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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Desired Pregnancy is a great happiness and a great responsibility in life women, especially the first pregnancy. But how to make sure that did this event happen? Many do not know, but obstetricians consider reliable signs of pregnancy are only the fetal heartbeat, its stirring, or the presence of the skeleton of the fetus during an ultrasound scan. Even such symptoms like enlargement of the mammary glands and uterus in the absence menstruation will be just probable signs. And those symptoms which young girls consider compelling, generally considered doubtful by specialists. These include nausea and vomiting, addiction to “salty”, increased sensitivity of dairy glands, an increase in the abdomen, and other conditions that may be based only on the personal opinion of the woman. However, in There are laboratory pregnancy tests for sale. What are they on can be based, even if the increase in the uterus and the disappearance menstruation is insufficient evidence to confirm pregnancy? On a special hormone – hCG, or chorionic human gonadotropin.

This hormone begins to be produced in a few hours after fertilization of the egg, and its concentration after one and a half month increases several thousand times. The presence of this hormone in blood or in the urine of a woman is convincing evidence the onset of pregnancy. There is another variation of this. hormone that can appear in the blood with various diseases – neuroendocrine tumors, and not only in women, but also men. But during pregnancy, a special the form of this hormone, which can be detected by various tests.

In order to determine elevated levels of hCG in the blood, laboratory test required. All pregnancy tests which are sold in pharmacies determines the presence of hCG in women in urine, and none of them are designed to determine this pregnancy hormone in the blood. They are freely sold without any recipe. These tests are affordable, even for people with low income level, applying them is very simple, and testing performed independently at home.

Despite the fact that all tests are based on a single principle, they different in the way hormones are detected. There are test stripes, or strip tests. You can purchase tests for inkjet research, in the form of a tablet, and even digital electronic devices. What is the difference between all of these test cases? Which one of they are most convenient to choose, and which way is preferable to use? Finally, what is the cost of individual representatives of these different groups? This rating presents the most Popular pregnancy tests, one for each group. Not it makes sense to list many different tests inside one groups, since they practically do not differ among themselves, except manufacturer, packaging and slight price fluctuation.

Rating of the best pregnancy tests

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best strip tests or pregnancy test strips 4 Frautest express 100 rub
Best cassette or tablet pregnancy tests 3 Frautest expert 150 rub
Best Inkjet Pregnancy Tests 2 Frautest exclusive 250 rub
Electronic digital devices 1 Clearblue digital 391 rub
How to choose a pregnancy test

Best strip tests or pregnancy test strips

Pregnancy test strips, or strip tests, are the easiest to use. Every girl will surely be able to lower the test strip into a jar of freshly released morning urine to the mark on the strip, count the desired number of seconds, in according to the instructions, pull out the strip, hold time to “show” the necessary signs, and then look at strip. In the event that one strip of red is visible on it color, then there is no pregnancy. If there are two strips, then pregnancy happened. Such tests belong to the first generation, but for all their shortcomings they are extremely easy to use and are very inexpensive, so they are always in demand. Typical representatives of strip strips for determining pregnancy are Frautest tests.

Frautest express

Rating: 4.6

Frautest Express

This is a whole family of pregnancy tests, and two of them belong to strip tests. These are plastic strips for definitions of pregnancy. The easiest one will be frautest Express This is one strip, it is lowered for 10 seconds into a clean capacity with morning urine, and, on average, after 4 minutes already the result is shown.

Frautest Double Control is sold in a set of two strips. This, of course, is more convenient, and is done in order for a woman to I couldn’t worry, don’t worry, and didn’t run back to the pharmacy, do not wait for the next morning to receive a portion of morning urine, and check the probability of pregnancy again.

Produced by Frautest German company Axiom, the easiest test – Express – can be purchased at Russian pharmacies in September prices 2018 from 50 to 99 rubles. We remind you that this is the cost of one strips. As for the Double Control test, the cost of packaging from two strips ranges from 104 to 170 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

As mentioned above, test strips are extremely easy to application, quickly allow you to get results, and are very inexpensively. There are also disadvantages, and many women consider them substantial, preferring to use more advanced tests on pregnancy. The disadvantages include the use of only morning urine. Therefore, if something went wrong, then the next test can be done only after a day, which can be extremely exciting. Capacity needed for urine collection. It may not be clean enough, it may be shallow to immerse the strip to the desired mark. Finally she can slip out of your hands and you have to wait another day. Finally, it is necessary to follow the recommendations quite accurately, and if or underexposure, or overexposure of the strip, the result may come out incorrect. Finally, a reagent that reacts with chorionic gonadotropin, in this type of pregnancy test adsorbed or on plastic, or, in the worst case, on paper, but that’s not the best way to fix the reagent, which if not properly stored may lose activity.

