How to choose an ergo backpack

An ergosack or carrying backpack is a real find for parents, thanks to which a walk on a bad road, a trip to public transport or outdoor activities with a child cease to be a problem. The main thing is to choose a quality model in which the baby will be comfortable and safe.

The best manufacturers of ergonomic backpacks

The best manufacturers of ergonomic backpacks

The ergonomic backpack should provide the crumb the correct physiological posture – bottom buttocks, legs wide apart and knees above the priests. It has a wide waist belt and shoulder straps. – thanks to this, it is easier for mom to carry the baby.

Quality backpacks ensure proper back support and baby heads and protect against potential dangers. For example, product fasteners have a “safety” against accidental unfastening. The role of insurance in this case is played by special rubber bands, which do not allow the backpack to be unfastened completely when the clasps with they do not cope with their function.

Ergorypacks should be made from safe and natural materials such as cotton and linen. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers adhere to these requirements and save on quality fabric, material of fastenings and other characteristics. therefore It is recommended to buy backpacks from trusted brands.

The most popular manufacturers are:

  1. Manduca;

  2. Ergobaby

  3. Bianka;

  4. Boba;

  5. I love mum;

  6. Pognae;

  7. Guslenok;

  8. Mum’s Era;

  9. Love&Carry;

  10. Teddiesling.

But choosing a good manufacturer is only the beginning. Still need determine the type of backpack and its components: a back, straps, belt, shock absorber, etc.

Is it possible to carry newborns in an ergpack

Is it possible to carry newborns in an ergorypack

Sling consultants do not recommend the use of classic Sling backpacks for babies under the age of 6–8 months. As a last resort in it you can carry a child from 4 months, and then if he already holds confidently head and weighs at least 7.5 kg.

Of course, manufacturers of ergonomic backpacks shout that their goods can be used from the first days of a baby’s life, but most doctors question such claims. Using ergonomic backpacks can adversely affect how on the baby’s health, and on mom’s well-being. Early The use of carrying backpacks is dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. The design of the backpack, in contrast to the sling-scarf or sling with rings, does not adapt to the shape of the baby’s body. Carry has a certain size of the back and the depth of fit. Even if the backpack perfect baby, in a month the position of the child may become dangerous.

  2. Classic models do not provide normal support spine for newborns. Since the shape of the backpack is practically not regulated, mothers often drag the baby down with slings sewn in the middle of the back of the product. As a result, it is poorly fixed upper and lower parts of the spine, and the back of the baby bends ahead of time. The bend of the spine of the child will form completely only six months, and not in the first months of life.

  3. Some manufacturers recommend placing in backpacks. special inserts for newborns. In this case, the baby can to be strongly pressed to the mother, causing his back will be in an unnatural position.

  4. Using ergonomic backpacks immediately after birth can lead to lower abdominal pain and the development of “female” mom’s problems.

It should be noted that sometimes ergorypacks are on sale, designed specifically for newborns and designed for several months of use: from birth to 1.5 months and from 1.5 months to 4 months. Unfortunately, such models are very hard to find. Therefore, it is better to carry children in the first months of life Use a classic sling scarf or sling with rings.

What to look for when choosing

What to look for when choosing


The back of the product provides a physiologically correct position crumbs. It should be wide and soft, the size of a child.


The straps of the sling backpack should be wide enough to properly distribute the load on the mother’s back and reliably to fix the baby. Choose soft straps, so the backpack will be smaller put pressure on your shoulders while carrying a heavy bootuz.


The correct belt is tight and wide, well adjustable and tight drags on. Thanks to him, mom can wear for several hours child without getting tired.

Shock absorbers

They are located on the sides of the back in some models. Thanks to them you can fix the child’s legs under the knee in any age (both at 6 months and 2 years). In addition, they allow increase the width of the back under the grown cub.


Some models have a hood with which you can to fix the head of a dozing baby or protect it from the wind and rain.


The fabric from which the backpack is sewn must be of high quality, dense and elastic. Make sure that the inside of the product, with which the baby is in contact with was made of linen, cotton or other natural materials. Although such products have a high price, they retain their presentation even after six months daily socks

You should not buy goods that were used for tailoring synthetic fabrics and materials like tulle and canvas. They will not allow air to pass through and create a greenhouse effect.

The size

Choose models with an adjustable back – children grow quickly, and fixed-sized items will soon become unnecessary.

Before buying, determine the exact size of the child. Seat squat the baby and spread his legs apart. Measure the length between the knees on the back of the hips and buttocks. Take measurements not on the bare buttocks, but when the baby is in the diaper. The resulting value should not be greater than the width of the ergory backpack in lower part.

Buy the product only after trying on. If you feel comfortable, the straps do not cut into the skin, and the cub is in the correct position (the back of the backpack does not puff, no booty voids, M-position reached), the goods can be taken.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a sling, you will also find out which is better – a sling or a kangaroo, and The main expert of our project will answer the question – what is the best pillow Freyka or Pavlik’s stirrups.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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