8 best cordless trimmers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Bulky lawn mowers are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Now all more often, trimmers are used instead. Usually work them provides a gasoline engine. But if the device will be used somewhere in the country, it is better to get a battery model. It is about such trimmers that will be described in this review. we will tell you about the best models, after the purchase of which there is no almost no negative impressions.

Rating of the best battery trimmers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best battery trimmers 1 STIHL FSA 65 18 490 rub.
2 Monferme 21317m 14 990 rub.
3 Makita DUR181RF 6 540 rub.
4 Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC 13 280 rub.
5 BLACK + DECKER STB3620L-QW 13 739 rub.
6 STIHL FSA 45 8 950 rub.
7 Greenworks 21107 G-MAX 40V 5 999 rub.
8 BLACK + DECKER ST1823 5 259 rub.


Rating: 4.9


This motokosa differs from analogues in increased reliability. there is a high probability that this power tool will serve you decades. It will only be necessary to change the line from time to time. Also, every few years you should buy a new battery, and then only in case of maximum regular use trimmers.

The STIHL FSA 65 kit includes both fishing line and knife. First serves to mow the lawn, while the knife allows you to get rid of knots on the bushes. If we talk about grass, then its width mowing is 30 cm. There is no grass catcher here. But it and of course, this is not a lawn mower. Motokosa as simple as possible – on its bar you can find only an electric motor, battery, protective cover and tool holder. Wherein The case and deck are made of plastic. Of especially strong, so they must last a very long time. There is also a pen. It foldable for easy transport tool. The height of the handle can be adjusted, which can not to please.

The engine here is overhead. Power him provides, as already mentioned, a battery having 36 volt voltage. The battery is lithium-ion technology, so you can rely on preserving the charge in that the period when the brushcutter is not used.

It seems that the STIHL FSA 65 only consists of virtues. It’s really difficult to look for flaws, because this model differs in low noise level, high power and lack of exhaust gases. Her complete fishing line has a diameter of 2 mm, which allows her to cope even with fairly thick grass. Also This product is capable of boasting low weight. Perhaps, you can only find fault with the duration of a continuous autonomous work. It is about half an hour. Have to stock up a second and even a third battery. At least if you need to to process large areas with a lawn. If you buy cordless trimmer for your own country house then one battery may be enough. Also a clear drawback of this model is the cost reaching 18 thousand rubles. Not everyone dares to give such money for such a power tool.


  • Weight does not exceed 2.7 kg;
  • Minimum noise level;
  • It is completed with almost everything necessary;
  • Decent mowing width;
  • Cope even with tall grass;
  • A folding handle with adjustable height is used;
  • Long service life.


  • Not very long battery life;
  • High price.

Monferme 21317m

Rating: 4.8

Monferme 21317M

This trimmer at first may seem like a child’s toy. By for some unknown reason, the manufacturer of this model decided paint the pen and case in two bright colors: light green and purple, close to pink. However, in terms of technical specifications, this a power tool is far from a toy.

Like the one above, the Monferme 21317M sells for big money. Having spent 20 thousand rubles, you expect to receive trimmer capable of providing a decent mowing width. TO Fortunately, in this regard, motokosa is not upset at all. Here this the parameter is 30 cm. By default, grass mowing carried out using fishing line. If elimination is required knots, which are rich in shrubs, need a knife. Alas in complete it is not, you have to buy a knife separately. Very strange especially if you recall the price tag.

This model is equipped with a D-shaped handle. During transporting the tool, it folds easily. Handle height can be adjusted. This means that this motokosa can wield both low and high man. By the way, the weight of the tool is 4.1 kg. Not a record, but a trimmer not allowed.

The main advantage of Monferme 21317M is its quiet operation. Not that sense that the line rotates very slowly, with this problem here no, but that the noise level when using the battery trimmers – very low. Such a scythe can be operated in the country even at a time when relatives are sleeping. Concerning deficiencies, then mostly people complain about the short battery life. If there is enough to care for your lawn half an hour, then Monferme 21317M – exactly your choice! If you If you have a large area, you will either have to look at side of the gasoline model, or additionally buy a second the battery.