The best cassette or tablet pregnancy tests

These pregnancy tests belong to the second generation. The mechanism of action remained exactly the same, but now has changed mode of application. The test strip is no longer taken in hand, it located in a special tablet, which is made of plastic. IN this plastic packaging has special slots in the form of windows. Morning urine drips into one of them, then it spreads along the strip, and in the second window it will be visible result. The price of this small modification that makes the application is more convenient, and does not require a large flow of urine, already significantly higher than that of strip strips.

However, urine must still be collected. To packaging with a special plastic container is attached with a cassette test. Morning urine is also used, since concentration in it Chorionic gonadotropin is highest. Then with using a special pipette, which is also in the kit, usually 4 drops of urine are dripped into the right window. Should wait a few minutes, and read the result. If one lane is visible, then pregnancy did not happen, the presence of two bands indicates the onset of pregnancy.

This method avoids touching the strip. fingers, which can be not only traces of sebum, which is always present on the fingers, but also various unnecessary substances. This allows you to achieve higher sensitivity, although not too superior to the test strip. Essentially here it’s just about the same strip strips that just escaped accidental pollution. However, cassette tests allow it is reliable enough to determine the presence of pregnancy 3 days before the beginning of planned menstruation, and not only if it delayed if their sensitivity is 10-15 mIU / ml.

Frautest expert

Rating: 4.7

Frautest Expert

An example of a cassette test is the second generation Frautest under called Frautest Expert. Its use can show availability gonadotropin in urine if its concentration exceeds 15 mMU / ml. This is a high sensitivity. At the same time, the existing accuracy determination of pregnancy with the correct application of the test comes to 99% and even higher. The brightness of the appearance of the second strip depends on hormone concentrations. But even if the second strip is and looks albeit extremely pale, but if it is at the same time distinguishable by eye, this means – a new life has appeared. Produces This test is the same German company. The cost of one cartridge makes from 130 to 220 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of tablet tests will be slightly higher. sensitivity (due to the packed strip) and convenience application. The kit has everything you need and no need to stock up own jars and other material. This is rarely written, but the use of cassette tests allows you to save a serving of morning urine, since only a few drops are taken from it. The rest can be submitted for analysis if necessary.

The negative sides include a rather high cost that is almost four times the price for the same the test itself in the form of a simple strip. No qualitative changes in the testing and perception process, only only in the “design”. The carrier is the same strip with applied on it with the same reagents, and look with an eye values ​​the same two lines. Therefore pay extra you will certainly have the cost of convenience.

But some do not think so, and rightly think that it is possible regard the packaging of the strip in a special tablet as deft marketing ploy as production costs increased slightly, and the retail price has increased significantly. Some women complain that it’s unusual and uncomfortable to drip a certain number drops of urine in a small window. There is a danger of dripping excess a few drops, and too wet the test strip. Also denial need to still use the morning a portion of urine. In a way, it’s even harder than just use a test strip. In the end, you just need her immerse in urine, hold and pull out. Here you need to get up early in the morning, still half asleep, figure out which of the windows apply liquid, accurately measure the required number of drops with good lighting.

Best Inkjet Pregnancy Tests

There are third generation pregnancy tests that allow you to further simplify the process of obtaining the result, although they are based on the same physical principles. This is true called inkjet tests. Almost everything has been improved here. specifications. No need to collect urine, no need to drip it anywhere, and no need to wait longer than three minutes. To receive you need to the result, you just need to substitute the test device under the stream urine. This is even easier than directing the jet into the can. Host the device consists of a fibrous part, and along these fibers, according to the laws of surface tension, urine rises, actually to the place where the reagent is located. Located in urine gonadotropin is firmly fixed to the reagent, changing its color. Inkjet tests are considered among the most sensitive and most fast. In two or three minutes the answer is ready. An example of this Jet Test will be Frautest exclusive .

Frautest Exclusive

Rating: 4.8

Frautest Exclusive

Perhaps he justified his name – exclusive. it really very good test system that at the same time It is both comfortable and hygienic. The test is so simple that perhaps and do not describe this small pink cylinder, very similar on the packaging of lipstick. Since urine collection is not necessary, then the test can be carried out wherever possible to go to the toilet for little need. He is very sensitive, and by some reviews, 3, and even 4 days before the expected monthly pregnancy can be confirmed. Just needed release the receiving end of the dough by removing the cap and substituting it under a stream of urine. Then wait a while – 2 minutes and watch. If you see two stripes – you can expect a quick addition offspring.

Advantages and disadvantages

The great advantage of all inkjet tests is the convenience application, in the end, you can substitute something under the stream of urine and half asleep. But the most important thing is that you don’t have to go to the toilet in the morning. Jet tests allow you to determine due to its high sensitivity, chorionic gonadotropin in urine, allocated at any time of the day. If you don’t feel like getting up early in the morning, then it is quite possible to perform testing when you want. Therefore, only one of the negative aspects of this test remains – this is its value. One test system for one urine tests will cost you from 230 to 370 rubles, which is 6 times exceeds the cost of the simplest pregnancy test.

