The 10 best Fethiye hotels

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Most often, Russians go on vacation to Turkey. As you know, this The country has several resort cities. One of them is Fethiye. In this resort area built incredibly huge number of hotels. If you stay in the wrong place, you risk ruin your vacation. To prevent this, we recommend View our selection. It consists exclusively of the best hotels located in or near this city. The apartments will be mentioned by us – someone prefers stop exclusively at them as it comes out much cheaper.

Rating of the best hotels in Fethiye

Nomination a place hotel price per day
The 10 best Fethiye hotels 1 Club & Hotel Letoonia – All Inclusive 18 456 rub.
2 Jiva Beach Resort – All Inclusive 13 548 rub.
3 Club Tuana Fethiye – All Inclusive 9 443 rub.
5 Alesta Yacht Hotel 7 002 rub.
6 Sunset Beach Club 2 Bedroom Apt
7 Villa Galis 1 42 300 rub.
8 Rebin Beach Hotel 4 953 rub.
9 Downtown Fethiye Suites 5 652 rub.
10 Villa carli 12 393 rub.

Club & Hotel Letoonia – All Inclusive

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.9

Club & Hotel Letoonia — All Inclusive

Our rating begins with a hotel providing accommodation at the all-inclusive rule. This means that in the restaurant you will find full buffet. Dishes in this form are served on breakfast, both for lunch and dinner. Implement this type of food the huge size of the hotel helped – it includes 620 numbers. So, in the summer season there are about a thousand person.

The hotel is located four kilometers from the resort center. As for the distance from the airport, it is very decent – you need to go 57 km. This is a serious flaw. However nothing with him to do, such is the location of the resort itself. But don’t forget about that when you make a tour to this hotel, you can count on transfer from the airport and back. By the way, such a tour can be issued for about 130 thousand rubles. However, we recommend that you do not save making a room with a sea view. Such numbers in this hotel – 464. If you are going to relax with one or two children, it is recommended to stop in the junior suite, area which varies from 24 to 28 square meters. m. Well, a big company friends can rent a villa, the size of which is amazing. However, she is here alone, in connection with which she rarely happens free.

Whatever number you choose, it will have a hairdryer, bathtub (in the bungalow it is replaced by a shower), satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning (you cannot control it yourself), a minibar and a safe. Many rooms can boast a balcony, this point should also be specify when booking.

Most often they come to Turkey to soak up sea ​​coast. Club & Hotel Letoonia has three own sandy beaches. On one of them it is recommended to lead be quieter, it is on it to sunbathe most safely. By itself, beach towels, umbrellas and sun loungers. On the territory of each beach there are not only cabins for dressing up, but also showers. This is nice, not all hotel owners remember such a trifle.

Meals are provided in three restaurants. Also on on the territory of the hotel you can find nine bars in which soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are provided. Still nowhere no need to leave if you want to visit the mall – he too Present in the hotel complex. Also a hotel able to boast of an amphitheater, performances of which are held almost every evening, a conference room and a lounge for games. Not the animation program that families with children. For children aged 4-12 years, there is a corresponding club – you can leave your child in it to be on your own the beach or somewhere else. A separate club created for teens 13-17 years – he works about five hours a day. Of course, found here is a place for a playground.

Well, what can adults have fun with? Club & Hotel Letooniaprovides many options. First of all, I want to plunge into the main pool, located right at the threshold of the main building. Also on site you can find two club pools. One of them, which is important, has a children’s section. However, separate children’s pools were built here, one of them even equipped with a children’s slide. In short, Club & Hotel Letoonia is the best An option for those who want to relax in Turkey with their child. AND because we have not yet mentioned that for an additional fee here You can call the nanny!

Returning to adult entertainment, one cannot but note the presence of there are water slides with a descent into the sea. This is not a water park, but already quite close to him! Also on site are Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, minigolf course, playground for basketball and more. Even a water bike is available! Yet can play beach volleyball, darts, billiards and tabletop tennis. Most often, they don’t ask for money for all these entertainments. Closer to nights, you can visit the disco by dancing with your soul mate to incendiary music.

