12 best toothpastes for periodontitis and periodontal disease

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Periodontitis and periodontal disease are periodontal diseases. Last implies the tissue surrounding and holding the tooth. Often these 2 pathologies are confused with each other. However, they have different reasons. occurrences, symptoms, and therapeutic tactics. For periodontitis an inflammatory process is characteristic. And periodontal disease usually occurs without him, although in some cases he may be present.

Distinctive features of periodontitis and periodontal disease

For convenience, we have collected signs, causes and consequences of periodontitis and periodontosis in the table:

Criteria for comparison


Periodontal disease

Causes of occurrence

Weak oral hygiene, plaque on the teeth, a number of systemic diseases, poor family history, weak immunity

Possible development factors: heredity, gastrointestinal pathology, atherosclerosis, diabetes

Spread frequency

Diagnosed in more than 80% of the population

It is extremely rare (2-3% of patients)

Clinical manifestations

Inflammatory process

Dystrophic tissue changes

Flow pattern

Symptoms are pronounced, the inflammatory process develops fast

Most often asymptomatic or sluggish


May affect individual teeth or the entire jaw

Always affects both jaws

Gum bleeding

Is the first symptom

In most cases not observed

Tooth mobility

At the beginning, it can be noted, but with proper treatment, completely eliminated

It appears very late when the periodontium is affected half or even more

Periodontal swelling

Present in most cases

Not visible

Presence of pockets of gingival localization

Depth of periodontal pockets depends on severity pathological process

They are shallow or completely absent

Enamel Sensitivity

Separate tooth necks may be exposed

Accompanied by enamel chipping in the cervical part

Tooth position

With moderate to severe periodontitis, fan-shaped tooth discrepancy

Clear gaps appear between the teeth

With periodontitis, if the treatment is selected correctly and started immediately, the patient can expect a quick fix symptoms and stopping the progression of pathology. And since periodontal disease is a systemic disease, with no apparent clinical signs, to achieve stable remission, the patient needs lifelong preventive therapy.

It is important to choose the right toothpastes for daily oral hygiene in such pathologies. Ideally, her should recommend a dentist taking into account the condition of the gums and teeth. IN priority should be medical toothpastes. They can positioned as anti-inflammatory or combating bleeding gums. In this review we will look at the best of them.

Rating of the best toothpastes for periodontitis and periodontal disease

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best anti-inflammatory toothpastes 1 BioRepair Plus Parodontgel 790 rub
2 R.O.C.S. Gum balm 240 rub
3 Dental Clinic 2080 Herbs and Biosalts 122 rub
4 Revidont with Neovitin 250 rub
5 Asepta Parodontal Asset 190 rub
6 AltaiBio Cedar Fir 88 rub
Best bleeding-free toothpastes 1 President active 237 r
2 Parodontax Fluoride 171 rub
3 Lacalut aktiv 181 rub
4 Splat Asset 87 rub
5 Parodontol is antibacterial 60 rub
6 Forest Gum Bleeding Balm 42 rub

The best anti-inflammatory toothpastes

Anti-inflammatory toothpastes for periodontitis and periodontal disease will give tangible results if used along with drug therapy. Often these pastes contain serious components that cannot be used on an ongoing basis. If a use them not in courses, but systematically, it can develop dysbiosis.

BioRepair Plus Parodontgel

Popularity Rating: 4.9

BioRepair Plus Parodontgel

Italian company BioRepair produces Toothpaste Plus Parodontgel. It contains microcrystals medical hydroxyapatite, similar to natural, which is included in composition of bones and teeth. Witch hazel extracts, marigold, spirulina have anti-inflammatory, calming effect. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes sensitive periodontal tissues, prevents their inflammation, stimulates healing.

Biorepair Parodontgel Plus is packaged in 75 ml tubes. The product has a pasty white consistency and a pleasant, not sharp, minty taste. With periodontitis and periodontal disease manufacturer recommends squeezing a small pea of ​​paste onto the brush and brush her teeth in a circle. Plus complement it with a delicate massaging the gums. After that, when rinsing, the liquid is needed hold for 20-30 seconds.

According to reviews, this Italian pasta is able to make fabrics periodontal pink and healthy. This product effectively relieves from blood on the toothbrush, eliminates puffiness, heals wounds. Increased periodontal sensitivity disappears after first few applications. She also gives a pleasant sensation. purity and freshness. Its use in the initial stages of periodontitis will delay the trip to the dentist. Some people are only confused that this paste is quickly consumed.


  • well thought out, multicomponent composition;
  • does not contain SLS, parabens, titanium dioxide;
  • pleasant texture and taste;
  • quickly eliminates hypersensitivity;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • relieves bleeding.


  • quickly consumed.

