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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

On a picnic on the river bank or in the forest during the warm season many. This is a great opportunity to relax in the fresh air, fry meat or vegetables at the stake. However, in preparation for this the exit almost always raises the problem of collecting the right dishes: disposable plastic is inconvenient to use, and take it with you a set of ordinary mugs, plates and forks is not always convenient. For In such cases, ready-made picnic sets have been created. They include refillable cutlery, sometimes napkins, flasks, piles. Introducing the 9 Best Kits for picnics most often purchased in stores and receiving positive reviews and recommendations. By the way, some of them may become a great gift to an avid fisherman, hunter or to the traveler.

Rating of the best picnic sets

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best picnic sets 1 Camping World All Inclusive, 41 item 8 700 rub.
2 Green Glade T3141, 35 items 3 900 rub.
3 Camping World Beer Master 4 750 rub.
4 Fiesta gurman 6 840 rub.
5 Helios HS-811 (2) G 3 720 rub.
6 Norfin Vardo NFL with utensils. for 4 persons 4 400 rub.
7 ARCTICA 4100-4 for 4 persons 3 920 rub.
8 Camping World Caprise, 17 items 3 700 rub.
9 Traveler, (6 persons) AKSO 147II6-P-RF 12 400 rub.

Camping World All Inclusive, 41 item

Rating: 4.9


One of the most popular and complete sets of Camping World All Inclusive for a picnic is designed for 6 vacationers. It includes glasses, piles, convenient plates, which, by the way, are made of thickened and safe plastic, included personal and cutting knives and forks made of stainless steel, opener for bottles and cans, a small cutting board, is even a compact lockable salt-pepper shaker, box for toothpicks, napkins and tablecloths. All products are packaged in a practical textile bag with pockets for each cutlery, in it there is thermal separation for products that need to be delivered to resting places are cold.

The set has everything you need for outdoor recreation. By the way it weighs only 5.2 kg, and a soft bag will allow, if necessary pack it in a hiking backpack.

The average price is 5 800 rubles.


  • there are all the necessary appliances and utensils for 6 people;
  • insulated pocket;
  • convenient bag with pockets and holders for dishes;
  • safe thickened plastic of which the dishes are made;
  • presentable look, suitable as a gift.


  • not defined.

Green Glade T3141, 35 items

Rating: 4.8

Green Glade T3141, 35 items

The second Green Glade T3141 kit in the review is designed for 4 people, It includes 35 items. In addition to plastic reusable cups in the set there are mugs, plates, pepper shaker and salt shaker, steel mugs and spoons, knives, as well as a corkscrew, oil tank or cheese (a special knife is also provided for them), a board for cutting, large cotton napkins. Of additional items the manufacturer added a small fleece blanket to the set 115×135 cm with a waterproof coating. All products and accessories are grouped and packaged in a convenient backpack and it a big advantage over bags – it can be carried over back, hands remain free. By the way, there’s still inside thermal-pocket, which will include some products or bottles.

In quality, the Green Glade T3141 set is more interesting than the leader review, and it weighs less – only 3.5 kg. Weakens position estimated number of people, because people go to a picnic mainly large companies, the set will be ideal for family recreation.

You can buy Green Glade T3141 from 3 700 rubles.


  • extended set of dishes and accessories;
  • comfortable backpack;
  • light weight of the set;
  • roomy refrigerator department.


  • not defined.

Camping World Beer Master

Rating: 4.7


Camping World Beer Master is designed for picnics with foamy drink – it includes beer glasses, a corkscrew, and main dishes – plastic plates, steel spoons, forks and knives, a separate cheese knife and a box for this product, pepper shaker, cutting board, tablecloth and napkins. All packed in a convenient bag with opening the side walls and the lid. Inside there is a thermally insulated department for products, in it fits 20 bottles. The set is designed for 4 people. It is packed in gift box, so it can be handed out on holiday or a memorable occasion – such a gift will appeal to any man.

The set weighs 4 kg, and costs about 6,000 rubles. Users note the ease of use of Camping World Beer Master and sufficient staffing for a good picnic.


  • specialized beer picnic set;
  • comfortable bag;
  • gift wrap;
  • good thermal insulation of the refrigerator pocket.


  • relatively high price.

Fiesta gurman

Rating: 4.7

Fiesta Gurman

Another picnic set for 4 persons in our review. FiestaGurman includes 36 items: steel forks, spoons and tablespoons knives, two types of plastic plates, glasses, cutting board, corkscrew and tablecloth with napkins, one provided pepper shaker. The bag itself, as previously discussed, made of wear-resistant polyester and all the dishes inside laid in separate pockets and secured with elastic bands, which ensures its safety during transportation.

There are 2 main pockets in a bag: in one, dishes are stored, in the other – bottles or products. There is no thermowell, and this is a minus. A bag Designed to carry over the shoulder, hands remain free. The set will help to set a beautiful table even in a clearing, it will become a good gift to a man or woman.

The average price is about 3,000 rubles.


