Top 10 white sand beaches in Cyprus

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Cyprus is one of the warmest islands on Earth. There are 340 dry days a year. The average temperature is 34 degrees. The shore at the water's edge is mostly sandy. A large number of walking tours, ancient sights, amazing Cypriot cuisine – all this determines the choice of people in favor of the island of Aphrodite in any month of the year. The residents are welcoming, hospitable, and safety is the hallmark of this paradise. Cyprus is suitable for youth parties, cheerful children's fun, honeymoon of newlyweds, measured life of older tourists. But most vacationers appreciate it for its amazing beaches, clear sea and bright sun.

Distinctive features of the beaches of Cyprus

All municipal beaches, regardless of the star rating of the hotel is nearby. Renting a set of an umbrella and a sun lounger costs visitors 5 euros per day. Cyprus has 25 beaches awarded the Blue Flag. It is awarded to the cleanest, safest coasts. Among them are mainly white sand beaches. A feature of such recreation areas are:

  1. availability of rescuers;
  2. establishments for a quick bite;
  3. rental office for water sports equipment;
  4. beach equipment;
  5. sanitary area with toilets and showers;
  6. places for changing clothes.

Solar activity on the island is high, so we recommend sheltering under umbrellas, awnings, and avoiding direct exposure. Our experts analyzed the benefits of white sand beaches and presented below a ranking of the best ones.

Rating of the best white sand beaches in Cyprus

Nomination a place beach rating
Rating of the best white sand beaches in Cyprus 1 Coral Bay Beach 5.0
2 Nissi Beach 4.9
3 Fig tree bay 4.8
4 Paramali Beach 4.7
5 Makronissos Beach 4.6
6 Sanrise 4.5
7 Kryou Nerou Beach 4.4
8 Vathia Gonia Beach 4.3
9 Konnos Bay Beach 4.2
10 Adams Beach 4.1

Coral Bay Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 5.0

Coral Bay Beach

Highly rated as the best for families. Located on the southwest coast in Paphos city. Awarded with the Blue Flag. It is considered the most visited on the island. Covered with fine sand without impurities, which is imported from other beaches. Renewed once every 20 years. Comfortable for families with small children. The bottom of the sea is sandy, without stones. Several large ones are observed, but they rise above the surface. The entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth increases gradually.

Vacationers in the reviews note the cozy location of the beach in a bay surrounded by a rocky cape and a hill. They stretch deep into the sea, so the coast is protected from the winds. The water warms up better than in other places. Its temperature is 3-5 degrees higher. The beach area stretches 1000 m in length, and its width varies from 10 to 40 m. The recreation area has umbrellas, sun loungers, bars, cafes, and places for renting water equipment.


  • awarded the Blue Flag;
  • suitable for people of different ages;
  • sandy bottom and coast;
  • location;
  • developed infrastructure.


  • the presence of algae along the coast;
  • high prices for service.

Nissi Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.9

Nissi Beach

Included by the experts in the ranking for the famous foam parties, which take place three times a week during the high season. Events are held in a relaxed manner, so it is better to plan a vacation with children at another time or on another beach. Located in Ayia Napa, and got the name Nissi for the nearby island of the same name, 50 m from the coast. They are connected by a scythe, along which you can freely get on it and rest in solitude among the stones and beautiful cacti.

Vacationers speak highly of recreational activities on the coast. White soft sand is noted. The entrance to the sea is smooth, but with a rapidly increasing depth. The length of the recreation area is 500 m. There is parking for cars, in the autumn-spring period there is no charge for a place.


  • variety of entertainment;
  • snow-white sandy beach line;
  • availability of parking;
  • smooth entrance to the sea.


  • limited children's rest;
  • a sharp set of depth in the sea.

Fig tree bay

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.8

Fig tree bay

Experts marked it as the most comfortable for people with disabilities. Located in the city of Protaras in the Fig Tree Bay area. The sand on the coast is soft and fine. It is considered the cleanest and most comfortable on the island. The beach organizes regular surveys on the satisfaction of visitors with their stay. There are three parking lots, seven entrances to the coast.

Visitors speak well of the shallow entry into the sea, smooth depth gain. The developed infrastructure is noted. There are water sports facilities along the shore that can be rented. Tourists enjoy the active life on the coast, which is accessible to people with disabilities. For them there is a separate equipped entrance, reserved resting places.


  • accessibility for people with disabilities;
  • the presence of three parking lots;
  • Blue Flag award;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • safety of rest.


  • undesirable for toddlers due to overcrowding.

Paramali Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.7


According to our experts, Paramali is the most secluded beach destination. The beach is located next to the village of the same name. The atmosphere on the beach is calm, waves are rare. The coast is covered with light sand, in some places with a yellowish tint. There are areas where sand is mixed with small pebbles. Infrastructure is poorly developed.

Visitors appreciate the beach for the opportunity to be in a cozy, tranquil environment. The beach area is wide and long, which allows visitors not to interfere with each other on vacation. The entrance to the water is deep, the bottom is even. On the coast there are areas with herbaceous and shrubby vegetation. There are many kite surfers on the beach who prefer quiet and not crowded.


  • wide and long beach area;
  • calm atmosphere of solitude and silence;
  • a good place for kite surfers.


  • moderately deep entry into the water;
  • lack of developed infrastructure;
  • areas with an admixture of pebbles.