R.O.C.S. Gum balm

Popularity Rating: 4.8

R.O.C.S. Gum Balm

The next nominee for the review was Gum Balm Toothpaste from the popular Russian brand R.O.C.S. This product contains natural anti-inflammatory complex based on extracts medicinal plants. This product does not contain fluoride, antiseptics and synthetic dyes. When using this Balm can forget about blood on the toothbrush and inflammation, which appear with periodontitis.

Toothpaste from R.O.C.S has a creamy, light consistency. It smells good of mint and has a white color. The aftertaste of her slightly brackish. Given the fact that this product is called “balm”, to achieve the best effect, you must spit excess paste after a hygiene procedure, but the mouth does not rinse off. And then for another 30-40 minutes do not take food and do not drink.

Consumers share that periodontitis inflammation begins take place on the 3rd day of application of this product. Along with the teeth are perfectly cleaned from plaque, and breathing becomes fresh for a long time. With periodontitis and periodontal disease, it can become simple find. This paste can be used on an ongoing basis. It very economically consumed. But for some, due to xylitol, she It seems very sweet.


  • contains a natural anti-inflammatory complex;
  • pleasant mint flavor and aroma;
  • you can not rinse your mouth after using this tool;
  • quickly relieves inflammation on the gums;
  • nullifies bleeding;
  • one tube is enough for a long time.


  • too sweet for some due to xylitol.

Dental Clinic 2080 Herbs and Biosalts

Popularity Rating: 4.7

Dental Clinic 2080 Healing herbs and biosalts

Aekyung Korean Toothpaste Contains extracts of honeysuckle, dandelion, wormwood, chamomile, thyme, pine oil, biosol, vitamins E and B. It is designed to maintain health and youthful gums. This tool is designed for prevention periodontitis and periodontosis. Can be used by adults and children. from 6 years old.

This toothpaste is sold in a plastic tube. She has convenient lid that is removed during lateral compression and closes by snap. With its consistency, the paste resembles a gel. Her color is striped (pearl honey), herbal aroma. In taste immediately felt salty notes. Consumed product economically. Foaming is average, but that’s enough for high-quality cleansing.

Consumers respond very well to this Korean dental pasta. They like the way this product relieves inflammation. periodontitis and periodontosis. In this case, the product makes less sensitive enamel while breathing fresh. In the process of cleansing the product Does not bake or burn lips. But at the same time an obvious brackish the aftertaste may not appeal to everyone.


  • a good combination of salts and plant components;
  • inflammation with periodontitis is stopped;
  • protects the gums from bleeding;
  • pleasant taste characteristics of the paste;
  • convenient cap on the tube;
  • there is enough paste for a long time.


  • not everyone likes a salty aftertaste.

Revidont with Neovitin

Popularity Rating: 4.6

Revidont with Neovitin

Russian company NPCRIZ produces Revidont toothpaste with Neovitin. The composition of this product contains such active components: birch bark extract “Betulavit”, complex “Activitin” (chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John’s wort), Neovitin complex (ginseng biomass). This remedy is recommended for effective prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, protecting the oral cavity from allergies and candidiasis.

Revidont Neovitin Toothpaste is packaged in soft tubes. Her consistency is creamy. The color of the paste is white, and in the taste and the aroma is dominated by lemon. The product during brushing gives a sufficient amount of foam. It is very comfortable to use. The tool is consumed very economically. Enamel does not stain. Revidont with Neovitin purposefully affects the tissues surrounding roots and neck of the tooth.

According to reviews, this Russian toothpaste noticeably reduces pain and swelling with periodontitis and periodontal disease, prevents the appearance of blood during brushing. With systematic using Revidont with Neovitin can count on prevention of destruction of periodontal tissues. Plant extracts in the composition perfectly relieve inflammation, heal wounds in the mouth. Yet this paste sparingly but qualitatively removes plaque.


  • innovative composition;
  • pleasant taste characteristics;
  • delicate to use;
  • economically consumed;
  • quickly stops the inflammatory process;
  • excellent prevention of periodontitis.


  • not identified.

Asepta Parodontal Asset

Popularity Rating: 4.5

Asepta Parodontal Asset

Russian pharmaceutical company Vertex produces dental Asepta paste Parodontal Asset. This product contains extracts. sage, calendula and hypericum, which have a pronounced antimicrobial effect and quickly relieve inflammation. More among the active components are xylitol and the enzyme papain. ABOUT inflammation and blood on the toothbrush with periodontitis can be completely forget with this paste.

Asepta Parodontal Asset is sold in a laminate tube (75 ml). This cream paste in consistency, and its color is pleasant mint. In tastes like lime and mint. It is soft, not scorching, but excellent refreshing. The manufacturer recommends brushing your teeth with this product. 3 minutes 2 times a day. Asepta Asset has medium foaming and quite economically consumed.

