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Before the advent of automatic washing machines, housewives had to wash the tulle manually – activator type machines with centrifuges could tear delicate tissue. But now wash the lace curtains may end in disrepair if certain rules are not followed. Our experts figured out how to wash tulle in a washing machine to don’t ruin it. Recommendations on the choice of temperature, mode washing, detergent and the best ways to whiten yellowed from time to time curtains we share with you.

General washing rules

General rules for washing

Tulle fabric requires careful handling, but must be removed. the curtains in the machine, preserving their appearance, is easy if follow the rules.

  1. Wash in delicate mode. With such a program the drum of the washing machine rotates slowly with a large number water, cleansing thin tissue from dirt as carefully as possible. The number of revolutions during the spin cycle is 500-600.

  2. The temperature of washing the tulle should be no more 400C. Hot water may cause yellowing of the fabric or its deformation.

  3. Thin lace curtains cannot be wringed in a drum – should be set to “drain water without spin”. After washing the tulle need to give 20-30 minutes to lie in the drum so that it drains the remains of water. Then carefully remove from the machine and without squeezing hang on a horizontal bar or rope when folded. Dry in upright position.

  4. If the washing machine has an extra function rinse, you must turn it on. Remaining tissue Detergents may cause yellowing of the curtains when ironing.

  5. Before loading the tulle into the washing machine, it is advisable to shake it is on the street or balcony – the mesh fabric accumulates dust well. The washing result will be better, it will not have to be repeated remodel.

  6. All hooks (or rings) with which the curtains attached to the ledge, must be removed before washing. it will save the integrity of the tulle and the pump of the machine from breakdowns.

  7. Do not overdo it with detergent – mesh fabric tulle does not require a large amount of washing powder or gel. With excess, a lot of foam forms, the remains of which will linger in fibers of the fabric. We recommend reducing the usual amount of funds for 2 times washing.

  8. Tulle should be washed in a special bag. He will save thin fabric from damage.

  9. Tulle curtains should be carefully loaded into the drum. collapsed. If you put them crumpled, they can stay creases.

  10. Do not wash curtains with other things (even if they match in color) or overload the car immediately a few curtains. Free space in the drum will increase quality of washing and rinsing.

  11. Tulle should be washed 3-4 times a year. However, if the apartment is located on the ground floor or the windows overlook Busy road, this should be done more often. Timely and regular washing of curtains will help prevent their excessive pollution.

Which detergent to choose

For washing tulle curtains, special detergents are produced. facilities. They affect the tissue in a complex:

  1. gently bleach (because they contain oxygen bleach);

  2. starch (have starch);

  3. prevent the formation of static electricity (contain antistatic).

Some industrial products may contain optical bleach or blue, giving the white fabric a snowy tint. They form little foam and are ideal for machine wash requiring delicate cleansing of lace curtains.

The most popular specialized tools:


  1. Super White Tulle Plus from Frau Schmidt (Germany) – 150 rubles;

  2. “Bingo Tulle” (Turkey) – 50 rubles;

  3. “Cashmere Elixir for Tulle and Curtains” (Russia) – 65 rubles;

  4. Clever Gardinin from Clovin (Germany) – 120 rubles;

  5. Dr. Beckmann for curtains and curtains (Germany) – 320 rubles.

These products perfectly remove dust, soot settling in tulle, nicotine coating and bleach it.

Liquid detergents for washing synthetics, wool and silk, too fit:

  1. Vorsinka gel (Russia) – 70 rubles;

  2. “Weasel Shining White” (white bottle) or “Weasel Care and Freshness “(blue bottle) from Henkel (Germany) – 245 rubles;

  3. Chirton Gel Concentrate (UK) – 200 rubles.

If you can buy special detergents for washing tulle or there are no delicate things, you can use baby powders. They gently remove dirt and have a whitening effect. Any liquid detergent or white capsule is also suitable. of things.

Tourmaline can enhance the effect of washing gel or powder balls that are placed in the drum of the machine along with tulle. They attract dirt, improving the quality of washing.