Of course, something here is only available for an additional fee. We recommend spending money on diving. I’m glad that here A full-fledged diving school was implemented. It means that you will first be trained in underwater behavior and use appropriate equipment. You can also pay for a haircut in hairdresser, parasailing, banana riding, massage, water skiing and much more.


  • Three excellent sandy beaches with umbrellas and sun loungers;
  • Buffet meals;
  • There is not only a children’s club, but also a teenage club;
  • A large number of pools for adults and children;
  • There is a bathhouse, a sauna and a jacuzzi;
  • You can ride a banana and go surfing;
  • There is a diving school;
  • A large number of restaurants and bars;
  • Many rooms have sea views;
  • You can go in for sports.


  • There is no gym;
  • The hotel is far from the airport.

Jiva Beach Resort – All Inclusive

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.8

Jiva Beach Resort - All Inclusive

Another all-inclusive hotel. Vacationers it usually leaves reviews that talk about feeling delight. Everything evokes positive emotions here: from smart indoor decoration to a clean beach. Last duration is 105 m. Lying is proposed in the sand. The sandy ones is the entrance to the sea. It can not but cause the maximum pleasant feelings. Free for anyone staying at the hotel give out not only the usual towel, but also a sunbed with an umbrella.

Of course, even sea water can tire you. That is why the hotel has several pools. The biggest one is open. There is also a small pool for children. Should note that this hotel is ideal for families with children. But do not forget that you are unlikely to be satisfied with the standard number, seven nights of accommodation in which cost 120 thousand rubles. (price indicated during the design of the tour, it includes air travel). You I want a room with a larger area. The hotel is able to offer it, albeit for a slightly larger fee.

In total, the hotel complex includes 367 rooms. Total the total area of ​​the hotel is 35,000 square meters. m. Regarding location of the hotel, you will need to drive to the city center only 5 km. Well, the airport is far away – about 50 km.

Every room in the hotel offers guests telephone, air conditioning, balcony with chairs and table, cable TV, safe, hairdryer and toiletries. Extra large rooms have own pool and two sunbeds.

This hotel will feed you anytime. On its territory The main restaurant and two a la carte restaurants are located. Two the latter also offer free food, but the service in them happens by appointment. The first restaurant is responsible for Turkish cuisine, while the second offers European dishes the kitchen. Well, the main restaurant prepares everything – here is available and local and international cuisine. Please note from 14:30 to 19:00, none of the restaurants are open. But no one will bother you visit the snack bar at this time. And if he already managed to close, on the hotel has smaller bars offering soft drinks and numerous snacks. In a word, hardly you are seriously hungry in such a place.

Of course, living in a hotel, you can’t just eat, sleep and relax on the beach or in the pool. Sometimes you need to do something to others. Jiva Beach Resort offers a indoor football room, sauna, steam room and spa. And we just started listing! Women can do aerobics. Men can play in the evening billiards. Well, a married couple can play table tennis. If a to continue talking about sports, the hotel offers darts, beach volleyball and sailing. Available to visitors and surfing. We are recommend going to a diving center – under water you can see delicious plants and a variety of fish.

Perhaps this is a great hotel with everything you need. Often, business people stay here who care about availability. in the hotel conference room. And there are even two of them! By the way there is also a car rental. This is important for those who need get to another turkish city.


  • You can engage in various sports;
  • Available diving, surfing and much more;
  • Each room has a balcony;
  • There is a spa;
  • All-inclusive meals
  • There is a car rental;
  • There is a sauna and a steam room;
  • A large number of pools for children and adults;
  • You can order a babysitting service;
  • There are three restaurants and several bars;
  • Wonderful sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds.


  • The hotel is located far from the airport;
  • The hotel is open only from April to September.

Club Tuana Fethiye – All Inclusive

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.7

Club Tuana Fethiye - All Inclusive

Some hotels change their name once. This one you could know a hotel by name Majesty Club Tuana Park – so The hotel was named until 2016. Since he is near Fethiye, you have to travel far to the airport – approximately 42 km. However, the hotel itself will handle your transfer, if you Book a tour to Turkey by choosing accommodation here. By the way, such a tour will cost you at least 118 thousand rubles.

