The 6 best varieties of climbing roses

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Everyone knows that the rose is the queen of flowers. It is her gardeners all over the world who prefer to use it to decorate courtyards in private households, to decorate flower beds and lawns adjacent to municipal buildings, as well as to decorate summer cottages. Climbing varieties of roses are especially charming: professionals create truly masterpiece compositions from which that will take your breath away. Choosing the right strain is both enjoyable and challenging.

Rating of the best varieties of climbing roses

Among the variety of roses available today, it is often difficult to dwell on one specific one. The rating of the most popular varieties of climbing roses, compiled on the basis of gardeners' reviews, will help to understand and make the final choice.

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best climbing roses-ramblers 1 Bobbie james 850 RUB
2 American pillar RUB 1,190
The best climbing rose climbers 1 Flammentanz 770 RUB
2 Rosarium Uetersen 850 RUB
3 Ilse krohn superrior RUB 1,000
4 Dortmund RUB 1,150

The best climbing roses-ramblers

Climbing roses have two main varieties: ramblers and climbers. The stems of ramblers are long, elastic, they are whip shoots with a length of about 8-10 meters. They are most often used to decorate arbors, various arches, fences.

Bobbie james

Rating: 4.9

Bobbie James

These climbing roses grow strongly in breadth, therefore they are grown only with the use of a support. The variety is notable for its abundant flowering. Petals of non-double flowers are white, sometimes with a slight creamy shade. The middle is bright yellow, represented by small stamens, collected in a bunch. The diameter of the flowers is small – about 4-5 cm. The height of the stems reaches 7-8 meters. After flowering, small orange fruits appear on the shoots. The plant is frost-resistant, suitable for growing in central Russia, it tolerates winter well.


  • intensive flowering phase of plants: the volume of the flowering mass exceeds the volume of the foliage;

  • multi-branched stems make it possible to decorate a large area with the help of a small number of plantings;

  • the most delicate musky scent of flowers;


  • single flowering;

  • very frequent and sharp thorns on the stems, which are easy to cut or damage clothing.

American pillar

Rating: 4.8

American Pillar

The stems of plants of this variety are somewhat shorter than those of the previous representative of the rating: they reach a length of 5-6 meters. Flowers are also non-double, bright pink in color, the middle is bright yellow. The diameter of each is 4-5 cm. The leaves are dark green, shiny. The flowering period begins a little later than most others. The plant forms lush inflorescences – 15-20 flowers each. American Pillar tolerates shading well, so it can be safely placed on the north side of the building. This climbing rose is also very winter hardy. The shoots have a lifespan of 3-4 years.


  • ease of grafting: the variety is very easy to propagate;

  • long flowering – up to 45 days.


  • frequent, extremely prickly thorns;

  • American Pillar roses are often affected by powdery mildew;

  • single flowering;

  • insufficiently intense odor during flowering;

The best climbing rose climbers

Representatives of this rating category are mainly used for the design of hedges. Since the stems of climbers are stiffer and shorter: their length does not exceed 4-6 meters. They grow slightly slower than rambler roses.


Rating: 4.9

Climber climbing roses Flammentanz

These roses begin to bloom in full force around the 4th year of life. Until this time, there is an intensive development of the root system. Hard, elastic shoots reach 3 meters in height. The buds are large, blooming double flowers have a diameter of about 7-8 cm, their color is bright crimson, sometimes almost scarlet, very saturated. The flowering period of the bush lasts 30-35 days. Climbing roses of the Flammentance variety are not very fond of shading, so it is better to plant them where there will be a lot of light.


  • the possibility of growing roses without support;

  • the variety has good winter hardiness and disease resistance.


  • weak flowering in the first three years of life;

  • Flammentants roses must be cut frequently: at least 3-4 times a year;

  • plants require constant removal of faded brushes;

Rosarium Uetersen

Rating: 4.8

Rosarium Uetersen

Climbers grow to a height of 3.5 meters, their highly branched stems are covered with shiny dark green leaves. The buds are terry, very lush: one bud can have up to 90-100 petals. The color is soft coral. The diameter of the opened flower is about 10-12 cm. During flowering, the plant emits a pleasant, unobtrusive smell. Sometimes the number of blossoming buds on one plant is so great that they almost completely cover the foliage.


  • long lush flowering – about 50-55 days;

  • the variety is very winter-hardy and is practically not affected by pests;

  • the rose does not have special pruning requirements;


  • very sharp thorns requiring careful handling of the plant.

Ilse krohn superrior

Rating: 4.7

Ilse Krohn Superrior

Mature plants are about 2.5 meters high. The variety is especially demanding on lighting: it prefers a bright, sunny place. The bushes are very branching, so the climber Ilse Crown Superior often reaches a width of 2 meters. The leaves of the plant are dark green, the petals of dense double flowers are creamy white, the diameter of the blossoming flower reaches 10 cm. It is the combination of the rich dark color of foliage and white flowers that gives this variety a special appeal. Rose buds are single, or collected in small clusters of 3-4 pieces. The aroma is light, sweetish.


  • a remontant variety, that is, it blooms twice during one growing season;

  • resistant to frost and disease.


  • in full force, the plant begins to bloom only in the third year;

  • flower petals, as they bloom, twist outward, which is not very popular with some gardeners;

  • the plant does not like shading;


Rating: 4.6


The strong shoots of this climbing rose grow up to 2.5-3 meters in length. Bushes are highly branching, so the variety is great for decorating hedges. Claymber Dortmund flowers are very simple – they are non-double, have only 6-7 petals and reach 7-8 cm in diameter. Despite this, gardeners love it very much for its abundant flowering. The color of the petals is bright crimson, closer to the center of the flower they are colored paler. One inflorescence is formed from 10-20 flowers, which are almost devoid of aroma. The leaves of Dortmund are dark green, the thorns on the stems are frequent and small. The large petals of these roses can be added to tea and also used for bathing.


  • long flowering – almost all summer;

  • the plant can be grown without support;

  • the variety is extremely resistant to pests and very frost-resistant;


  • grows poorly in partial shade, prefers intense lighting;

  • the bottom of the bush is 'balding' over time;

  • the variety has very thorny shoots;

How to choose a climbing rose variety

When buying a climbing rose variety, first of all, you need to proceed from the temperature and light conditions of the future planting site. In addition, the choice depends on the functional purpose of the plant. For decorating hedges and fences, it is better to plant climbers; for decorating small architectural forms, it is preferable to use ramblers. Also, the choice should be made based on how much free time is available for caring for plantings and pruning them. In any case, with proper care, you can independently grow a flower miracle from each variety of climbing roses, which will delight observers.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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