Top 10 Floribunda Roses

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Floribunda is a group of rose varieties that were obtained by crossing polyanthus, musk and hybrid tea. They are easily recognizable by lush bushes and multiple, rather large, flowers on them. Floribunda rose seedlings are distinguished by the following qualities:

  1. tolerate even the most severe frosts;
  2. resistant to pests;
  3. resist various diseases;
  4. grow successfully both in the shade and in the sun;
  5. do not need continuous feeding or watering.

The height of the bush can reach up to 2 m, and the diameter of the flowers is up to 15 cm. During flowering, up to 10 or more flowers are formed on each brush, so the plant looks very magnificent. Floribunda roses have many types. Our gardening experts have conducted research and ranked the best varieties of these roses.

Rating of the best varieties of floribunda roses

Nomination a place Name of product rating
The best varieties of medium-sized floribunda roses 1 Pastella 5.0
2 Jubile du prince de monaco 4.9
3 Valentine heart 4.8
4 Niccolo paganini 4.7
5 Friesia 4.6
The best varieties of tall floribunda roses 1 Koko loko 5.0
2 Leonardo da Vinci 4.9
3 Easy Does It 4.8
4 Galaxy 4.7
5 Tickled pink 4.6

The best varieties of medium-sized floribunda roses

The bushes are medium-sized ones, reaching 60-80 cm in height. Such roses bloom for a long time and actively.


Rating: 5.0


The German variety Pastella, which has existed since 2004, takes the first place in the ranking. The bushes of this floribunda are branched and compact. They reach 60 cm in height and 40 cm in width. The bush is very branchy, becoming thick and dense over the years. It is covered with luxurious foliage with a light green hue.

The shape of the flowers is cup-shaped. Their base is creamy, and the frame is pinkish, the intensity of which is influenced by weather conditions. Each cluster contains from 3 to 8 flowers. The aroma of roses of this variety is pleasant, spicy, medium intensity. The plant has 2 waves of flowering with a smoothed break.

Experienced gardeners and amateurs in their reviews highly appreciate this kind of floribunda. They like that the plant blooms continuously. The bush is always lush and even fades beautifully. The Pastella variety is included in the rating of the best, because it shows high resistance to diseases and, even with prolonged rains, remains decoratively attractive.


  • strong and healthy variety;
  • blooms profusely and continuously;
  • flowers remain low even when it rains;
  • frost-resistant;
  • pleasant, medium-intensity aroma.


  • the flowers fade in the sun.

Jubile du prince de monaco

Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating is given to the French variety Jubile du Prince de Monaco (Jubilee of the Prince of Monaco). This floribunda is a shrub that grows to a height of 80 cm. They are quite compact and covered with matte leaves. The diameter of the flower is 9-10 cm, while it consists of 35-40 petals. They are perfectly arranged and hide the stamens until the very period of flowering.

The beauty of the buds makes this rose very effective. Initially, the petals are dominated by a white-cream color with a delicate raspberry border. But as the flower unfolds, the border spreads over the petal, and in intensity it approaches the cherry blossom. This floribunda variety retains its beautiful appearance during the rains.

In reviews, rose growers often call the Jubilee of the Prince of Monaco variety the best in their collection. The only thing that confuses them is the almost complete absence of aroma. It can be slightly caught if you get close to the buds. Yet this floribunda rose deserves to be ranked among the best because it looks impressive and has high disease resistance.


  • shape and color of flowers;
  • the color changes as the flower opens;
  • abundance of flowering;
  • healthy plant;
  • preservation of decorative qualities during rains.


  • almost complete absence of aroma.

Valentine heart

Rating: 4.8


The third position of the rating is occupied by the romantic variety – Valentine Heart. It was launched in the UK back in 1990. This is a rather tall bushy floribunda, reaching a height of 80 cm and a width of 70 cm. The leaves of the plant are rather large. Their color is bright green and they look glossy. The bushes are unpretentious, they do not need special care.

