The 10 best hotels in Alushta

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The main attraction of Alushta is the magnificent nature. The city is located on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula. It is famous for its healing air, mountains, sandy beaches. The atmosphere at the resort is relaxing. Tourists do not get bored as there are many natural monuments. Alushta is the most popular resort of the peninsula, hospitably welcoming couples with children, youth companies. For a pleasant stay, you need to choose the right place of residence, so that after endless walks you have the opportunity to have quality rest and relaxation in comfortable conditions.

How to choose a hotel for rest in Alushta?

Most tourists prefer hotels near the sea. This is correct, because the sea and the beach are the main reason for coming to rest in Alushta. For lovers of active pastime, we recommend focusing on a cozy hotel where you can calmly recover after walking. The location of the hotel does not play a major role. Before the final choice of a place of residence, you need to study the transport accessibility, the infrastructure of the area, the distance from the stations.

The main selection criteria are:

  1. date of construction of the building;
  2. hotel stardom;
  3. cleanliness of the territory;
  4. the presence of a dining room, cafe, restaurant;
  5. parking – availability and how it is paid;
  6. is there an opportunity to play sports;
  7. the presence of a comfortable playground for children;
  8. the possibility of meeting guests at train stations and at the airport;
  9. arrangement of rooms.

We recommend that you carefully study the sites of hotels, reviews of visitors. To simplify the selection, our experts have compiled a rating of the best hotels in Alushta.

Rating of the best hotels in Alushta

Nomination a place hotel name price per day
Rating of the best hotels in Alushta 1 Pomegranate manor RUB 4,900
2 Europe RUB 11 468
3 Villa 'Valentina' 6 400 rub.
4 Villa 'IvaMaria' RUB 10 492
5 Blumarin RUB 6 584
6 Calypso RUB 11,000
7 Barton Park RUB 7,990
8 Golden Resort RUB 11,175
9 More SPA & Resort RUB 10,080
10 Sauvignon RUB 3,690

Pomegranate manor

Rating: 4.9

Pomegranate manor

Our experts are captivated by the hotel's unique architecture. It is located surrounded by gorgeous vegetation, next to the Almond Grove, the Water Park and the Alushta Embankment. The view of the sea and mountains creates a feeling of complete privacy of the guests' stay. The hotel is located far from the resort hustle and bustle. The territory has 18 rooms, a recreation area for guests where you can have a snack, chat, play board games. On the territory there is a barbecue area, an open-air jacuzzi.

Guests highly appreciate not only the external architectural features in their reviews, but also the internal interior. Each room has air conditioning, mini fridge, TV, bathroom. The bathroom contains towels, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer, cosmetics. Rooms are cleaned daily, linen is changed every three days. Wi-Fi throughout. Continental breakfasts are formed daily.


  • unusual architectural solution;
  • proximity to the city center;
  • accept guests with animals;
  • equipped rooms;
  • large recreation area on the territory of the hotel.


  • poor breakfasts;
  • lack of parking.


Rating: 4.8


The best hotel for families with children according to our experts. Has 4 stars, private beach, 5 restaurants, spa, panoramic lift. Located in the village of Partenit, 15 minutes from Alushta. Ayu-Dag Mountain is 4 km away. In appearance, the building resembles a majestic white ship. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar, bathroom. There is parking on site.

Guests speak with enthusiasm about the hotel staff, who are always ready to help. Parents can use babysitting services. Organized daily animation for children. The rooms have bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer for guests. The hotel's menu includes dishes of European, vegetarian cuisine. Guests in their free time from excursions and the sea can relax on the terrace, play billiards, swim in the pool.


  • comfortable stay with children;
  • own beach;
  • parking;
  • organized leisure of guests;
  • equipment of rooms;
  • babysitting services for children;
  • organized meals.


  • rest with animals is prohibited;
  • high cost of rooms.

Villa 'Valentina'

Rating: 4.7


A multi-building hotel with a wide range of services, with a developed infrastructure, highly appreciated by experts and included in the rating. The villa is located 350 and from the Black Sea coast in the city of Alushta. Modern design, the presence of a swimming pool, two restaurants, a private beach create an atmosphere of comfortable relaxation. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi throughout.

Guests in the reviews thank the administration for the clean and beautiful rooms, the possibility of good nutrition on vacation. Bathrobes, slippers, cosmetics are provided for all guests. There is a lounge area in the buildings. All rooms with sea and mountain views. The villa provides services for organizing business conferences, business meetings. Vacationers with children can use babysitting services for an additional fee. Baby strollers are provided free of charge.


  • location;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • open pool;
  • organized meals;
  • equipped rooms;
  • varied leisure activities for guests.


  • lack of parking;
  • difficult ascent to the hotel from the sea.

Villa 'IvaMaria'

Rating: 4.6


Our experts liked the presence of a medical center in the villa, for which IvaMaria was included in the rating. It is located 4.5 km from the center of Alushta, 57 km from the railway station of Simferopol. The villa has three outdoor pools that are heated in cool weather. Guests can use saunas, free Wi-Fi, parking. The restaurant in the villa works according to the provided menu.

Visitors in the reviews note the convenience of recreation for families with children of different ages. For this there are equipped playgrounds for children, animation. Parents can use babysitting services. The villa has its own pebble beach with all amenities. Guests are amazed by the view from the gorgeous 1500 m2 terrace. The guests are especially attracted by the possibility of restorative treatment without interruption.


  • sanatorium treatment on the territory of the villa;
  • location;
  • chlorine-free pool water;
  • free parking;
  • organized meals;
  • chic outdoor terrace;
  • equipped rooms.