Consumers confirm that with this product get rid of severe inflammatory processes and bleeding with periodontitis. Asepta Parodontal Asset noticeably improves hygiene of the oral cavity. Means completely rinsed and does not leave a soapy taste. But at the same time some consumers say that after using this paste their enamel becomes more sensitive. In this regard, they do not recommend using it all the time.


  • a good combination of components of the composition;
  • pleasant taste;
  • the tube is long enough;
  • solves the problem of bleeding with periodontitis;
  • stops the inflammatory process;
  • leaves no soapy aftertaste.


  • some cause increased sensitivity of enamel.

AltaiBio Cedar Fir

Popularity Rating: 4.4

AltaiBio Cedar Fir

Russian AltaiBio Cedar Fir Toothpaste contains 5 plant extracts, menthol, sodium fluoride and concentrate colloidal silver. This product has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used for prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease. AltaiBio Cedar Fir Can used for hygiene procedures every day.

Toothpaste is packaged in plastic tubes in an amount of 100 d. It is quite dense, does not spread when squeezed onto the brush. Her color is white. Taste of fir with mint and smack aftertaste pine nuts. The aroma is tart, but quite pleasant. Paste foams slightly, but for many this is a plus. Mode of application this remedy for periodontitis is standard.

About AltaiBio Cedar Fir Toothpaste Many Very Good respond. They confirm that it eliminates bleeding during brushing time, perfectly eliminates the inflammatory process, pain with periodontitis. Makes periodontal tissues more dense. In order to prevent periodontitis and periodontal disease, many choose this particular product. But some are embarrassed by the fact that along with very useful active ingredients this paste contains parabens.


  • good set of active ingredients;
  • pleasant texture, taste and aroma;
  • periodontal tissues stop bleeding;
  • heals minor injuries in the oral cavity;
  • eliminates the inflammatory process.


  • contains parabens.

Best bleeding-free toothpastes

Pastes that protect periodontal tissues from bleeding often have in its name, the prefix Active. The presence of the latter indicates that this remedy is suitable for use in diseases periodontium. They can be effective in controlling bad breath, if its cause is gum disease.

President active

Popularity Rating: 4.9

President Active

President Active Italian Toothpaste contains triclosan, which is a fairly powerful antimicrobial agent. Due eliminate pathogens, it reduces bleeding gums. Also among the active ingredients is hawthorn, strengthens the gums, cures capillaries, as well as sanguine, improves blood coagulation and combats inflammation.

The volume of President Active paste in the tube is 75 ml. It quite thick, has a white color, pleasant mint aroma and taste. When extruding onto a brush, it does not drain. Foams rather weakly. This remedy is therapeutic, therefore it should be used only as needed. The course of its use in exacerbation periodontitis should not exceed 2-3 weeks.

According to reviews, President Active fully justifies manufacturer promises. This is an excellent preventive remedy for periodontitis and periodontosis. In 2-3 days the use of this product does not leave blood on the brush. In the mouth the cavity eliminates the inflammatory process and swelling with periodontitis. And she effectively relieves teeth from plaque and makes fresh breath.


  • a good combination of therapeutic components;
  • pleasant aroma and taste;
  • eliminates the problem of bleeding with periodontitis;
  • relieves the inflammatory process;
  • refreshing for a long time.


  • not all ingredients are safe.

Parodontax Fluoride

Popularity Rating: 4.8

Parodontax with fluoride

Toothpaste from Slovenia Parodontax with fluoride contains such active components:

mineral salt, rataniya, sage, peppermint, myrrh, chamomile, echinacea. This product is suitable for prevention and treatment. periodontitis and periodontosis. Parodontax is specially designed for eliminate plaque, reduce periodontal bleeding tissues, as well as for the prevention of carious process.

Parodontax fluoride paste is characterized by a dense consistency. When applied to the brush, it will not spread. In texture small grains are present. Her color is dusty pink. Instead habitual sweet sensation, pasta gives a strong salty taste (due to the contained minerals and salts). This means recommended for use by persons over 14 years old.

Parodontax with fluoride copes well with all major manifestations of periodontitis. After 5-7 days of using this pastes can forget about the appearance of blood during brushing. Fabrics periodontions acquire a healthy pink appearance, eliminated them puffiness, minor injuries heal. Also this product gently cleanses enamel, and freshens breath.


  • excellent combination of salt and plant components;
  • relieves bleeding during periodontitis;
  • eliminates the inflammatory process, swelling;
  • effectively fights bad breath;
  • effectively cleans enamel from plaque.


  • specific taste.