  • Decent mowing width;
  • Motokos cannot be called heavy;
  • Folding handle, the height of which can be adjusted;
  • The minimum noise level.


  • Design will not suit everyone;
  • Not very long battery life;
  • Not the best equipment;
  • It does not cope with all the boughs.

Makita DUR181RF

Rating: 4.7


Under the brand Makita produced a huge amount power tools. And all of them are most often able to boast long service life. Some professionals still use it. Makita tools bought in the middle of the last decade! Therefore, you can count on durability and acquiring Makita DUR181RF – portable cordless trimmer painted in branded for this color maker. And this is despite the fact that This model is quite cheap. In many Russian stores sell it for 7-8 thousand rubles.

This brushcutter has a D-shaped handle, the height of which regulated, albeit not in the largest limits. Her folding impossible, but handle dimensions do not make transportation power tool any kind of embarrassing.

Many parts of this trimmer are made of plastic. His use allowed the manufacturer to reduce the weight of the brushcutter to 3.1 kg And this is taking into account the battery, whose capacity is 3 Ah! Therefore, you can work with such a trimmer in for a very long time. It only annoys that the weight here is shifted to the bottom side – it is in this part of the scythe its engine is located. This is unlikely to interfere with those who are going to use the tool in your own country house. This is not the best choice. only for all kinds of housing offices, whose employees need daily mow a large number of lawns.

Unlike more powerful models, the Makita DUR181RF is not brush cutter. At least its complete set hints at it, in which a knife comes in. In the box with the device, only the fishing line is detected, diameter which is 2 mm. Trimmer design provides width mowing at 26 cm. The tool motor rotates the line with speeds up to 7800 rpm. All this makes it easy to mow. almost any type of grass. However, you will not be attached to a socket or canister of gas! Only not the most can confuse long working time from a full charge. It is possible that someone will need to buy an extra battery. However, it’s impossible to call it expensive, therefore it’s a lot of blaming we will not.

It remains to add that the device has a familiar telescopic rod. The position of the head here is adjusted in within 90 degrees.


  • Low cost;
  • Decent charging speed;
  • Handle height can be adjusted;
  • Good snap rotation speed;
  • Not very big weight.


  • Cuts only grass;
  • The charge lasts only 20 minutes;
  • The lower engine arrangement will not suit everyone;
  • Not very large mowing width.

Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Rating: 4.6

Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Many cordless trimmers are very low. noise. But not all! Some models are still in this regard. problematic. For example, if appropriate measurements are taken near operating nearby Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC then the appliance can give out 96 dB. This figure is already very close to measurement results for gasoline models.

The manufacturer of this trimmer tried his best to increase power of the motor used here. As a result of his abilities enough to rotate at a speed of 6500 rpm. fishing line, but also a knife! You will find both types of equipment in the kit, buying something extra is not necessary. Fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm Designed for mowing grass. Buyers say that she even very tall grass that has managed to grow beyond whole summer. It’s only a pity that the mowing width will be only 35 cm. Because of this, this tool is recommended to owners own suburban area, but certainly not to the workers of housing office or stadium owners. However, the latter should think about full a lawnmower, not a trimmer.

If there are bushes on your site, you should change fishing line on a knife. The cutting width in this case will be reduced to 25.4 see, but it’s unlikely that you will care. It should be noted that engine power allows the tool to cope with practically any boughs.

This trimmer can not be called any cheap, because for him asking for about 13 thousand rubles. And this is the version in the package which does not include any battery or charger! With what tied so high price tag? First, as we said, with a powerful engine that can cope with any weeds and knots. Secondly, with an overhead motor. Such the design allows you to spend on the use of motokosa significantly less power. Although it is impossible not to admit that the trimmer turned out quite heavy – its weight is 5.46 kg.

What kind of battery is required for this model? Far from the most standard. Its capacity should be 4 Ah, and the voltage should be 40 B. Such parameters should be enough for 30-35 minutes of autonomous work. If you buy two batteries, then they will definitely be enough for processing the plot is very large. It’s only a pity that endless work still impossible – the battery takes much longer to charge, what is discharging.


