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On almost every street in Barnaul you can find an original landmark. There are many places here for the whole family. The city's museums offer unique exhibitions related to science, literature, history and culture. Our rating will acquaint the guests of Barnaul with the most beautiful and interesting places for walking, entertainment and general development.

Rating of the most interesting sights of Barnaul

Nomination a place Sight rating
The most interesting architectural sights of Barnaul 1 House of merchants Shchadrin 5.0
2 Monument to settlers in Altai 4.9
3 Philharmonic building 4.8
4 House of Nosovich 4.7
5 Memorial of Glory 4.6
The most interesting cultural sights of Barnaul 1 Altai Museum of Local Lore 5.0
2 Museum City 4.9
3 Altai Youth Theater 4.8
4 Altai Regional Drama Theater 4.7
The most interesting religious sights of Barnaul 1 Intercession Cathedral 5.0
2 Church of St. John the Evangelist 4.9
3 Nikolskaya Church 4.8
The most interesting entertainment sights of Barnaul 1 Ostrich ranch 5.0
2 Emerald Park 4.9
3 Barnaul Zoo 4.8

The most interesting architectural sights of Barnaul

In terms of the number and variety of architectural attractions, Barnaul is not inferior to many Russian cities. The most beautiful buildings and monuments of the city were erected in different historical periods.

House of merchants Shchadrin

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 5.0


The rating is opened by a unique architectural monument of the 20th century. The Shchadrins' house is considered a symbol of Barnaul. Part of the building was destroyed in 1976 due to a fire. During the Soviet era, there was a restaurant here.

Guests of the city are delighted with the original wooden design of the building with through arches, saw-cut patterns and a chic facade. The tower is crowned with a tent and decorated with decorative elements. The building looks solemn and expressive. The Shchadrins' house is located on Krasnoarmeisky Prospekt near Spartak Square. It is easy to get here from anywhere in the city.

Monument to settlers in Altai

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.9

Monument to settlers in Altai

The monument glorifies the hard work of the peasants. It is not surprising that the monument was erected in Barnaul. This city is considered a leader in the production of agricultural products. The monument was opened in 2012. It is a sculptural composition that includes a bearded peasant with a child. A solar circle with clouds is installed behind them.

Every detail of the monument has a deep meaning. A well-groomed lawn grows around it, where young people often sit, there are benches for rest. The place is quite noisy, there is a transport interchange nearby. The monument is located on October Square.

Philharmonic building

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.8

Philharmonic building

The Barnaul cultural institution is located in a historic building, which is an architectural monument of the 20th century. It was originally the People's House. The building was erected in 1900. After 5 years, it was seriously damaged by the Black Hundred pogrom, in 1906 it was restored. Due to lack of funds, the ideas of the architect Romet were not fully implemented.

The style of the building is distinguished by twisted columns decorated with kokoshniks. Today the building has been completely reconstructed. The interior is finished with marble, the lobby is covered with oak parquet flooring and leather sofas. The second and third floors are decorated with huge crystal chandeliers. Address: Polzunova, 35.

House of Nosovich

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.7


The rating continues with an impressive example of wooden architecture in Russia. The house was built in 1908. The building was designed by architect Nosovich. During the Soviet era, the mansion was empty, and in the 80s it was demolished due to the construction of a new district. Art workers of Barnaul spoke out in defense of the architectural monument. As a result, the house was dismantled into logs and rebuilt according to old photographs on Anatolia Street, retaining its original appearance.

The structure is characterized by a high basement and a scaled roof. Cornices, pediments in the form of triangles, platbands act as decorative elements. All of them are lavishly decorated with beautiful carvings. Address: st. Anatolia, 106.

Memorial of Glory

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.6


In the 40s, Barnaul became a powerful support for the Russian army. Thousands of people worked at the factories of the city, producing grenades, cartridges, tank engines and material for uniforms. More than 40 thousand Barnaul residents went to the front, 16 thousand people did not return.

On May 9, 1971, the Glory Memorial was opened at the station square. It includes as many as 4 buildings. The sculpture “Farewell” and a stele with a height of 24 meters open to passers-by. The monument depicts the figures of a mother and a warrior son. On both sides of the theme center, there are slabs of soil from the hero cities. In the middle of the memorial there is a redoubt in the form of a broken ring. In 1995, a memorial building with the names of the Barnaul residents who fought during the Second World War appeared here. In the early 2000s, the memorial was renovated, tinted, and the slabs repaired. Newlyweds often come here to be photographed. Flowers are laid at the monuments every year on Victory Day. The memorial is located on Victory Square.

The most interesting cultural sights of Barnaul

Guests of the city will definitely not have a question where to go to get acquainted with the culture of Barnaul. There are many interesting museums and theaters here, worthy of the attention of any traveler.

Altai Museum of Local Lore

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 5.0


The nomination is opened by one of the oldest museums in Barnaul. Its building belongs to the architectural monuments of the middle of the 19th century. Collections that have existed since the inception of the museum are especially appreciated. There are old books, stones, coins, herbariums and stuffed animals, overalls and tools.

Tour guides tell guests about the exhibits and make sure that visitors do not touch objects with their hands. Small children will be bored here, moreover, it is difficult for them not to touch everything that is around. Adults consider going to the museum an interesting and educational pastime. Address: Polzunova, 46. Monday – day off.