The territory of this hotel is approximately 120,000 square meters. m. So huge the hotel complex could not get its own beach. Here him length is 250 m. Someone will not like the fact that the beach is pebble. However, the rest is enough to find fault with him difficult, because there are also changing cabins and sun loungers, and umbrellas, and even showers. Of course, everyone living in a hotel gets a beach towel. All this allows you to comfortably sunbathe, from time to time interrupting this process for swimming at sea.

Having settled in Club Tuana Fethiye, the first thing you get to know is number. In total, the hotel complex includes 465 rooms, divided into several groups. The largest of them includes standard club rooms with an area of ​​30 square meters. m. Here they can calmly accommodate two adults and two children. Also a hotel offers 39 family rooms. Their area is 43 square meters. m. This allows you to count on a comfortable stay of four adults person and one child. Numbers for people with disabilities. Well, the cheapest are standard park rooms of 24 square meters. m. maximally here two adults and one child are allowed to live.

As you already understood, the hotel invites not only two lovers people, but also their children. In this case, will be visited playground. The hotel also has a kids club, where time spent by children aged 4 to 13 years. And also to children like the appropriate mini disco.

But let’s get back to the description of the numbers. Inside them a satellite TV, a telephone, a minibar, a balcony, central air conditioning, hairdryer, toiletries and safe.

Outside the rooms you can find a lot of all kinds of entertainment. In particular, you can visit the mini zoo and the game center. Behind surcharge available for surfing, billiards, snorkeling and much more, including haircuts at the hairdresser.

Of course, not all entertainment is paid. You You can relax in the outdoor pool. The area itself the main one, by the way, reaches 1000 square meters. m. It’s nice that The hotel owners did not forget about the children’s pool. It is built in quantity of two pieces! There are also water slides, which cannot but to please even ordinary people who came here without children. If water fed up, then you can do tennis, play table tennis, waterskiing, shooting a gun or onions, go to a Turkish bath or dignity, and also go to the sea on a sailing boat.

All other things being equal, we recommend staying in one of two previous hotels. The fact that Club Tuana Fethiye has a few flaws that are not usually mentioned in descriptions provided by tour operators. Firstly, as only budget dishes are offered here, and behind them a large queue is regularly lined up. Food is most often oily, the hotel seemed to have forgotten about fruit. Secondly, many numbers they have very old furniture, which also spoils the impression. Thirdly, the hotel does not have the best soundproofing. Well you yourself must understand that because of this, your vacation risks becoming torture. In short, the hotel does not exactly match the price. And who is he assigned a five-star status?


  • Several restaurants and bars have been built;
  • There is a fitness center and sports fields;
  • Implemented a mini zoo;
  • Accessible rooms available;
  • There are pools for children and adults;
  • There is a spa, sauna and steam room;
  • There is a playground and a kids club.


  • The hotel is far from the resort area and the airport;
  • Poor soundproofing;
  • The beach is pebble; special footwear is required;
  • Deck chairs are not enough for everyone;
  • The food cannot be called perfect;
  • The mini zoo causes an unpleasant odor.


Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.7


If the previous representative of our rating had a number of serious disadvantages, the LIBERTY HOTELS LYKIA looks much more interesting. Yes, it is also very far from the airport, and accommodation it will affect the family budget even more. But you can hope for a perfect vacation. It’s hard to find fault with infrastructure, and to food, and to the very living.

To begin with, the hotel complex occupies the territory an area of ​​282,500 square meters. m. You can say that you settle in a separate a city stretching on the Mediterranean coast. Part the hotel includes a beautiful architectural structure, performing the role of the main building, and many three-story buildings. Well, next there is an excellent beach, the length of which reaches 750 m – enough space for everyone. The beach is sand and pebble, and all hotel guests can count on umbrellas, sun loungers and others the delights of relaxation on such a surface.

In total, the hotel complex has 645 rooms. They are all shared into six groups. Most rooms here belong to standard double type – they usually have a view of the garden and side sea view. The area of ​​the premises is 24 square meters. m., allows a pair of two adults and one to kid. The hotel also has enlarged standard rooms. with approximately the same view from the window – the area of ​​such a room is 29 square meters. m. A bit more expensive is living in an enlarged Standard room with direct sea view. Finally present here are family rooms, including connecting ones – the latter choose those who come to Turkey with two children.