  • the proximity of smoking areas to the recreation area by the pool;
  • loud background music in public places.


Rating: 4.5


The hotel maintains a high level of confidentiality, which is appreciated by our experts and included in the rating of Blumarin. It is located on the sea coast. The territory has everything you need for a good rest – an outdoor pool, parking for guests' cars, furnished rooms, a gorgeous view from the windows. Breakfasts are organized daily. The hotel has a private beach with the necessary equipment.

Guests appreciate the interior of the rooms in the reviews. They have a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator. In the bathroom – hairdryer, guest bathrobes, slippers. At the request of vacationers, food and drinks delivery to the room is organized. Free Wi-Fi throughout. Rooms are cleaned every day. Bicycle rental service is available.


  • high level of confidentiality and security;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • equipped recreation area;
  • equipped rooms;
  • organized meals;
  • free parking;
  • private beach.


  • steep climb from the beach;
  • pets are not allowed.


Rating: 4.4


Our experts considered the hotel's location at the water's edge to be the best option and included it in the rating. The climate pavilion is located on the Alushta Embankment. The air here is saturated with sea smells, essential oils of mountain vegetation. It offers free Wi-Fi, parking, and furnished rooms. On the territory there is a restaurant, bar, cafe. The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV. Bathrobes, hairdryer in the bathroom.

Guests speak well of the work of the staff, which ensures perfect cleanliness, delicious food, and pleasant leisure. The view from the rooms is on the sea. Sports equipment rental is provided. The hotel has a sauna, table tennis. Vacationers celebrate the healing effect after rest. No smoking throughout the hotel.


  • proximity to the sea;
  • availability of parking;
  • furnished rooms;
  • elevator;
  • healing the body with climatotherapy;
  • organized meals and leisure.


  • a ban on rest for children under 12 years old;
  • import of animals is not allowed.

Barton Park

Rating: 4.3


Recognized by experts as the best hotel for families with children of different ages. Located 500 m from the sea in the eastern part of Alushta. It has 47 furnished rooms of different categories. Guests are received around the clock. The territory has a sauna, gym, swimming pools, elevator. Massage services are provided. There is a parking lot for vacationers' cars. The hotel has a restaurant and serves a selection of breakfast and dinner options.

Vacationers speak well of the cleanliness throughout the hotel and the high level of service. There is a pebble beach in 10 minutes walk. Near the hotel there is a central embankment and a city park. For children there is a playground. Baby cots are available upon request. At the request of guests, a special menu is prepared for breakfast and dinner. Free Wi-Fi throughout. Rest with animals is not welcome.


  • convenient location;
  • available for family holidays;
  • own parking;
  • rooms equipped with appliances;
  • private beach;
  • organized recreation for children.


  • import of animals is not allowed;
  • the beach is small with large boulders.

Golden Resort

Rating: 4.3


The hotel offers a comprehensive wellness program, which the experts liked and was the reason for inclusion in the rating. Golden Resort operates on an all-inclusive basis. Children under 7 years old stay for free. On the sea – own pebble beach, to which a convenient transfer is organized. There is a mini-pool for younger guests, while adults can use the outdoor pool. Wi-Fi is free. The city center is a 5-minute walk away.

Vacationers in the reviews thank the administration for the health program, which is included in the cost of living. The children's animation is highly appreciated by the guests. In the building there is a tour desk, an open sun terrace. The hotel is ready to welcome guests with disabilities. Any floor can be reached by lift. The parking has special spaces for people in wheelchairs.


  • work on the principle of 'all inclusive';
  • wellness program;
  • children's rest;
  • own park;
  • elevator;
  • conditions for guests with disabilities;
  • private beach and parking;
  • transfer to the beach and back.


  • rest with animals is prohibited;
  • queues to the administrator to register for treatment.

More SPA & Resort

Rating: 4.3


The location of the buildings in close proximity to the sea and immersed in mountain vegetation creates a feeling of complete privacy and relaxation. Experts highly appreciated the level of organization of recreation and included the Sea Resort in the rating. The hotel is located in Alushta, near the Embankment. The total housing stock is 231 rooms. The spa area includes two swimming pools and a sauna. Massage services are offered. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, bathroom.

Guests in the reviews note the atmosphere of care created by the hotel staff, the cleanliness of the rooms, the presence of its own beach, parking, and an elevator. Vacationers can use the conference room for negotiations or business meetings. Organized meals. Wi-Fi works stably. Daily animation for children. The gym will help you stay fit on vacation.


  • location;
  • expedited registration of guests;
  • own parking and beach;
  • equipped rooms;
  • arrival with animals is allowed;
  • organization of children's recreation.


  • monotonous kitchen;
  • Not all guests like the gray colors of the interior of the new buildings.


Rating: 4.2


The best hotel-residence for a relaxing stay is deservedly included in our rating. Located in the area of ​​Professor's corner, 3.5 km from Alushta. Proximity to the sea, private parking, furnished rooms have made the hotel popular among couples and newlyweds. The sauvignon is surrounded by dense vegetation on three sides. There is a gazebo in the yard for relaxation. All rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, bathroom with shower. The rooms in the southern part of the building have sea and mountain views.

Guest reviews describe the stay as relaxing and rejuvenating. The beach at the residence with small pebbles, flat bottom, clear water. Three meals a day, served in special rooms. The hotel is glad to accept vacationers with children of any age. Up to 5 years old stay free.


  • suitable for family vacations;
  • furnished rooms;
  • parking;
  • organized meals;
  • private beach.


  • payment for accommodation in cash only;
  • the hotel does not provide cots.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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