Valentine Heart is characterized by abundant flowering and a very tasty aroma. These roses have classic buds, but with few petals. Moreover, the perianths are plump with notches at the ends. The flower perfectly retains its color, color and shape for a long time. The unopened buds look like soft pink hearts.

In reviews, gardeners assess this variety as healthy and easy to grow. This rose is included in the rating of the best, because it is very delicate, beautiful, exudes an exquisite aroma. At the same time, the plant is very resistant to diseases, tolerates frosts well, and its flowers do not deteriorate during rains. Only long-term shading affects the quality of flowering.


  • resembles hearts in half-release;
  • great aroma;
  • good disease resistance.


  • blooms weaker in the shade.

Niccolo paganini

Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the rating is given to the French variety Niccolo Paganini. It has existed since 1991. The bushes grow up to 80 cm. The foliage is distributed on them densely and evenly. Among the floribundas of medium height, which have a dark red color, the flower of this variety is considered the highest quality. Rose growers appreciate Niccolo Paganini as an excellent flower bed.

Each brush contains 5-12 roses. This variety is characterized by abundant flowering. The petals on the buds are short, but there are many of them. The buds open very quickly, but the flower keeps the color and shape for a very long time. The roses are velvety, fragrant. They form large inflorescences and have a flawless shape. This variety blooms as long as possible and tolerates wintering well.

Gardeners highly praise Nicolo Paganini in their reviews for the fact that his flowers, along with other red roses, best withstand hot weather. This floribunda is ranked among the best because it is very beautiful. Its flowers are bright red, without blue. It grows dynamically and blooms profusely throughout the season.


  • neat bush;
  • perfect velvet red color;
  • does not fade, does not deteriorate with dew and rain;
  • tolerates wintering well.


  • weakly resistant to black spot.


Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the ranking is occupied by the Friesia variety, which has not lost its popularity since the 70s. It is a shrub reaching 80 cm in height. They are compact and erect. Covered with dark green, shiny foliage. They survive well overwintering. Fragrant flowers appear one at a time or in whole brushes (3-7 pieces each). They retain decorative qualities for a long time.

These roses are bright yellow with red stamens that add to their appeal. The reverse side of the petals is slightly darker. Having blossomed, they continue to keep their shape well. This floribunda blooms almost continuously. But its main disadvantage is the flowers crumbling rather quickly.

In the reviews, rose lovers note that this floribunda feels good in any weather (heat, cold, rain). Poor soil is quite suitable for growing it. She deserves to be in the rating of the best, because over the years it gives more and more buds in the brushes and the break between the waves of its flowering is noticeably reduced.


  • the bush is dense, strong, compact;
  • bright sunny lemon color;
  • flies around cleanly;
  • blooms earlier than other varieties;
  • tolerates winter well.


  • each individual flower flies around in 3-4 days.

The best varieties of tall floribunda roses

For high varieties of foribunda roses include plants from 90 cm and above. Most of them reach maturity in the third year of life, when their root system is finally formed.

Koko loko

Rating: 5.0


The first place in the rating is given to the American Koko Loko variety, bred in 2010. It represents shoots on which there are single flowers or inflorescences of 3 pieces. Koko Loko bushes are small, round in shape, but their height reaches 90 cm. They are covered with semi-glossy leaves with a light green color. This floribunda blooms all summer long without long breaks.

Terry roses, goblet-shaped. If the plant is properly cared for, the diameter of the flowers will reach 10-12 cm. The bud has 26-40 petals. Just starting to bloom, it has a color of 'milk chocolate'. And after full disclosure, it becomes lavender. Roses have a sweet scent.

Reviews about this rose are mostly positive. Rose growers admire its color, flower size and continuous flowering. This floribunda is deservedly included in the rating of the best, since it not only impresses with its beauty and aroma, but also withstands prolonged rains, comes out of winter perfectly.


  • flower shape, aroma;
  • amazing play of colors;
  • continuous flowering;
  • not afraid of rainy weather or powdery mildew.


  • not particularly resistant to black spot.