Whatever number you book, without fail expect to get a safe, minibar, central air conditioning, TV with two Russian channels, hairdryer, telephone, toilet accessories and a baby bed (if you need one). Also every the room has a terrace or at least a balcony.

The hotel offers all-inclusive meals. It cannot but to please! It turns out that you can safely eat in the main restaurants, choosing absolutely any dishes. I must say that the food is very tasty, none of those living in this hotel writes about this some negative reviews. If you want some unusual and exquisite dishes, you can reserve a table in one of the six a la carte restaurants. But here the menu will be paid. There are also 11 bars on site.

Large companies often come to LIBERTY HOTELS LYKIA, organizing press conferences here. No wonder, here 13 conference rooms with a total capacity of 1,100 people were built. Ordinary people will appreciate the 17 pools. Curious that only two of them are covered – they work both in autumn and winter, and in the spring. Of course, about half of the pools are designed for children. For them, a separate menu is implemented in the restaurant. Also hotel owners did not forget about the playground and mini club, attend which even 16-year-olds can. But most impressive area of ​​22,000 square meters. m, dedicated to a kids club “Children’s paradise.” Here you can find many playgrounds that children attend with teachers and animators. Games are held from morning to evening. Already only thanks to this club you understand why living here more expensive than in some other Turkish hotels.

Adults will find here no less, and even more entertainment. For example, a hotel complex has almost two dozens of tennis courts. As a coating on them is used quartz sand. There is also a large Fitness Centre. You can also play chess, table tennis, basketball, volleyball (beach and traditional), football, darts and even backgammon. You can go to the sauna. There is also a Turkish bath, but her visit is paid. Finally, not forgotten water entertainment – all kinds of banana rides, diving, water skiing and other things. Here even climbing is realized! In short, species entertainment – so much that can not be counted. I want to stay here for a few months to try them all out!

If you are not a lark, then you will definitely like it evening pastime. On site regularly There are discos and other entertainment programs. To dance with your soulmate near the sea beach – well, not is it beautiful


  • There are children’s and adult pools with slides;
  • There is a fitness center and gym;
  • Spacious sand and pebble beach with sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • There is an excellent kids club with several games. sites;
  • A huge number of bars and restaurants;
  • Can offer a pram and cot;
  • A lot of entertainment;
  • You can engage in various sports;
  • There is a full spa.


  • Located 71 km from the international airport;
  • Free meals – only in the main restaurants.

Alesta Yacht Hotel

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.7

Alesta Yacht Hotel

And this is a significantly smaller hotel. Yes, and four-star that will scare away from him some potential visitors. In fact, the hotel turned out to be quite solid. We can safely say that she was quite a bit short for obtaining a higher status.

The hotel got its name because it is located opposite the marina. I am glad that the hotel is located in city ​​center, so getting to it by taxi or bus is not need to. But transfers from the airport and back will take time, because Near Fethiye planes do not land.

Since the hotel is located right in the city, count on a huge its territory is not worth it. A relatively compact awaits you site with the main building, inside which there are 52 rooms. All have sea views. This is important as the seascape I want to enjoy even in the room! You can choose standard room, deluxe room or family connecting room – the choice is obtained big enough. In any case, you get a hairdryer, TV with satellite channels, safe, telephone, minibar, air conditioning and balcony. Soundproof windows and doors are separately noted.

Unfortunately, in such a territory there are really no special entertainments. Here is a tiny pool with fresh water – for him allocated part of the marina. Around the pool are sunbeds – they Seen even more useful. The hotel also has a spa in which you will receive massage and cosmetic procedures. That’s all! Alas, water ski or play tennis will not work here. However, it seems to us that most you will spend time in Fethiye itself, enjoying Turkish beauties. The hotel also does not have its own beach, but you may well walk to the city.

As for nutrition, it belongs to the type of “full boarding house. “The restaurant here, of course, is only one. Well, why more of them with five dozen numbers? Still here there is a bar where you can take soft drinks and snacks.

Perhaps LIBERTY HOTELS LYKIA might not be included in our rating. But he has one advantage over competitors with a similar area. Easy car rental is available here! That is, this hotel is the best option for those who are not just going to to visit Turkey, but also to visit several of its cities.


