15 best sanatoriums in the Urals

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Modern people are working to improve the quality of life, so they pay great attention to taking care of their health. In addition to scheduled examinations with a doctor, it is important to regularly rest in sanatoriums in order to bring all body systems in order. Experts do not agree with the established opinion that it is best to visit such establishments in the summer. They believe that other seasons are just as favorable for this.

Rest in Russia has many advantages, one of which is the lack of acclimatization, on which the body spends a lot of strength and energy. There are many sanatoriums in the Urals. This is due to the natural resources of the region. Thanks to them, anyone can quickly recover, improve their health and simply improve their well-being.

The editorial staff prepared a rating review, for which they selected 16 best sanatoriums in the Urals, which received the highest marks.

Rating of the best sanatoriums in the Urals

Nomination a place Ural health resort rating
Rating of the best sanatoriums in the Urals 1 'Siberia' 5.0
2 'Pearl of the Urals' 4.9
3 'Swallow' 4.8
4 'White stone' 4.7
5 'Kisegach' 4.7
6 'ASSY' 4.7
7 'Emerald' 4.6
8 'Gem' 4.5
9 'Ay' 4.5
10 'Pine Hill' 4.5
11 'Obukhovsky' 4.4
12 'Ural' 4.3
13 'KARAGAY BOR' 4.2
14 'Distant dacha' 4.1
15 'Light coloured' 4.0


Health resort rating (Ural): 5.0


The health resort is located in Tyumen, on the banks of Pyshma. It is the largest sanatorium in Western Siberia. It has a powerful medical base and excellent service. Due to the construction of a new building in which the SPA center is located, the institution was given the status of a four-star. On an area of ​​almost one hundred hectares, pine and birch trees grow, there is a three-meter terrain path and a lake. In addition, there is a park with beautiful flowerbeds, green hedges, and many walking alleys.

Here people with gastrointestinal problems, diseases of the nervous and circulatory system, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases are accepted for treatment. There is a physiotherapy room, exercise therapy, massage, treatment rooms, an inhaler, acupuncture, etc. On the territory there is a pump room with mineral water.

The health resort is a complex of four cottages and two buildings, one of which, a five-storey one, has two blocks, a spa, six high-speed elevators, a number of rooms, consisting of studios, standard rooms, suites, grand premium; and in the other – four blocks: a residential nine-storey and a six-storey medical, two-storey for sports activities and two-storey for public needs. The premises are connected by warm passages. There are ramps. You can also check in in a cottage with a kitchen, an additional bathroom, a comfortable bedroom, a garage and a barbecue area. Meals are three times a day according to the buffet system or five times a day complex, served in the main restaurant.

  1. Phone: +7 (3452) 687-000.
  2. Website: sibircentr.ru.

'Pearl of the Urals'

Health resort rating (Ural): 4.9


The sanatorium complex was built on the shores of Lake Turgoyak, far from industrial centers, in an ecologically clean area with forests. Clean air and measured flow of time contributes to faster recovery and recuperation.

The health resort is located in an eight-story building, where comfortable rooms, a cinema, a large swimming pool, a sauna and a Russian bath are located. The medical department deals with diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels and heart, gynecology, disorders in the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

In addition to treatment, visitors to the sanatorium are offered many entertainments: excursions to natural and historical sights, river rafting, quad biking and snowmobiling, rest in a nightclub, picnics in the barbecue area, as well as visits to the minibar, billiard room, tennis court, sports hall.

You can come to the health resort with children. Children of any age will have something to do here. There is a playroom, entertaining contests are constantly organized, cartoons are shown, actors perform.

  1. Phone: 8 (351) 700-75-05.
  2. Website: ural-pearl.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.8


The sanatorium is located on the banks of the Pyshma River, in a beautiful and picturesque place, not far from a forest, consisting of majestic pines and graceful birches. To Tyumen from the health resort twenty eight kilometers. People who not only want to undergo treatment, but also want to enjoy the views, to stay away from the bustle of the city, prefer to relax here. The health resort includes two buildings – a three-story and a two-story one, which house rooms, a swimming pool, a dining room, a medical department, and a spa.

The institution accepts people with diseases of the respiratory organs, heart, nervous, cardiovascular and genitourinary systems, as well as with metabolic problems. Only modern equipment is used, thanks to which accurate diagnostics are carried out. For treatment, mineral water from a local source is used. The following procedures are available: laser therapy, halotherapy, electrotherapy, mud therapy, massages, healing showers and baths. For extra money, you can use the dental and cosmetic office.