Leonardo da Vinci

Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating was Leonardo da Vinci, created by Alain Maeland in 1994. It is a powerful bush, reaching 1 m in height. The shoots are straight. They are covered with glossy foliage, dark green in color. This variety is characterized by abundant flowering from early spring to frost. The rose retains its decorative properties even during rainy weather. But it fades slightly in direct sunlight.

This floribunda has double, bright pink flowers. They are quartered in the center. The diameter of the roses reaches 7-10 cm. They can be single or combined in brushes of 3-4 pieces. Fully blossoming, each individual flower stands for almost 4 weeks. The variety has a light, fruity aroma.

In the reviews, experienced gardeners and amateurs call this floribunda variety one of their favorite. They like the continuous flowering of the rose from the beginning of summer until the first frost. This plant is included in the rating of the best, insofar as it does not require special care, but at the same time it blooms gorgeous and survives all adverse conditions.


  • beautiful bush;
  • continuous flowering;
  • the color is bright, juicy;
  • looks beautiful from any distance;
  • rain, dew or black spot is not a problem for this variety.


  • slightly fade in the sun.

Easy Does It

Rating: 4.8


The next in the ranking of the best is Easy Does It, bred in 2010 in the UK. The height of the bush reaches 90-100 cm. It is compact, branched, grows well and is densely covered with leaves. Each stem has up to 10 bright roses. This floribunda is characterized by continuous flowering. Her aroma is pronounced.

The flower is terry, reaching a diameter of 8-9 cm. The petals have carved edges, and the color transition is characteristic. When the bud is just beginning to bloom, it is characterized by a scarlet color. But gradually it is replaced by an orange, peach or raspberry hue. And when the flower begins to fade, then its color approaches pale pink.

In reviews, this rose is often called a real masterpiece. It is deservedly included in the rating of the best, because it is distinguished by excellent health, undemanding care, resistance to heat and rain. And its bloom is just endless fireworks. In addition to all this, the Easy Does It rose is also very fragrant.


  • rare, harmonious color;
  • large flowers;
  • blooms one of the first;
  • perfectly tolerates rain and sun;
  • not afraid of black mold and powdery mildew;
  • amazing scent.


  • loose flower.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth position in the ranking is occupied by the Galaxy variety, bred in 1995 in France. It is a dense, spreading bushes, the height of which reaches 1 m.But this floribunda grows mainly in width. The shoots are covered with large, dense leaves, which are characterized by a bronze tint at an early age. In the summer, Galaxy is covered with tassels of terry flowers. Their diameter reaches 5 cm.

Galaxy is an attractive rose variety with a creamy pink color. Beige buds have red tips. From them cream flowers gradually bloom. Their edges fade to white, and a delicate creamy shade remains in the center. The color of these roses is not constant. During the scorching sun, they are pale, and closer to September, a pronounced pinkish appears on them.

In their reviews, rose growers also note that they love the zesty aroma of flaxseed oil that this floribunda emits. This rose is included in the rating for its delicate color of flowers: cream or pale beige roses with a pinkish tint. But its resistance to rain is weak.


  • blooms profusely and beautifully;
  • the plant is famous for its health;
  • spicy aroma.


  • reacts poorly to rainy weather.

Tickled pink

Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the rating is given to the English variety Tickled Pink, created in 2006. It is a slightly spreading bush, the height of which reaches 90 cm. It is covered with beautiful, healthy foliage. This floribunda has a dense bud that opens very slowly. Its edges are slightly baked in the sun, but after opening, the rose still has a beautiful wavy edge.

Roses Tickled Pink pink with a salmon tint. The petals are tiled. Pale orange streaks are visible on the petals, which brighten closer to the center. The bush is just strewn with flowers. The rose blooms several times from the beginning of spring to the first frost.

Reviews about this floribunda are mostly positive. Gardeners appreciate this plant for its unpretentiousness and resistance to disease, precipitation and the scorching sun. They also like mouth-watering blooms and light aroma.


  • strong and healthy rose;
  • unusual styling of petals;
  • beautiful shade;
  • resistance to precipitation and frost.


  • long opening of the bud.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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