  • Good soundproofing;
  • There is a small pool with sunbeds around it;
  • There is a car rental;
  • The rooms belong to six different types;
  • All rooms have a balcony and sea views;
  • Good nutrition;
  • There is a spa;
  • Very low cost of living.


  • There is no entertainment;
  • There is no private beach;
  • Yachts can regularly distract;
  • The hotel is located far from the airport.

Sunset Beach Club 2 Bedroom Apt

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.6

Sunset Beach Club 2 Bedroom Apt

As we promised, our rating will consist not only of traditional hotels. It will be about apartments. Accommodation in imposes some inconvenience – free meals are available will forget, as well as a lot of different entertainment. But this a great option for those who flew to Turkey not only to soak up the beach and sunbathe by the pool.

Guest houses here occupy a fairly large territory. All they are built around a couple of large pools. Swimming is possible alternate with rest on sunbeds, which are also not forgotten here. If a the sun is tired, you can open the umbrella, installed standing next to with every sunbed.

The apartments themselves have two separate bedrooms. it allows you to recommend them to families with older children. Also villa with apartments will suit a large group of friends consisting of five to six people. Each apartment includes a kitchen and dining area. It’s nice that in the kitchen there is not only appliances for cooking, but also a dishwasher. Be careful, she is addictive! It is possible that in the future you will want get it at home! If such a desire is really arises, then check out our selection of the best dishwashers cars.

Returning to the apartments, one cannot but note the presence in them TV with satellite channels. But a little more will please you a balcony with a beautiful view of the mountains. Curious, then some villas have their own pools. They have small size, but in fact they will only swim in such a pool one or two people.

Some hotel aggregators indicate that the hotel complex has its own private beach. This is actually not the case. However, Calis Beach is relatively nearby – about one and a half kilometers. This is substantially closer to the airport you need to to get 47 km. And here is the restaurant on the territory of the complex there really are apartments. Of course, you have to pay for food, but the restaurant is open almost any time of the day or evening – this is the main advantage of the menu service.

In many countries, apartments are cleaned daily. as in a traditional hotel room. But turkish liberty hotels LYKIA is an exception to the rule. Daily cleaning really can be ordered, but it will cost extra money. However, if you are not going to turn your place of residence into a pigsty, then you may be satisfied with the lack of cleaning.


  • BBQ facilities are available;
  • There are two fairly large pools;
  • There are villas with a private pool;
  • You can stay in the bath or sauna (paid separately);
  • There is a good restaurant;
  • The apartments have a kitchen with good appliances.


  • The price does not include cleaning and meals;
  • There is no private beach;
  • The apartments are located far from the airport;
  • Free Wi-Fi – not in all rooms;
  • There is no entertainment.

Villa Galis 1

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.5

Villa Galis 1

Another apartment worthy of getting into our rating. This hotel complex consists of several villas, located in the city of Fethiye. The main disadvantage of the apartment is the lack of a private beach. Owners of these buildings recommend going to Calis beach – it’s three and a little kilometers. Well, ten kilometers away is the marina Ej-Sarai.

Between the villas there is a beautiful garden, and near each house there is a fairly large pool. The location of the latter under open air makes it clear that off-season apartments are less interesting. It’s nice that only people swim in the pool, living in a villa. Therefore, no one will bother you. Also comfortable beds with umbrellas, standing on one of the edges of the pool.

Typically, these villas have a traditional bathroom, lacking stars from the sky. But visitors to Villa Galis can sit in the hot tub. But relatively recently she could boast only spa centers! However, be sure to check availability such a bath before booking! It is possible that some villas equipped with regular bath.

Each apartment has a patio, a kitchen equipped with modern appliances, fireplace, living area with sofa, TV, washing a car and many other things, down to accessories for B-B-Q. A microwave will help you prepare food and drinks. oven, refrigerator, oven, electric kettle and coffee machine. Not forgotten apartment owners and dishwasher.

The landlord speaks Turkish and English. If you if there are valuables, they can be stored in a safe. Unfortunately, this not the apartments that are cleaned regularly – the owner of Villa Galis decided to save on maintenance. But then there is everything necessary for a comfortable life, including air conditioning. well and near the villas is a tourist center. Here you will offer not only to swim in the sea on a yacht, but also to dive with scuba diving, as well as parachute jumping (in tandem with instructor).