The room fund is ready to accept up to one hundred and fifty people at a time. Vacationers are accommodated in single and double rooms (economy, standard) with their own loggia, which offers a magnificent view of the forest. Five meals a day, organized in the dining room. According to the doctor's prescription, a dietary table is offered. There is a custom menu system.

  1. Phone: +7 (3452) 727-727.
  2. Website: lastochka.com.

'White stone'

Health resort rating (Ural): 4.7

White stone

The health resort was built on the coast of Pyshma, surrounded by a pine forest, thanks to which there is the purest healing air. Yekaterinburg is located an hour's drive away. The sanatorium is appreciated for its well-developed infrastructure, comfortable rooms, high service and excellent medicine. Adults and children over one year old are accepted for treatment.

The institution offers general health improvement, getting rid of ailments of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, as well as recovery after surgery. They bring mud to the health resort from Medvezhye, Moltaevo, Sakskoye lakes there is a well of radon and, of course, ionized air. It offers vacationers a health improving, sanatorium-resort program, as well as 'Anti-arthrosis', 'Post-trauma', 'Day of health', 'Mother and child', 'Detox' and others.

You can check into one of twenty-three rooms of different categories, ranging from standard to premium. Five complex meals a day, served in the restaurant. A sports area is available, and for children there is an outdoor playground and area. You can have fun in the billiard room, playing basketball, football or volleyball, reading in the library.

  1. Phone: +7 (343) 216-51-96.
  2. Website: b-kamen.com.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.7


The sanatorium was built near the Terenkul and Kisegach lakes, not far from the Ilminsky reserve, ninety kilometers from Chelyabinsk. The health complex consists of eight buildings that can simultaneously accommodate up to five hundred and thirty people. The treatment center offers a variety of medical programs in which natural factors are involved. The advantages include having your own kindergarten.

The health resort treats the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems, and the female genitourinary system. Exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massage, acupuncture, balneotherapy, physiotherapy and other procedures are used.

Accommodate vacationers in single and double rooms of different categories. Luxury apartments are distinguished by their design. In addition, you can move into one of the cozy country houses equipped with everything you need: upholstered furniture, a kitchen area, a bar, etc. Four meals a day according to the buffet system, a dietary menu is also available.

  1. Phone: 8 (351) 77-68-019.
  2. Website: kisegach.rf resort.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.7


The health resort was built on the coast of the Inzer River, one hundred and eighty kilometers from Ufa. It has been operating since the beginning of the 2000s. The sanatorium is surrounded by rocks, mountains and taiga, so it is an ideal place to restore health and restore vitality. People who come here are amazed at the fabulous landscapes and calmness, which is ensured thanks to the protection from all sides by the mountain ranges.

People with diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, with diseases of the skin, respiratory and digestive organs are accepted for treatment. The institution has a mineral spring Tuz-Elga. Low-mineralized water is used for drinking, and highly mineralized water for balneotherapy.

The sanatorium includes several buildings, in which, in addition to the medical department and the dining room, the housing stock is located, consisting of four-bed standard, single and double junior suites, single and double suites, and apartments. Some suites have heated floors and air conditioning in bathrooms. Meals are provided according to the customized menu system. The dining room has three hundred seats. Much attention is paid to the national Bashkir cuisine. There are five main diet tables available.

  1. Phone: +7 (906) 100-30-50.
  2. Website: assy-rb.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.6


The sanatorium, founded in the early seventies, is located on the coast of the Shershnevsky reservoir. Overhaul was in 2013. The health resort is related to one of the subdivisions of the ChTPZ medical center, which is a successfully developing clinic in which modern equipment for treatment and diagnostics. The dispensary is surrounded by a dense pine forest and quarries. The sanatorium is ready to simultaneously accept up to one hundred thirty-six vacationers.

Here they work in the following areas: neurological and diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular systems; overweight problems, disturbances in the digestive tract; recovery from injuries and previous operations. They use galvanization, balneotherapy, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, massages, apparatus physiotherapy, local cryotherapy, oxygen cocktails and herbal medicine, exercise therapy.

They offer single and double rooms, as well as block rooms, equipped with the most necessary for a comfortable stay. For entertainment, a video and dance hall, a sports ground, a gym, a library, a rental and much more are provided. Three meals a day, standard diet meals are offered.