How to treat stains before washing in a car

If various spots (grease, blood, wine, etc.), then before washing in a car should pre-process them. You can use the industrial stain remover or apply one of the people’s funds, leaving for half an hour:

  1. hydrogen peroxide;

  2. pulp from soda and salt;

  3. concentrated citric acid solution (1 tsp powder per 2.tbsp water);

  4. ammonia;

  5. vinegar.

You can soap the contaminated area of ​​the curtain with laundry soap – it removes stains of various origins well.

How to whiten a yellowed tulle in a machine

How to whiten a yellowed tulle in a machine machine

White tulle curtains get dirty quickly, losing attractiveness and fresh look – they need to be bleached periodically. Curtains lying for a long time in the closet can also be purchased from time yellow tint. Washing with special means for tulle will help return them to a dazzling whiteness, but they are expensive and You can not find them in all stores.

Chlorine bleaches cannot be used for tulle – they damage the fibers of thin tissue and hopelessly ruin it.

But others can return the tulle curtains to their former whiteness. ways.

With oxygen bleaches

So that the tulle curtains become snow-white again, you can use oxygen-containing bleaches:

  1. Vanish

  2. Sarma Asset;

  3. “Persol Extra”;

  4. ACE

  5. “Eared nannies”;

  6. Bos.

They are effective in low temperature conditions, therefore they are suitable for bleaching tulle. Dosage and administration are usually indicated on box or bottle with the product. Lace curtains can pre-soak in a basin with bleach or add to washing powder (gel) in the compartment of the machine.

Using optical brighteners

Get rid of the yellow shade of tulle curtains in the washing machine possible with optical brighteners. They possess fluorescent property, deposited on the fibers of the fabric, giving them blinding white.

Separately, optical bleach is difficult to buy, but in for sale there are washing powders with their addition:

  1. Tech Super Ti;

  2. Rainbow Plus

  3. “Stork Profi”;

  4. “Pemos Crystal Clean.”

The property of optical brightener is blue (methylene blue) and brilliant green (brilliant green). Weak solution (5 drops diluted in a glass of water) add to the air conditioning compartment washing machine – the tulle after washing will visually look whiter and cleaner.

It is important to ensure that the blue and green particles are completely dissolved in water and only then pour the solution into the compartment. Otherwise, instead of snow-white curtains, you can get them with colored stains or stains.

Home Whitening Products

Home Whitening Products

To bring back the whiteness of curtains when washing in a car, You can use folk methods. For example, yellowed fabric well bleaches table salt. The method of application is simple – need to fall asleep to a detergent 2 tbsp. salt and wash the tulle, following the basic rules. In especially difficult cases, you can add baking powder bag for dough or 1 tbsp. soda.

If the curtain blinds rinse after machine wash in salted water (4 tablespoons per 5 liters) with three drops of green stuff, they will become dazzling whiteness. Salt will make the fabric stiff, and Zielonka will create an optical whitening effect. Good hydrogen peroxide and ammonia have whitening properties (ammonia). Tulle before laying in the machine should be soaked for 1-2 hours in a basin with a little warm water, adding to 5 liters, 2 tbsp. perhydride and ammonia. You can immediately pour 30 ml hydrogen peroxide in the washing machine to powder, without soaking.

If you add to the air conditioning compartment of the washing machine before the last rinse of tulle 2 tbsp. l vinegar curtains will be play in the sunlight with beautiful highlights.

Benefits of Using Home Remedies:

  1. available – available in every home or easy to buy;

  2. the price is much lower than the cost of the cheapest store bleach;

  3. effectively bleach without much effort;

  4. do not cause allergic reactions, therefore, they can be used for washing curtains from the nursery.

The ability to correctly apply traditional methods of whitening for tulle fabric in the washing machine makes it possible to get dazzling result and save on buying expensive in-store bleaches and new curtains.


Snow-white tulle on the windows decorates the interior of the apartment, gives freshness and comfort. But over time, she loses her elegant look, accumulating dust, burning, soot and street pollution, acquires grayish yellow tint.

Achieve pristine purity of tulle curtains, keeping them integrity and appearance, it will not be difficult – you just need comply with the basic rules of washing in a machine and follow the advice of our experts.

If, despite the whitening efforts being made, lace curtains still look stale, most likely it’s time to change them for new ones. Yellowed fabric even dry cleaning will not help.

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