How to choose a booster

Booster – a backless chair that attaches to the seat a car. Since the height of the child is much less than the height of an adult human use of seat belts creates inconvenience young passenger, and in the event of an accident can increase the number of injuries. Therefore, to raise the cub to the desired level and provide proper installation of the belt, you must use a booster.

Which manufacturer to choose

Which manufacturer to choose

The main goal of the booster is to ensure the safety of a young passenger. Therefore, it is so important to choose those products that have passed strict quality control, participated in crash tests and received certificates security.

One of the best manufacturers of car booster seats are considered:

  1. Clek

  2. Heyner;

  3. Chicco;

  4. Caretero;

  5. Siger;

  6. TEAM TEX (Nania).

What to look for when buying

What to look for when buying

Booster Type

Boosters are usually included in the third group of car seats. Such products are designed for 22–36 kg of a child’s weight, whose height is at least 120–130 cm. But some models can use for children who weigh 15–36 kg (3–12 years) – group 2/3.

Car seats are divided into three types:

  1. Pressed foam boosters are lightweight and comfortable. models. They are low cost, easy to transport and take up little space. But in the event of an accident, they will not be able to provide child safety. In an accident, such boosters break right under cub, as a result of which the passenger may receive additional damage from seat belts.

  2. High-impact plastic boosters are stronger than foam products. They have a low price and low weight. Such products ensure the safety of a small passenger. Some plastic structures are complemented by damping inserts, which absorb the force of impact.

  3. Boosters with a metal frame are the most durable models. They made by the type of sandwich. Over metal frame there are several protective layers (for example, from foam and polypropylene) and soft pad with fabric. Such products are heavier and more expensive than foam and plastic models, but they provide more comfortable and safe stay of the child in the car.


Most products are fixed with regular seat belts. But such a fastening cannot guarantee a secure fit. booster to the seat – in the event of an accident, the model may go astray, and the belt harm the baby.

The most reliable are the Latch and Isofix mounts, which provide the connection of a car seat with a car body.


It is best to choose products with armrests. It will do the trip is more comfortable, helps the child to stay in sharp cornering and keep the correct position according to the straps security.

Selection tips

Selection Tips

  1. When buying, consider that the booster will be used some years. Therefore, choose models with a cover that you can remove and wash in a typewriter.

  2. Having an ergonomic seat will make the ride more comfortable and the baby’s legs will not numb.

  3. Choose products labeled ECE R44 / 04 or ECE R44 / 03. it an indicator that the car seats have passed strict quality control and completely safe for the baby.

  4. You cannot use used car seats. If in the past there were booster minor accidents, this could affect its durability. In case of a new accident the product may not withstand the load, and the child will take the whole blow on yourself.

  5. You need to choose a booster not only by the weight and height of the child. He is still must match seat size and seat belt length a car.

  6. A young passenger should feel comfortable in a booster, even when he wears warm outerwear.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to Choose a car seat for your child.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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