Lacalut aktiv

Popularity Rating: 4.7

Lacalut aktiv

German Lacalut aktiv Toothpaste is made for people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the gums: gingivitis, periodontitis. It contains aluminum lactate, which tightens loose gums and reduces their bleeding. Fluoride in The composition of the paste strengthens the enamel and protects it from caries. Effective and safe abrasiveness of toothpaste allows good removal plaque and bacteria with enamel.

Lacalut aktiv is a medical paste and should be used courses. It is placed in a soft plastic tube. Her consistency dense, white color. Her taste is pleasant, mint. After application paste remains light astringent sensation and pleasant freshness in the oral cavity. After purification, product residues should be spit, but do not rinse your mouth so that the active substances contacted longer with the periodontium.

From consumer reviews it follows that in the initial stages periodontitis Lacalut aktiv can be a real find. This paste perfectly fights bleeding and strengthens periodontal tissues. She also copes very well with plaque and stone. But many note that after a week of using this tool, they increase the sensitivity of tooth enamel.


  • aluminum lactate in the composition;
  • pleasant taste characteristics;
  • perfectly eliminates the first symptoms of periodontitis;
  • copes well with plaque and stone.


  • increases the sensitivity of enamel.

Splat Asset

Popularity Rating: 4.7

Splat Asset

Russian Toothpaste Splat Asset Contains Highly Effective extracts of medicinal plants and is intended for prevention periodontitis. For stopping bleeding and anti-inflammatory the effect is answered by extracts of Baikal skullcap, frankincense and spirulina. And the presence of vitamins A and E makes this remedy antioxidant.

Splat Asset differs from many toothpastes in its color. is he dark brown, because the composition contains natural plant extracts. The consistency of the paste is gel, quite thick and dense. It is homogeneous without grains and inclusions. Scent pleasant, herbal, taste – sweetish. Product foaming the average. There is a paste in a soft plastic tube with a stable screw cap.

Gums prone to bleeding with Splat Asset are under excellent protection. It well eliminates inflammatory processes and prevents the development of periodontitis and periodontal disease. This tool is also perfectly cleans teeth from plaque and permanently eliminates unpleasant odor in the oral cavity. This paste does not increase sensitivity. teeth and even promotes their reminalization.


  • highly effective extracts of medicinal plants in composition;
  • pleasant taste, aroma, texture;
  • tissues stop bleeding;
  • eliminates bad breath in the mouth for a long time;
  • perfectly cleans plaque.


  • some are confused by the color of the paste.

Parodontol is antibacterial

Popularity Rating: 4.5

Parodontol antibacterial

Russian toothpaste Parodontol antibacterial Designed to protect against periodontitis and caries. Extracts nettle and plantain can stop bleeding and relieve inflammatory process. They also stimulate healing. inflamed periodontal tissues. And the presence of triclosan reliably protects against bacteria.

Parodontol antibacterial paste has a pleasant creamy consistency of white color, without grains. She has a mint flavor expressed moderately. The taste is sweetish. This product is very foaming well. It is spent economically. There is a paste in the soft plastic tube with a small screw cap. Additionally It is packed in a cardboard box.

Many people really like the effect of using this toothpaste. IN reviews, they note that their periodontal tissues stop bleeding and pretty quickly acquire a healthy, pink color. Great myself feels tooth enamel after applying this tool. And many are happy with the very affordable price of this product, so for prevention of periodontitis and periodontosis, they choose it.


  • nettle and plantain extracts in the composition;
  • pleasant texture, taste, aroma;
  • affordable price;
  • periodontal tissues stop bleeding;
  • improves the condition of tooth enamel.


  • not identified.

Forest Gum Bleeding Balm

Popularity Rating: 4.4

Forest balm for bleeding gums

Toothpaste from the Kalina trademark – Forest Balm for bleeding gums contains extract of oak bark and fir, and a decoction of five medicinal herbs, including chamomile and nettle. it it strengthens blood vessels, eliminates bleeding, has an antimicrobial effect in periodontitis and periodontal disease.

Forest Balm has a creamy, uniform consistency and nice green color. It is thick enough and does not slide off brushes. Her taste is herbal with a clear dominance of fir. It finely abrasive and very delicately cleanses the oral cavity. The foaming rate of the paste is average. After hygiene procedures on teeth, tongue, gums no greenish color.

According to reviews, Forest Balsam very quickly solves the problem bleeding and inflammation with periodontitis. After use This paste remains a feeling of freshness in the oral cavity for a long time. Many people really like this budget and quality tool. At course application of this paste, you can safely bite apples and carrots without fear of blood on the gums. For the prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, many choose Forest Balsam.


  • well thought out composition;
  • pleasant aroma and taste;
  • forms a sufficient amount of foam;
  • reduces bleeding and soreness with periodontitis;
  • freshens breath well.


  • not identified.

Popularity rating based on analysis of demand data service wordstat.yandex.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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