As mentioned above, these apartments are located far enough from the airport. But for the extra money you You can order a transfer from it and back. But what if you want to visit, say, Saklikent National Park, before which is 49 km? There is a way out – you can rent a car. Also you can drive around the villas on a rental the bike.


  • Each villa has its own pool;
  • Nearby is a spa;
  • The kitchen has modern appliances;
  • There are car and bicycle rentals;
  • You can order a transfer from the airport and back;
  • Nearby is a restaurant;
  • Children under five years old are allowed;
  • Low cost of living.


  • Decent distance from the airport;
  • The price does not include meals;
  • There is no private beach;
  • There are no entertainments.

Rebin Beach Hotel

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.4

Rebin Beach Hotel

Typically, such ratings do not include exclusively Hotels with at least 4 stars status. But exceptions to the rule also occur. Rebin Beach Hotel is only “3 stars”. However, it is clear that the owners of this business are striving raise the status of your institution. According to some parameters, the hotel not inferior to more status competitors. For example here there are already three pools. One is quite large – here you can swim enough. The other two are primarily intended for children – they have a small depth, and their size is hardly even scare someone. Not forgotten and sunbeds, allowing easy sunbathe in the sun.

It is possible that getting a higher status is prevented by the hotel lack of a private beach. But why does he need him if the beach Calis is located only half a kilometer? As for the numbers, then they are all air-conditioned. Moreover, each number has a balcony. It should be noted that from the balcony in some The rooms offer excellent views of the above pools. Also The hotel has a garden with palm trees. All this is not may not set up for a pleasant stay.

Inside each room there is a TV with satellite channels, a minibar and even a safe. Not forgotten, of course, and the bathroom room with all necessary toiletries. Girls certainly appreciate the presence of a hairdryer.

The rooms at this hotel are of two different types. Standard a double room may include either one large bed, either two separate. Two adults can live here and one child. The hotel is also able to boast triple numbers.

I am glad that the price includes meals not only in the morning, but also in the evening. Breakfast and dinner are held here in the format “Buffet”. Well, lunch is already at an additional cost, here dishes are selected on the menu. Available at the hotel not only a restaurant, but also a bar – you should look for it by the pool. In short, with There will be no problems with soft drinks.

It seems that this is one of the best options for those who do not want Spend exorbitant money on vacation. The problem is that the hotel has a small number of rooms. If necessary to say that they need to be booked much in advance? Not yet all will appreciate the 45-kilometer distance from the airport. But this typical of all hotels located in Fethiye or not far from him.


  • The price includes breakfast and dinner;
  • Room service is available;
  • There are three pools;
  • Modest but clean rooms;
  • Friendly staff
  • Possible transfer from the airport and back;
  • The beach is very close;
  • You can play darts and billiards;
  • Car rental available.


  • To the airport – very far away;
  • No entertainment programs;
  • There is no private beach.

Downtown Fethiye Suites

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.4

Downtown Fethiye Suites

Many representatives of our rating are located in new houses. Downtown Fethiye Suites is an exception to the rule. The rooms here are in a rather old building. But don’t be scared, it’s recently refurbished. Moreover, its original appearance preserved almost perfectly, which cannot but cause Delight. Inside, modern interiors await you, thanks which you can relax not only with your body, but also with your soul.

If you are looking for a country hotel, Downtown Fethiye Suites is not for you. This hotel is located in lively area, close to bars, restaurants, cafes and nightlife clubs. In a word, the noise of a big city will be heard, especially in the morning and evening. But you don’t need to go far to go to admire the beauties of Turkey.

The rooms at this hotel are class apartments. “luxury”. This means that you will live in an area of ​​35 sq. m, which includes not only the bedroom, but also the kitchen. Have here and living area, well equipped. In the kitchen, you must discover stove, mini fridge, microwave and numerous dishes. The apartments also have a bookcase and a TV to which a satellite dish is connected. However, you are unlikely to read books written in Turkish and English. But the shower in the bathroom for sure will be applied as intended. It’s nice that guests are not available only toiletries, but also a hairdryer.