  • There is a turbo mode;
  • Very long battery life;
  • Vibration is almost completely absent;
  • In the kit there is not only a fishing line, but also a knife;
  • It copes not only with grass;
  • Convenient handle, adjustable in height;
  • The top position of the motor is used.


  • Decent noise level;
  • Comes without battery and charger;
  • Enough weight;
  • Not very large mowing width.


Rating: 4.5


Another cordless trimmer, sold for 13 thousand rubles. Unlike many of the above examples, this model provides a 33 centimeter mowing width. Quite possible, what a record it is! Only motor-blocks are able to provide a wide width. and full mowers. We draw your attention to the fact that this by no means a delimber. Engine located here is high speed. It accelerates the snap to a speed of 7200 rpm This setting is ideal for mowing grass. But if there is a bush or a stone under the trimmer, then the equipment can be is damaged. It’s not for nothing that only comes with a brushcutter 2 mm fishing line.

It is curious that the manufacturer of this model managed to achieve minimum noise. More specifically, the level of published motokosa noise does not exceed 75 dB. This makes the trimmer perfect. the choice for those who are going to work in those moments when near someone is sleeping in the house. And if with a gasoline model you need to wield headphones, then here you can do without them.

As expected, the deck and case are made of plastic. Yet there is a D-shaped handle, adjustable in height. The total weight of the structure is only 3.4 kg. In theory, this allows you to work with a trimmer, even an elderly person. Though someone will still find the instrument heavy. This feeling may occur due to the lower position of the engine.

The operation of this model is provided by a 2 Ah battery and voltage of 36 V. The manufacturer declares that such parameters Exactly enough for an hour of battery life. In fact, such the rotation time of the equipment is achievable only at idle go. If you mow a shallow lawn, the battery runs out after 40 minutes. Well, most often a full charge is enough for 20-25 minutes. Unfortunately, high-capacity batteries for this model are not created. Charging time, by the way, can reach two hours. It is sad.


  • Cope even with tall grass;
  • Almost record mowing width;
  • High reliability;
  • The folding handle is adjustable in height;
  • Not very big weight.


  • Not intended to deal with bushes;
  • Long charge;
  • The lower engine location will not suit everyone.


Rating: 4.4


This trimmer is immediately recognized on the store counter. Even an untrained person will immediately say that the motokosa was created by STIHL. This is hinted at by the signature orange color of the case. Typically, the power tools of this company are very reliable. Moreover, most often they are sold at a relatively low price. IN in this case, 10 thousand rubles are asked for a trimmer. Of course it is not the cheapest representative of our rating. But he certainly is the easiest! The weight of this power tool is only 2.3 kg! You can safely say that this is the best choice for the elderly a person who does not want to wield any heavy cordless trimmer.

In terms of design, this motokosa is not surprising. It uses a lower engine layout. Untwisted by him the equipment makes noise, the level of which reaches 87 dB. Decent parameter, but it still allows a long time to work without headphones. An adjustable working angle heads.

This trimmer can be used by a person of any height. But as otherwise, if a folding handle is used, adjustable to height? As for the battery, it has an 18-volt voltage. In fact, it is nothing special. At best, battery life will reach 20 minutes. Sometimes the full charge will not be enough for 15 minutes! In a word, you will definitely have to get a second, and preferably third battery. People also don’t like charging time. Indeed, what is there to enjoy when fully charged can the battery be in only 210 minutes?

Included with the product is not only the fishing line, but also the knife. It is recommended that the last one be wielded. The fact is that the fishing line it is not very reliable here, and its replacement is very difficult. But not think that with a knife this device turns into a brush cutter! No they It is recommended to fight only with grass.


  • Minimum weight;
  • Relatively low noise level;
  • Convenient folding handle, adjustable in height;
  • The working angle of the head can be changed;
  • It is completed with fishing line and knife;
  • The cost can not be called very high.


  • The lower position of the motor will not suit everyone;
  • Not able to fight bushes;
  • Short battery life;
  • Long charge.

