Which railway to choose for a child

The railroad is immensely popular with boys and girls of all ages. Unfortunately, not all toys are durable and quality: trains go off the tracks, cars break, and remote controls stop working. Therefore, in order to choose a good road, consider the peculiarities of its design, type of control, material, quality of fastening and other nuances.

The best manufacturers of railways for children

The best manufacturers of railways for children

There is a wide range of railways on the domestic market. Toys can run on batteries or be controlled by a child, simulate smoke and make various sounds. They have a different number of cars and decorative elements, the length and shape of the canvas, and the scale. Therefore, it can be very difficult for parents to choose a railroad for their child.

To buy a really high-quality item, pay attention to the products of the following manufacturers:

  1. Fisher Price. This American company was founded in 1930. Its main goal is to create toys that will not only appeal to children, but also develop their creativity, thinking and motor skills. The company's products comply with international quality and safety standards. In addition, toys are tested not only by scientists but also by children before entering the market. Fisher Price Railways are suitable for children over 12 months old.

  2. Brio. The company was founded in 1884 in a small town in Sweden, but today it is a world famous organization. Its products meet high quality standards and are tested for safety, strength, elongation and performance. Brio railways are designed for children over three years old.

  3. Lego. World famous manufacturer of educational toys. Lego parts are made of highly resistant plastic, and the company's products meet international quality standards.

  4. Tomy. The company's products are made only from durable and safe materials. They meet not only international quality standards, but also more stringent standards created by the manufacturer himself.

What to look for when buying

What to look for when buying


Most railways are made of plastic, wood, or metal:

  1. Wooden railways are suitable for children over two years old. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, durable and safe. Thanks to this, the toy can be inherited. However, small structural elements are often executed and not drawn accurately. Small children are not afraid of such inaccuracy, but for older children it is better to choose models that are closer to reality. When choosing a wooden model, make sure that there are no chipping or chipping on it that can be dangerous for a child.

  2. Most manufacturers make plastic railways. This material allows for precise designs, minute details and vibrant landscapes. High-quality plastic has high strength: it does not break when dropped or hit and can withstand many years of use. Plastic models can be used for children from 2 to 12 years old.

  3. Metal roads are the most realistic, expensive and rare. They are suitable for children over 10 years old. These toys are characterized by high strength and durability. As a rule, they are made as similar as possible to real models. In addition, metal is used to create collectibles for adults.


First, the child needs to buy a starter kit, which consists of rails and a train. Additionally, it can be equipped with trees, a control unit, a tunnel, figures of animals and people, benches, etc. The more decorative elements and accessories, the higher the price.

After purchasing a starter kit, you can extend the length of the track, purchase additional cars, a locomotive and other structural elements that are suitable in size.

Control type

Small children (2–4 years old) do not need railways on which the train will travel by itself. They are more likely to like to drive vehicles on their own, i.e. apply muscle strength. Children 5–7 years old will be interested in controlling the movement without applying force, for example, using the remote control. Therefore, choose roads with electronic control, for example, battery-powered. Such models allow you to stop and direct the rolling stock along the desired trajectory, turn on the sound, beep, and accelerate the train.

Also, electric models are digital or analog. Due to the complex control they are powered by the network. Such toys are interesting for schoolchildren.

  1. Digital control allows you to adjust speed and lighting, direct the train to any place on the road and control several modes of transport at the same time in different driving modes.

  2. Analog control is cheaper than digital because it does not allow the control of several locomotives at the same time. Often the analog control unit can be changed to digital.

Which railway to choose

Which railway to choose

When buying a railroad for a toddler, make sure that all parts are strong and large, and that the adhesion between the rails and between the cars is strong. The toy must withstand flying around the room, bumps and possibly bites. Therefore, small copies of real trains with small details should not be given to preschoolers to be torn apart.

Children over 8 years old can buy more serious toys: with analog or digital control. Perhaps such models will have a scale that must be taken into account when purchasing cars, locomotives, landscape elements, etc. separately. The most popular types of scales are HO (1:87) and TT (1: 120). It will be easiest for you to choose additional designs for them.


In the next article, our experts will tell you how to choose the right toy for your child.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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