14 ways to remove greasy stains from clothes

Putting greasy stains on clothes is easy, but they are displayed with hard work. Fat molecules penetrate deep into tissue fibers and Do not be removed after normal washing. Old pollution eliminate even harder – without the help of aggressive means and powerful stain removers are not enough. Our employees learned the most effective ways to remove traces of fat from clothes and ready share them. All offered cleaning products are available and experimentally verified by our staff. They are guaranteed help solve the problem of removing greasy stains from your favorite things, made from different materials.

Features and rules for removing oily stains

Features of removing grease stains

Greasy spots are perhaps the most popular pollution on clothes. In everyday life you have to constantly face fats of various origin, careless handling of which will certainly leave a noticeable mark on the fabric of any color and invoices.

Stains of fat may appear after eating, as well as from face cream or cosmetics, oil paints, or wax candles. Men often have to deal with technical oils and fluids, traces from which it is extremely difficult to remove.

Plant and animal fats, getting on clothes, quickly spread over the surface and are deeply absorbed into the fibers. Behind for several hours, a dense structure forms at the site of pollution, poorly processed with conventional washing powder – even after washing, a dark trace remains.

Whatever the origin of the oily stain on the clothes, the most The main rule of removal is to process it as soon as possible with using a means of neutralizing or absorbing fat. Than before this will be done, the higher the likelihood that after washing not no trace left.

Our experts give some more tips to make the stain removal process more effective, safe for tissue and human health:

  1. Under the area to be cleaned, lay rolled-up cotton a napkin or diaper so that grease and detergents are absorbed into her.

  2. When choosing a method of cleansing clothes from fat, you need to act based on the type and color of the material, the age of the trace left.

  3. Concentration and aggressiveness used in cleaning funds should be increased from smaller to larger.

  4. Strong solvents must first be tried on inconspicuous part of the product, so as not to spoil the thing. If fiber Since the tissues do not spread and color is not lost, they can be safely use.

  5. The pollution should be cleaned, moving from its edges to the center – this will help to prevent the spread of divorces.

  6. After pretreating the stain, stained clothing needs wash the machine with any detergent manually or in the machine when water temperature 600C and more (if type allows tissue).

  7. Strong greasy residue on clothing solvents with a pungent or unpleasant odor must be carried out in durable rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing and a mask (respirator). You should not neglect your health and security, even for the sake of saving your favorite thing.

How to remove fresh stains of fat

How to remove fresh stains of fat

The fresher the greasy stain, the easier it is to remove it from clothing. FROM most likely it will be removed by one of the following funds. All are safe for fiber structure. material and will not spoil the color of the thing, so they can be used as for cotton fabrics as well as for synthetic or delicate: silk, wool, velvet, chiffon.

Fat neutralizing agents

Most effective immediately after oil has entered the surface treat the tissue with a substance that dissolves the animal’s molecules or vegetable fat. You can use any of the available each house means:

  1. dishwashing liquid;

  2. shampoo for oily hair;

  3. shaving foam or gel;

  4. toothpaste

Proceed as follows:

  1. apply enough contamination to it completely covered the stain (before applying the foam or paste you can pre-moisten the fabric with warm water);

  2. wait 5 minutes;

  3. rub the stained area with a toothbrush or napkin (sponge, cotton pad);

  4. wait another 10-15 minutes;

  5. rub the fabric again at the site of contamination.

After these steps, thoroughly rinse the item or wash with washing powder.

Fat adsorbing agents

If the possibility of instant washing or washing clothes no, you can use an equally effective removal method fresh oily stains – apply one of the powder products:

  1. potato starch;

  2. talc;

  3. dentifrice;

  4. baby powder;

  5. mustard powder;

  6. grated chalk;

  7. salt;

  8. soda.

Powders have fat-absorbing properties, therefore, when applied to the fabric quickly absorb it. You just need to pour a small amount of any powder on the stain, cure it in a spoon with tissue, and after 20-30 minutes shake off with absorbed fat. After processing thing can be washed or wiped with ethanol or any alcohol-containing liquid – eau de toilette or vodka.

