discoveries every day.
  96. Your behavior is beyond doubt that you are a gentleman. People love it and they are drawn to you.
  97. You are invited to parties, and you often become the center of attention there.
  98. Your confidence and success can be envied.
  99. You become happier.
  100. You move forward not because you have to, but because you enjoy new sensations and adventures.

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