  1. Phone: 8 (351) 216-54-00.
  2. Website: izumrud-mc.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.5


The health resort is one of the few in Russia that has the status of a federal resort. It is located in an ecologically clean area, next to the Rezh River and Lake Moltaevo, which is the source of Moltaevsky sapropel, a popular type of mud with a unique chemical composition, one of the most ancient lakes, which is about fifty thousand years old. The sanatorium is surrounded by forest. Yekaterinburg is one hundred and fifty kilometers away.

People with diseases of the heart, nervous and musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, skin, etc. are accepted for treatment. In addition to standard procedures, natural factors affect a quick recovery: pine air, beneficial mud, water.

The health resort includes a six-story medical and administrative building and three residential buildings: two four-story buildings equipped with elevators, and one five-story building. Vacationers are settled in rooms of various categories ranging from standard to suites. Three meals a day according to the customized menu system.

  1. Phone: 8 (343) 287-52-52; 8 (343) 263-75-00.
  2. Website: kurortsamocvet.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.5


The health resort is located in a picturesque place on the banks of the river of the same name. There is clean air filled with aromas of coniferous forest and wildflowers. The remoteness from the city allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle, retire, find peace of mind and tranquility, enjoy the natural beauty.

People with sore joints, with problems in the work of the upper respiratory organs, nervous and cardiovascular systems come to the sanatorium. Consultations and appointments are carried out by highly qualified doctors who offer over twenty licensed medical services. Modern equipment, proven procedures and the attentive attitude of the staff will allow you to cope with ailments in a short time. An important point is that the water supply is carried out from our own wells, and the water complies with GOST drinking water.

Vacationers are settled in comfortable rooms of standard and suite categories. It offers a room for business meetings, a gym, a sauna, sports equipment rental, sports grounds for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, concert programs for leisure, a barbecue area and an outdoor children's playground. Four meals a day, ten-day menu, including dishes of the national Bashkir cuisine. A special diet is provided for diabetics.

  1. Phone: 8 (987) 489-82-42.
  2. Website: sanatoriy-ai.ru.

'Pine Hill'

Health resort rating (Ural): 4.5

Pine hill

The health resort was built on the shores of Lake Spruce and is surrounded by a mixed forest, in which the main part is coniferous trees. Chebarkul is located nearby. The sanatorium is one of the oldest all year round. Due to its versatility, people with a variety of ailments come here.

People with diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract, gynecology and urology are accepted for treatment. Recovery is provided by the following procedures: water-mud therapy, ozone therapy, massage. All this in combination with clean forest air gives quick results.

Vacationers are settled in one of several buildings. At the moment, only two are in effect – the first and the fourth. The first one is a three-storey building connected to the medical building by a warm passage. All rooms here are equipped with bathrooms. The fourth is a separate two-storey building, which houses economy class rooms, double standard and block rooms. Three meals a day complex.

The pride of the health resort is a sylvinite speleo chamber, a spa center, a modern gym and a large twenty-five-meter swimming pool.

  1. Phone: 8 (351 68) 6-23-06; 8 (919) 329-50-44.
  2. Website: sgorka74.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.4


The sanatorium was built in the village of Obukhovo, one hundred and forty kilometers from Yekaterinburg. Vacationers especially like the silence and comfort provided by the distance from the noisy city. According to them, they want to come back here again and again. The main thing in the treatment here is the use of low-mineralized mineral water.

The institution deals with the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, metabolic disorders and endocrine pathologies. Children from three to fourteen years old and pregnant up to thirty weeks are accepted. The following procedures are used: massage, balneotherapy, paraffin wraps, a sauna and a pool with mineral water, carbon dioxide dry baths, a halo chamber, magnetic therapy and physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, aromatherapy and cryosauna, inhalations, reflexology and acupuncture.

The health resort includes seven buildings in which guests are accommodated. Rooms of different categories are offered for check-in, from standard to suites. All of them are equipped with modern appliances, good furniture, have separate bathrooms and showers. Three meals a day according to the customized menu system. According to the doctor's prescription, individual dietary meals are selected, and six balanced meals are organized for children.

The health resort boasts a large swimming pool filled with mineral water, the temperature of which is always kept within thirty-two degrees. A geyser and a children's water slide attract tourists.

  1. Phone: 8 (800) 350-49-45.
  2. Website: obuhovski.com.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.3


The health resort was built in the Chelyabinsk region, ninety kilometers from the city, next to a pine-birch forest, on the coast of Lake Podbornoe. Here there is fresh air, magnesium-sodium chloride-hydrocarbonate mineral water, sapropel sulphide healing mud. All this helps with particular efficiency in health improvement.