If you preheat starch, salt or any other powder up to 50-600С in a pan (either in the oven or microwave), then the time of its effect on the oily stain can be reduce to 5-10 minutes without loss of effectiveness.

The advantage of adsorbing agents is the ability to remove fresh stains from things for which only dry cleaning is provided. After powder treatment should use alcohol for the final remove greasy trace.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap

Laundry soap (brown 72%) copes well many types of pollution. Perfectly it removes greasy stains. Moisten the stained area with warm water and soap abundantly. his soap. In case of contamination over a large area of ​​the product, you can soak it for 2-3 hours in a bowl with ½ crushed on a grater soap. During this time, you need to periodically rub the fabric hands or brush.


It removes greasy stains with a good solution of ammonia solution (dilute ammonia in a ratio of 1: 1 with water). Thing need either to dunk in this solution for 1-2 hours, or apply ammonia to the contaminated plot at the same time and rub with a brush.

Micellar water

Micelles in face and face contamination remover perfectly attract fat molecules and dissolve it without traces. For efficiency, you can rub the stained area with a brush. Micellar water can also remove fat residues after processing. absorbent powders.

Tracing paper (parchment paper) and iron

You can not use any detergents and cleaners and iron contamination through blotter or parchment paper, tracing paper (you can use paper towels or, at worst end, toilet paper).

Mode of application:

  1. turn on the iron as high as possible for this type of fabric temperature

  2. put on two sides of the fabric paper folded in several layers

  3. iron with a hot iron on the front and back of the fabric, until the fat is completely absorbed into the paper.

This method is also good for fabrics for which only dry cleaning.

A large amount of spilled vegetable oil on clothes can be quickly removed with a crumb of bread. Than fresh bakery product, the higher its absorbent properties. Crumb should be carefully applied to the stain, at the end press down with force clean slice for 5-10 minutes to remove residual fat. Further the stained thing can be wiped with alcohol and washed with an ordinary way.

How to remove old greasy stains

How to remove old grease stains

3 hours after contamination of clothing with fat, remove it without Traces are already harder. It is even more difficult to remove stains from already washed and dried things.

But, do not despair – to cope with a difficult task can. All the same available tools available in every house. But to remove old stains, we recommend them. combine with various solvents: gasoline, turpentine, acetone.

The old greasy stain should be pre-cleaned before cleaning. steam up. Best used for this purpose. steam generator or iron with steamer function. But you can hold a stained thing a few minutes over a pot of boiling water or a kettle. This will soften old fat – it will move away from the fabric fibers faster and better.

You can start removing fear of greasy marks from clothing with least aggressive means. For this we use the economic soap and dishwashing detergents, but we strengthen them with additional components.

1 way: laundry soap + sugar

How to apply:

  1. soak a greasy spot in warm water and soap well his;

  2. wait 4-6 hours;

  3. rinse the treated area under running hot water water;

  4. soap the fabric again;

  5. pour sugar on top;

  6. wait 5-10 minutes;

  7. rub with a brush;

  8. put the item in a plastic bag and tie it tightly;

  9. leave for 8-10 hours;

  10. Once again, it’s good to rub the problem spot;

  11. wash a thing in a washing machine.

Sugar in this case is used as an abrasive – enhances action of laundry soap. But when cleaning delicate fabrics you need be careful not to rub too hard so as not to spoil the thing.

2 way: dishwashing liquid + soda

How to apply:

  1. drop a few drops of Fairy on the spot;

  2. sprinkle soda on top;

  3. rub with a toothbrush;

  4. leave for 3-4 hours;

  5. rub the pollution thoroughly again;

  6. rinse and wash the thing.

Soda enhances the fat-dissolving properties of a detergent for dishes, acts on the fabric gently, but effectively cleans it from greasy traces.

Both methods are suitable for removing old fat from any material, for colored and for white things. If necessary repeat the cleaning procedure several times until it disappears completely spots.

If the previous methods didn’t help, apply a heavy artillery. To remove traces of grease from cotton and linen fabrics of light colors, you can use 3 methods.