  • comfortable shoulder bag;
  • pockets and holders for all devices;
  • large pocket for food or bottles.
  • low price.


  • no thermowell.

Helios HS-811 (2) G

Rating: 4.7

HELIOS HS-811 (2) G

The Helios HS-811 (2) G kit is designed for just 2 people, so Suitable only for romantic walks and picnics. Into him includes a standard set of dishes and accessories: plates, glasses, piles, steel forks with spoons and knives, separate cutting knife, opener-corkscrew, salt shaker and tablecloth with napkins – everything is only the most necessary. Bright bag packed accessories, holds not only dishes, but also products – for them a department with thermal insulation is provided for the preservation of temperature and freshness.

Helios HS-811 (2) G set lightweight – only 1.78 kg, bag dimensions also modest – 350x230x300 mm, and it is also made in Russia, therefore, the raw materials used meet the requirements of domestic GOSTs and sanitary and epidemiological standards.

The price of the set starts at 2,800 rubles, but in some stores sold twice as expensive.


  • basic set of necessary items;
  • light weight;
  • capacious bag;
  • good department with thermal insulation.


  • The price in many stores is overpriced.

Norfin Vardo NFL with utensils. for 4 persons

Rating: 4.6

Norfin Vardo NFL with dishes. For 4 people

Norfin Vardo NFL kit – development of a Latvian company, which is engaged in the production of clothing and goods for fishermen, tourists. A set of accessories and utensils designed for 4 persons, his bag is equipped with a thermally insulated compartment, which is easily look after. What’s inside: steel spoons, forks and knives, glasses and plates, board and corkscrew, cheese knife and salt shaker, tablecloth. All packed ergonomically and reliably – this is a feature of Norfin bags Vardo. It has several pockets, access to which is defined separate access. The manufacturer provided for carrying dual handles and shoulder strap, adjustable for length.

In the manufacturer’s lineup there are cold batteries, but in the kit they are not included. The Norfin Vardo NFL kit is recommended by avid fishermen, lovers of weekend hikes speak positively of him.

The average price is about 5,000 rubles.


  • high quality tailoring;
  • reinforced thermal department;
  • basic set of dishes and accessories;
  • separate access to each pocket.


  • high price, but due to quality.

ARCTICA 4100-4 for 4 persons

Rating: 4.5


The next ARCTICA kit in the review is relatively modest – there are 4 a glass, as many plates, spoons, forks and knives, there are opener and jar for spices or salt. This is the basic kit, everything the rest can be put in a spacious bag additionally, for this has a pocket on the side cover, something will fit in the main food department, which, by the way, maintains a good temperature food and drink, users note this.

ARCTICA kit for 4 people is suitable for a family, for a company fishermen, he is indispensable in the campaign. It can be presented as present.

The average price is about 3,100 rubles.


  • good quality dishes;
  • spacious pocket-refrigerator;
  • affordable price;
  • adjustable shoulder strap.


  • few supplies per person.

Camping World Caprise, 17 items

Rating: 4.4

Camping World Caprise, 17 items

Another set for 2 persons in our Camping World ranking Caprise includes basic accessories (glasses, spoons, forks, knives, plates), it has a bottle corkscrew, salt shaker / pepper shaker, cutting board. For convenience in the kit napkins and tablecloths are included, everything is packed in a bag: accessories in the side folding pocket, the main compartment is refrigerated for products, however, it is relatively small.

The bag itself is sewn from polyester, a practical material, but light – care must be taken with the product so that it stayed clean. Handles for fastening are provided. between themselves fabric ligation with Velcro, for convenience there is also a shoulder strap that can be removed by unfastening the carbines.

Camping World Caprise is ideal for short walks. a picnic, for a hike, it is most likely not suitable because Incompatible grocery pocket.

The average price is 2 500 rubles, one of the best in the ranking.


  • ergonomic bag with holders for utensils;
  • thermowell for food and drinks;
  • comfortable dishes of good quality;
  • low set price.


  • low capacity of a pocket for products.

Traveler, (6 persons) AKSO 147II6-P-RF

Rating: 4.3


At the end of the review, we present, perhaps, the most unusual set for the “Traveler” picnic. Unusual set of his destination – it is a gift. It includes exquisite forms spoons and forks, piles, plates – they are all steel. The salt shaker is done made of glass, a hunting brass knife equipped with a walnut handle and leather case, there is a sommelier corkscrew, a lighter, a folding multi-tool, the main in the set is a flask, for its filling it is provided complete funnel. All products are packed in a tight fit. faux leather black case 40x30x10 cm with Russian symbols Federation and gold ornament, it is impact resistant and retains presentation for a long time. For all accessories made separate storage spaces – nothing in the suitcase does not crumble and will rattle during transportation. The case has a pen and combination locks.

The Traveler set is an expensive and exquisite gift.

The average price is 12,000 rubles.


  • An interesting set of accessories and devices;
  • presentable appearance and shockproof case;
  • all cutlery is steel;
  • reliable fixation of all items inside the case.


  • high price, fully justified by quality.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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