People with ailments of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and skin diseases are admitted to the sanatorium. Children from three years old are allowed for treatment. Not only standard methods are used, but also innovative ones that are regularly introduced.

Vacationers are accommodated in cozy one- and two-room comfortable rooms, equipped with everything you need – a bathroom, furniture, modern technology. Three meals a day, based on an individual diet prescribed by a doctor.

It offers a restaurant and a dance floor, a beautiful winter garden, a gym with exercise equipment, a tennis court, a playroom for children, a hairdresser, shops, a well-groomed beach next to a pond, available during the warm season.

  1. Phone: 8 (351) 216-12-59.
  2. Website: uralsan.ru.


Health resort rating (Ural): 4.2


The sanatorium is located far from large cities, surrounded by a relict pine forest. The health resort has its own source of mineral water and is one of the best in the region. The largest institution can simultaneously accommodate up to six hundred and fifty people.

Here they treat diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, diseases of the skin, upper respiratory tract. People are also accepted for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. From medical procedures available: exercise therapy, laser therapy and phototherapy, water and mud therapy, speleotherapy, magnetotherapy, carbon dioxide dry baths, pneumatic massage chamber and a medical capsule.

It offers a modern spa with a pool, sauna, hammam and Japanese bath. They offer different beauty programs, for example, chocolate, seaweed and other wraps, peels, anti-aging care, cosmetology, yoga, fitness, etc.

Vacationers are settled in one of three five-storey buildings, two of which, the first and the second, are connected by warm passages leading to the medical department, or a two-story one, where there are studio rooms. The buildings are equipped with lifts, including special ones for people with disabilities. The rooms of various categories are equipped with modern technology and the necessary amenities. Three meals a day – dietary, complex and buffet.

  1. Phone: 8 (800) 555-71-05.
  2. Website: borzdrav.ru.

'Distant dacha'

Health resort rating (Ural): 4.1

Distant dacha

The health resort is located ninety kilometers from Chelyabinsk, in a picturesque natural corner. Surrounded by the Ural Mountains and forest. The cleanest Dekhanov pond, which was founded in the nineteenth century, is located very close to the sanatorium. The institution itself also has a rich history, as it was created for the rest of the managers of the Demidov plant. The recovery here is influenced by clean air from the mountains, the serenity and beauty of the surrounding nature. Not far from the health resort are the famous natural monuments of the Ural Territory – the Sugomak cave, the bottom of which is lined with snow-white marble, and the lake.

The year-round sanatorium includes four buildings, in which, in addition to living rooms, there is a club, a canteen, a bathhouse and a medical base. The guests are settled in comfortable rooms, where there is everything you need for living. The territory of the health resort is under protection. The food is balanced, and the menu is distinguished by a variety of different dishes.

In their free time, vacationers can take long walks in a deciduous forest or oak grove, relax in the shade of linden and lilac alleys, recuperating with the healing air filled with the beneficial ethereal aroma of juniper. It is also important to note that they use water in the sanatorium, which is extracted from an artesian well.

  1. Phone: +7 (35151) 4-94-51; +7 (951) -810-79-89; +7 (932) -013-61-90.
  2. Website: dalnaya.ru.

'Light coloured'

Health resort rating (Ural): 4.0

Light coloured

The dispensary was built in the city of Yalutorovsk, on the shores of Lake Babanovskoye, in an ecologically clean place. In warm weather, the air here is filled with the aroma of lilac and bird cherry. The main asset of the health resort is mineral water extracted from its own wells and unique sapropel mud, containing a large amount of magnesium, mineral salts of potassium and sulfur.

The sanatorium accepts for treatment people with ailments of the nervous, genitourinary, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, diseases of the bronchi, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, gynecological problems, including secondary infertility.

The dispensary includes three three-storey buildings connected by warm passages with a dance hall, a dining room and a mud bath. Vacationers are accommodated in rooms of different categories, from economy to suites. All have TVs, refrigerators and amenities. In the second building, bathrooms are designed for a block. Four complex meals are served in the dining room.

Due to its location near a provincial town, guests have access to the entire infrastructure – shops, markets, cafes, a cinema, an amusement park, a sports complex, etc.

  1. Phone: +7 (34535) 3-21-46; +7 (34535) 3-19-07.
  2. Website: gutosvet.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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