How to remove old grease stains

Ammonia + turpentine

Ammonia perfectly removes fresh stains of fat, but to get rid from old to it, turpentine must be added. Mixing funds in a ratio of 1: 1, apply with a napkin to the soiled area and rub it in. After waiting 15 minutes, rinse under running water water.

This method is well suited for removing oily stains with denim, leather, Bologna, knitwear.

Gasoline or acetone

These products are strong solvents and do a good job with fat stains. To remove, moisten a cloth or cotton wool in one of the means and carefully, with soaking movements, moving from the edges to the center, process the stain. Residual fat and solvent can be removed with absorbents or bread crumb.

After cleaning, the item is washed with the addition of conditioner for getting rid of bad smell. Pre-rinse wash it in a basin or rinse under running water.

Potato starch + gasoline

A powerful tool for removing persistent oily stains – a mixture starch and gasoline:

  1. mix 1 tsp starch with 1 tablespoon refined gasoline to gruel condition;

  2. apply the mixture with a cotton swab and rub it into the contaminated a place;

  3. wait 15-20 minutes;

  4. rinse with warm water.

Then wash the item as usual in the washing machine.

For delicate fabrics and colored items, the above cleaning products are not suitable. They can irreparably ruin fabric structure and discolor the treated area. Can for remove oily marks use the following ways.

Glycerin + ammonia

Glycerin and ammonia are sold at any pharmacy. They are standing inexpensive (15-20 rubles), but they cope with greasy spots very effectively.

Instructions for use:

  1. heat glycerin to a temperature of 400C and apply with a cotton a disk or gauze on a problem area of ​​tissue;

  2. wait 30 minutes;

  3. rub the pollution with a toothbrush;

  4. remove glycerol residues with a clean cloth;

  5. wipe the trail with cotton dipped in ammonia.

After processing, wash your clothes in the usual way. Before washing it is desirable to soap the place of pollution with household soap.

Hot saline

In this way, you can return the original look to any clothing from delicate fabrics that can be soaked. Need to act So:

  1. dissolve 1 cup of salt in a bowl of hot water;

  2. soak soiled clothing in it for 40-60 minutes;

  3. rub the fabric well, paying attention to contaminated area.

  4. wash with detergent in the machine.

Salt solution can be used to remove stains from silk, guipure, wool, chiffon.

Industrial household products

Industrial household chemicals

Household chemical manufacturers have developed many different universal stain removers that are designed to remove a wide range of pollution. You can choose the right tool for white and colored things, for natural or synthetic tissues.

If oil gets on clothing, immediately moisten it. stained area with any of the popular stain removers:

  1. Vanish Oxi Action;

  2. Antipyatin;

  3. Amway

  4. Ecover Ecological Stain Remover;

  5. ACE Oxi Magic.

But most of them only display fresh spots of fat well, and they cannot cope with the old. To solve this problem, you need use stain removers specially designed for removal oily stains or gall-soap products:

  1. Dr. Beckmann Expert fats and sauces – perfectly removes impurities based on vegetable and animal fat;

  2. Lion Top for removing stains from collars and cuffs;

  3. Frau Schmidt “Double Action Formula”;

  4. Dr.Frash for removing stubborn stains of various origin;

  5. stain remover gel based on Dr. Beckmann bile soap;

  6. Heitmann Liquid gall soap.

These stain removers remove white and colored items from the most persistent pollution is very delicate without harming the product. TO unfortunately, funds are rarely sold in household cleaning departments in supermarkets, but they are easy to purchase by placing an order at Online store.


Greasy stains on clothes – not a sentence. They do not dissolve in water and are not susceptible to the active substances of washing powder, but There are many effective means to remove them. To do removal of fat from the surface of the tissue should be immediate. You can use many tools for this purpose, which found in every home: from salt to shaving foam. Fresh spots are best removed:

  1. dishwashing liquid;

  2. ammonia;

  3. laundry soap.

To get rid of old greasy traces from your favorite things, you will have to strengthen the improvised cleaning products with additional components or use solvents (gasoline, acetone). Special industrial stain removers.

The main thing when removing fat from clothing is to comply with the rules and caution.

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