Makronissos Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.6

Makronissos Beach

Included by experts in the rating as the cleanest beach. Daily cleaning of the territory allows vacationers to feel comfortable and safe. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. Makronissos is surrounded by three bays and is located in the eastern part of the island. The recreation area on the coast stretches for 500 m. The entrance to the water is gentle, the increase in depth is smooth. The bottom is even without corals and stones.

Vacationers in the reviews highly appreciate the cleanliness and safety of the beach during their holidays. For children, staying by the sea is comfortable. There is a rescue service on the island. Access to Wi-Fi with restrictions. Near the beach there is an islet connected to the coast by an embankment. There you can see pelicans walking freely. Active recreation equipment is available for rent.


  • cleanliness and safety;
  • snow-white soft sand;
  • shallow entrance and flat bottom;
  • a wide variety of sports entertainment;
  • availability of bicycle parking;
  • diving center;
  • comfortable rest with children of different ages.


  • narrow passage to the beach


Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.5


Our experts saw the beach as the most comfortable and comfortable for children. Located in Protaras. It is famous for its purest white sand and turquoise sea. The entrance to the water is shallow, the depth gradually increases and after 50 m it reaches 1.8 m, the bottom is smooth and sandy. There are many plants and trees on the shore that create shade, so vacationers can easily save on umbrellas.

Visitors in their reviews thank the municipality for the presence of a children's entertainment town on the shore. For people with physical disabilities there is a special entrance to the sea. Water attractions, pleasure boats, a golf course organize active leisure for tourists. The beach is suitable for families and young people. While staying on the coast, vacationers can take a tour on a pirate schooner. For fans of extreme recreation, parachute jumps and paragliding are offered.


  • suitable for children's recreation;
  • equipped for people with disabilities;
  • cleanliness and safety;
  • gentle entrance to the water;
  • variety of entertainment.


  • crowded.

Kryou Nerou Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.4


The beach has been praised by our experts as the most landscaped on the coast. The coastline is famous not only for its cleanliness, beauty of sand, but also for gorgeous palm trees. Located in Ayia Napa along the street of the same name, which runs parallel. The beach has a second name Glyki Nerou Beach. The recreation area is long and wide. On the one hand it is bounded by rocks, on the other by Pantachou Beach. The entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is sandy.

According to the reviews from tourists, they like fine sand, which is compared to flour in texture. Away from the coast, the bottom changes to rocky. Vacationers like that the sea warms up well, the water is comfortable for children. The coast is not protected by natural means from bad weather, but sea waves are rare even in the off-season. The beach is clearly visible from the satellite due to the large number of umbrellas and sun loungers.


  • harmonious combination of white sand and exotic greenery on the beach;
  • wide beach area;
  • a large number of changing cabins and showers;
  • a lot of children's entertainment.


  • high cost of services on the beach.

Vathia Gonia Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.3


Experts considered the beach to be the zone with the most favorable climate. Located two kilometers from Ayia Napa in a natural bay area. The wave activity of the sea is zero, there are few winds. At low tide, a backwater appears near the bar, its depth reaches 20 cm. A place of favorable rest for young vacationers is created. Beach area 300 m, width up to 50 m.

Tourists appreciate the snow-white sand, in places with a yellowish tint. It is soft, fine, clean. The sea sometimes brings algae branches to the bay, garbage, which are quickly removed by the cleaning services of hotels located on the shore. The beach is surrounded by rocks, the entrance to the sea is rocky at the edges. Tourists for swimming in these places use aquashuz. The water warms up quickly and remains warm all year round.


  • climatic conditions;
  • favorable for families with children of different ages;
  • availability of free parking;
  • equipped entrance to the water for people with health problems;
  • free bathrooms;
  • clean sand;
  • diving center.


  • intermittent algae pollution;
  • overcrowding in the summer.

Konnos Bay Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.2


Identified by experts as the most easily accessible and scenic beach on the island. Located near Ayia Napa, away from the noisy youth parties. You can get there by car, bike, on foot. A hiking trail from Cape Greco stretches to the beach. The sand from above looks snow-white. Small gray blotches are visible up close. There are rocks in and around the sea. Showers, toilets and changing places are installed on the shore.

Tourists like the calm atmosphere on the beach, the presence of a cafe where you can have a tasty snack and drink cooling drinks. Lifeguards are working on the coast. There are water attractions at the guests' service. Beach visitors are advised to follow the Cyclops trail that winds towards the caves. It is small, an hour long enough to walk there and back. The entrance to the sea is shallow, the length of the recreation area is 200 m.


  • picturesque nature;
  • distance from the hustle and bustle and noise;
  • cleanliness of the beach;
  • availability of parking;
  • water activities.


  • small area.

Adams Beach

Beach rating (Cyprus): 4.1


Ranked as the beach with the most beautiful sea color. Experts have counted many shades of water depending on the weather and time of day. Adams Beach is located near the center of Ayia Napa. You can get there on foot. It is located near the hotel of the same name, adjacent to the Nissi beach. Tourists visit the coasts for the scenic backdrop for their photographs. There is parking for cars.

Tourists note in their reviews the cleanest sea. The entrance to the water is possible from the shore. It is flat. The second descent along the equipped stairs on the rocks. It is suitable for deep divers. Waves are almost always present. Water activities are owned by the hotel and therefore have limited access. Vacationers like the view of the snow-white chapel on the shore. Rest is not only physically pleasant, but also mentally calm. Not a single tourist remains indifferent to the color palette of water.


  • clean sea;
  • several entrances to the water;
  • picturesque nature;
  • availability of parking;
  • proximity to the city center.


  • poorly developed beach infrastructure;
  • small area.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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