Greenworks 21107 G-MAX 40V

Rating: 4.3


We already talked about one portable trimmer released by Greenworks and powered by a 40-volt battery. The model called 21107 G-MAX is not too different from it. strong. However, the connoisseur will definitely note that there are certain simplifications.

In terms of its design, this trimmer is almost nothing it is surprising. This is a familiar specimen with a straight barbell and D-shaped handle. The height of the latter, of course, can be to regulate. This means that the tool should seem comfortable. for a person with any height. Most of the body here is painted in light green color. The fact that the engine is immediately evident located here below. It makes use of a brushcutter. difficult, especially for an elderly person. Yes and pay attention to weight: it is 4.1 kg. If expected daily and long work with a trimmer, it’s better consider buying some other model.

The main feature of this trimmer is its rotary head. This allows you to easily choose a comfortable position for work even if you are tall. It also contributes to folding handle, the height of which is adjustable. The rest of Designs are mostly made of plastic. On this background surprisingly, the device turned out so heavy.

The support wheel is supplied with the trimmer for vertical cropping. Also, with a motocosa, you will get a fishing line. The knife in the box with the product will not show up, but you can buy it additionally. Partly due to its absence, it is noticeable that the manufacturer did his best to save. As a result he it turned out motokosa, sold in Russian stores for only 6 thousand rubles. Not bad for a 30-centimeter model cutting width.

As you might guess, this tool is not recommended. use as a brush cutter. Regarding the power source, then a nickel-nickel silver battery is used in its quality. By the default is 2 Ah. However provided by him working time is unlikely to suit you, so it is recommended to think over the purchase of an additional battery with a capacity of 4 Ah.

It remains to add that even such an inexpensive trimmer can Come with a charger. However, it is also noticeable simplified, because of which a full charge will have to wait about one and a half hours. As for battery life, it comes in Complete with motokosa battery lasts only for 15-20 minutes.


  • Low cost;
  • Decent mowing width;
  • Convenient folding handle with adjustable height;
  • It copes well with any grass;
  • Comes with a support wheel for vertical trimming;
  • Implemented automatic feed line;
  • Low noise level.


  • I would like to get a lithium-ion battery;
  • Not very long battery life;
  • No knife included;
  • A lot of weight.


Rating: 4.2


The most inexpensive representative of our rating. For this trimmer asking for only 5 thousand rubles! It’s clear that for this money you don’t get the ideal. But it should be noted that the manufacturer saved by no means on all the structural elements of his creation.

The battery installed here spins the rig up to speeds of 9000 rpm. It is located below, but this is not at all scary, because the weight of this power tool does not exceed 3.5 kg. The aforementioned speed of rotation of the fishing line makes it possible to understand that the trimmer will surely cope with any grass. Also given the parameter indicates that this tool should not be use as a delimber, the bushes may not to succumb.

The basis of the design of the brushcutter is the usual telescopic barbell. It housed a folding handle made of plastic. Some other materials are made of the same material. structural elements.

As you might guess, this is not a trimmer that could to handle particularly large areas. First, the mowing width here does not exceed 25 cm. Secondly, the product is powered by a modest 18-volt battery, the capacity of which barely reaches 1.5 Ah A full charge lasts only 15-20 minutes, depending on density of mowed grass. And there’s no quick charge here, the process lasts for three hours! In short, the purchase only looks economical. In fact, you will almost immediately need significantly more capacious battery, which costs considerable of money.

Despite all the shortcomings, we still recommend this motokosa to purchase. Especially if you have only a small Playground with lawn located in front of the house. By the way, unlike gasoline models, cordless trimmer makes less noise. If a to be precise, the noise level does not exceed 90 dB.


  • Very low cost;
  • It copes well with any grass;
  • A folding handle with adjustable height is used;
  • Not very big weight.


  • Not very large cutting width;
  • It is equipped with a weak battery;
  • Comes with too thin fishing line.


Now you know which cordless trimmers are the best. We tried to talk about quiet models that can run on a full charge for a long enough time. Now you it remains to determine the amount that you are willing to spend on purchase of such an instrument.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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