Electronic digital devices

It would seem impossible to create something more perfect, than inkjet tests. But science is moving forward, and now the most perfect, comfortable, and even advanced can be called electronic digital pregnancy tests with a set of additional options. One such test is Clearblue digital with indicator of the term in weeks.

Clearblue Digital

Rating: 4.9

Clearblue Digital

This test not only determines the presence of pregnancy, but also allows you to determine its duration in weeks. In fact, for the knowledgeable a woman who knows her own physiology, do it not difficult. But, you see, it’s still nice not just to define the presence of pregnancy, but also immediately find out its duration. At the same time accuracy pregnancy determination is more than 99% if the test system used no earlier than the expected day of menstruation. And accuracy determining the duration of pregnancy, which is calculated from the moment of conception, although slightly less, but also exceeds 90% If you use only the first, high-quality test, then it can be safely recommended even 5 days before the day of the alleged menstruation delays.

This test looks like an electronic thermometer with a window LCD screen and absorbent tip. Before by carrying out the test you just need to remove the cap and hold it under with a stream of urine the absorbing tip for 5 seconds. Of course by if desired, you can pre-collect urine in a clean container and also lower the tip there. By the way, this same technique can be applied and to jet tests, if someone thinks it is more convenient.

After testing, put the device on a level horizontal surface, and wait three minutes, while the hourglass will flash on the screen. After 3 minutes you can take finished test. Instead of looking at the stripes, you can simply read labels such as “pregnant 2-3” or “not pregnant.” It goes without saying that in the first case the numbers indicate the term pregnancy in weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having taken all possible advantages, this test is not without its own flaws. The pluses include convenience application, no need to get up early in the morning and collect I urinate in a jar, there is no need to drip and measure with a pipette and look closely at the number of strips. The device will do everything for you, it is only necessary to conduct a test at any time convenient for you and at any convenient place. What are the flaws of this perfect test? The most important thing is calculating the gestational age. Program determines it based on a standard cycle of 28 calendar days. If a woman has a different cycle, which is a little more or a little less, then the device will give a small error. This error the smaller the shorter the gestation period. Second disadvantage, which is a continuation of the advantages of electronic test, is its price. The cost of one package of electronic Clearblue test in prices in August 2018 is from 380 to 560 rubles. Of course, it’s very unfortunate that this device It is used only once, especially since it is very similar to digital thermometer that can be used for a long time. And of course, you can’t discount that the more complex the device, the greater the risk of any malfunction in the unexpected place. There is another minus that many can seem curious. If a woman can neither write nor read, or speaks languages ​​that are not based on the Latin alphabet, for example, is a resident of Arab countries or China, then she simply doesn’t will be able to read the test results.

How to choose a pregnancy test

choose a pregnancy test

In this rating, the most popular tests for pregnancy belonging to different generations. Of course woman she chooses which test to buy, and whether she needs it at all. Be sure to pay attention when choosing a test in a pharmacy for the expiration date, and it does not matter what you choose: test – strips or electronic device. If it is past due, the result may to be whatever. It’s also undesirable to buy “time” tests, which will expire in a month or two. Theoretically, everything may be okay with them, but in the event that there were errors in the storage rules, then the result may not correspond to the truth.

Also, a woman should know that the day after sexual intercourse act, or even two days later it makes no sense to use test systems. Yes indeed hormone levels rise starts on the first day, but only after about a week, when the embryo strengthened in the uterine cavity and the chorion began to form, or an embryonic placenta, it makes sense to use tests for pregnancy, but having high sensitivity.

It should also be remembered that if testing was conducted very early, for example, on the fifth day after sexual intercourse, and the test did not confirm the presence of pregnancy, then you need a few days later retest. In case you use highly sensitive tests, then you can determine pregnancy in a week. The threshold value is 10 mIU / ml. Such tests are very sensitive. If you get a test, and read in the instructions that its sensitivity is 20 or 25 units, it means that this test can be used only if menstruation is delayed for at least one day. Before menstruation delays such a test will not tell you anything.

And finally, the most important thing that every woman should do. If using any of the test options was detected pregnancy, it means that it is urgent to get registered to the antenatal clinic. Such an early observation of a pregnant woman is very important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. After all, the test system you will never be told where the embryo has attached itself – in uterine cavity, or in the tube. In this case, this pregnancy can lead to serious complications. Also, do not forget old, tried and tested methods. So, on the third or fourth day after delays in menstruation, it is desirable to measure basal temperature, and if alone it exceeds 37 degrees, then this fact is also confirmation of pregnancy.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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