Museum City

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.9

Museum City

Next in the ranking is the Gorod Museum, which has about 6 thousand exhibits. There are many paintings, jewelry, photographic materials, diplomas. Particular attention is paid to items, awards, clothing and weapons of the Second World War. Excursions are aimed at studying the history of the origin and development of the city.

Children and teenagers especially like the cosmonautics hall, where you can touch everything. The pluses include spacious rooms, many unique and interesting exhibits. Address: Lev Tolstoy, 24. It is easy to get here by public transport.

Altai Youth Theater

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.8

Altai Youth Theater

The theater was founded in 1918. Then the actors were ordinary Komsomol members. The status of a professional theater was obtained in the 50s. Since 2013, the institution has been named after V. Zolotukhin. The theater's repertoire includes performances for children, teenagers and adults. The troupe is constantly replenished with new personnel.

As a result of the reconstruction of the building, its volume increased significantly, the stage became wider, and a buffet appeared. After renovation, this place looks great. During the intermission, spectators walk through the halls, watch mini-expositions about the history of the theater. They praise talented actors, vivid design of performances, and adequate ticket prices. Address: Kalinin Avenue, 2.

Altai Regional Drama Theater

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.7


The Shukshin Drama Theater is one of the oldest in Altai. It was organized in 1921. His creative principles remain unchanged: staginess of performances, depth of stage image, professionalism of actors. The repertoire is striking in its breadth. It includes plays from all times, genres and cultures.

Today the theater offers spectators tickets to performances based on the works of Ostrovsky, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Pushkin and many other famous authors. The institution is a permanent participant and winner of various festivals, actively cooperates with actors from other regions. Address: Youth, 15.

The most interesting religious sights of Barnaul

Visitors will be interested in visiting temples and churches presented in the next category.

Intercession Cathedral

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 5.0


The most famous temple in Barnaul is the Intercession Cathedral. The townspeople often place this place and speak warmly about it. Here you can pray, buy an icon, light a candle, perform a funeral service for the deceased, get to the ceremony of wedding and baptism.

The cathedral was consecrated in 1904. In the second half of the 20th century, it became the most visited temple. People come here from neighboring cities. The building is striking in its grandeur and beauty. It is made in the neo-Byzantine style of red brick. He has 4 thrones in total. The interior is decorated with paintings with religious themes. Address: Nikitinskaya, 137.

Church of St. John the Evangelist

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.9

Church of St. John the Evangelist

Once upon a time on the site of this church there was a bare wasteland. Today it is a developed area with multi-storey buildings. The temple was erected in 1997. Parish life began in temporary houses, but soon a Sunday school, cells and a refectory appeared. The number of parishioners increased over the years, the premises of the church had to be expanded.

Today's building was built in the style of early Moscow architecture. Its walls are covered with white paint, and some elements are made of green polymer clay. The guests of the city admire the decoration of the temple, its neat decor, and a cozy atmosphere. Location: Shumakova, 25A.

Nikolskaya Church

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.8

Nikolskaya Church

The ranking continues with the church, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Earlier it was called Soldier's. A solemn parade was held near its walls in honor of the centenary of the victory in the war with the French. In the 30s, the church was closed, the bell tower was destroyed, and the icons were stolen. The shrines have not been found yet.

Today people come here to worship the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the 19th century. Parishioners consider the icon to be miraculous. Candles are always burning in front of her. Judging by the reviews, the church has a very warm atmosphere, the ministers treat the parishioners kindly. Services are held in the church every day from Monday to Saturday. Address: Lenin, 36.

The most interesting entertainment sights of Barnaul

The last category includes attractions that kids will surely love.

Ostrich ranch

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 5.0


The ostrich farm invites its guests to admire a huge number of chickens and pheasants, guinea pigs, ostriches. The territory is divided into two courtyards. In one of them you can feed and pet the animals. The area includes many gazebos and benches. Here you can rest and have a snack. There are food outlets with soft drinks, ice cream and fast food. Pet magnets are available for purchase.

Reviews of the farm are mostly positive. They praise the cleanliness and beautiful design of the ranch, a variety of species of birds and animals, reasonable prices, and the availability of parking for cars. Some cages have no pet information. The park is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Children under 3 years old admission is free. An adult ticket costs 200 rubles.

Emerald Park

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.9


A large green park pleases tourists with a large amount of vegetation. There is a bridge and a lake where you can ride on catamarans, a yoga field, a volleyball net, and a climbing wall. There is a paintball club and a Ferris wheel. Gazebos near the water add coziness to the park.

This is a great place to walk with the whole family. It is always calm and quiet in the depths of the park. It is frustrating that the attractions in the park have long been dilapidated and need to be replaced. Residents of Barnaul say that it used to be more well-groomed here. Address: Komsomolsky prospect, 128.

Barnaul Zoo

Attraction rating (Barnaul): 4.9


The Barnaul Zoo with a large territory completes the rating. This place delights with a variety of animals, original design. On its territory there is a park where you can ride a carousel. You can stay here as long as you like. You don't have to pay for photos and videos.

Leopards, ducks, raccoons, emus, bears, cubs – this is not the whole list of animals in the zoo. Judging by the reviews, many animals are sleeping or are in the corner of the cage, from where they are hard to see. Previously, the zoo was more well-groomed, and the animals are more active. In any case, families with children will love this place. An adult ticket costs 200 rubles. Address: Entuziastov, 12.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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