The cost of living in such a hotel depends on the number of guests. If you come to Turkey alone or together, then a week of living in this place will cost only 51 thousand rubles. Threesome Vacation Evaluated 57 thousand rubles. Well, a company of four or five should will be spent even harder. However, it will already be crowded. Although everyone will find a place to sleep – apartments may be present one double bed, one single bed and one sofa bed. By the way, there is air conditioning in the apartments, so you will certainly not suffer from heat.

You can safely say that this hotel is for those who come to Turkey on business. It’s supposed that most of the time you will spend outside your room and hotel grounds. First day you can stroll to the ancient theater of Telmessos. In the second day you can sail on the yacht – appropriate marina located very close to the hotel. You must also admire to the famous Fethiye Square, to which literally two minutes.

The aparthotel does not have its own restaurant. But there is at least a cafe serving tea and coffee! Near the hotel you are easily You will find an inexpensive restaurant, so worry about it still not worth it. As with the beach – the hotel does not have its own, but getting to the city beach is definitely not difficult.


  • The apartments may have multiple beds;
  • The staff tries to speak Russian;
  • Good appliances in the kitchen;
  • The walls of the apartments are decorated with paintings;
  • Low cost of living.


  • I would like more proximity to the airport;
  • No pool and private beach;
  • There are no entertainments;
  • The price does not include meals.

Villa carli

Hotel Rating (Fethiye): 4.2

Villa Carli

Want to stay in a medium-sized hotel in Which garden with palm trees? In this case, we offer consider an option with Villa Carli. Again, this is not full a hotel with many staff and tiny rooms. it a complex of villas, each of which can accommodate a company from four to five people. Of course, you can come here and less number of people, but in this case the second bedroom will seem superfluous. And the cost of living, amounting to 87 thousand rubles, in In this case, it will feel too high.

The total area of ​​the villa in which you will live is 96 sq. m. This is a huge figure. Do I need to say that many Russians do not live in such spacious apartments? As you already realized the villa has two bedrooms. The first is a double a bed, in the second – one single and one double bed. Moreover, you can sleep in the living room – there is sofa bed.

Between the villas is a wonderful area with a very large pool. It is curious that the owners of these buildings are proud The pool was designed by an Italian architect. To us all that matters is that you can have a great time in this pool time. Well, along its edges are sun loungers and chairs with tables. It’s only a pity that the pool, due to its size, has no heating, in connection with which it is pointless to come here in winter.

Each villa here consists of a bedroom, living room, kitchen and two Bathrooms Sound insulation – at the highest level, which cannot but to please. Each villa also has a balcony, air conditioning, fireplace and even a spa bath. Rest in the latter – especially pleasant after long trips to the Turkish city. And still all Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi. However, this is not call it an advantage, since the Internet is provided and all competitors.

It remains to regret that Villa Carli does not have its own beach. But if you want to visit Calis beach, then you need to go to it only 350 m. Dalaman Airport is located much further – 47 km. Sure, the hotel can provide a transfer from it and back, but only for extra money. In a word, Villa Carli is worth a stay only if you came to Turkey on your own a car. The rest will face certain inconvenience.

Do not forget that this is a villa, not a hotel room. You you have to cook your own food or heat up the semi-finished products. Of his there is no restaurant or even a cafe here. But then an employee of Villa Carli speaks Russian – from her you can easily find out where There are nearby entertainment and catering facilities.


  • There is a large outdoor pool;
  • The apartments accommodate up to five people;
  • The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances;
  • A hotel employee speaks Russian;
  • There is a fireplace and a hot tub;
  • The hotel is located near Calis Beach;
  • The garden with palm trees evokes pleasant emotions.


  • Very large distance to the airport;
  • The cost of living cannot be called low;
  • No food – you need to cook yourself;
  • There is no private beach;
  • There are no entertainments.


This is the list of the best hotels near Fethiye or directly in the territory of this city. Now you will know what to expect from each hotel. As you can see, almost everyone the hotel has these or those shortcomings. This applies even five star hotels. Unfortunately, there are no ideal hotels, each of them can be found fault. It remains for us hoping that for a suspended week you simply don’t notice in the hotel nothing that ruins your impressions of Turkey.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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