5 easy ways to remove plasticine from carpet

Plasticine is especially popular in those families with small children. But, unlike toys and other items for children's fun, it is far from always possible to simply remove it from the floor, especially if the child has tried and stained not only the floor, but also the carpet. How to remove plasticine from carpet without damaging it? Our experts are ready to share valuable advice.


Method number 1. Mechanical cleaning

Before proceeding directly to cleaning the carpet from plasticine, it is necessary to remove its large parts that are loosely adhered to the pile. To do this, you can use an ordinary kitchen or office knife. Try to remove residual dirt with a soapy solution prepared with water and laundry soap. Use a not very hard brush as a 'tool'. Then wipe the area with a dry cloth.

Method number 2. Using cold

Cold, as you know, has a depressing effect on many dirt, so you can safely use ice or frozen foods to remove plasticine from the carpet. To significantly cool the contaminated area, take the freezer, first placing it in a plastic bag, and attach it to the area to be cleaned. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

ADVICE. Some people advise using heating devices (for example, a hair dryer / iron) to remove plasticine. It is strongly discouraged to try this method in practice, especially if you need to 'save' a floor product made in light colors.

Method number 3. Special means

Car owners will love this simple way to deal with plasticine stains. If you use special products to clean the interior of your car, they will also help you get rid of dirt on your home carpet. Simply apply the composition in moderation to the product and leave the product to work effectively for several hours. The product will be able to safely dissolve plasticine. All that remains is to gently wipe the 'damaged' area of ​​the carpet with a damp cloth or napkin.

Method number 4. Solvents

If the plasticine stain has already eaten into the material and cannot even be scraped off, you will have to use more radical means – solvents. Use whatever you can find in the household: acetone or gasoline is great. Before using the solvent in business, it is better to check whether it will damage the product: apply a small amount of the solvent on an inconspicuous part of the carpet and wait 15 minutes. If everything goes well, you can start cleaning. Gently moisten a sponge with the stain remover and wipe the area well. To remove plasticine, you need to move in the direction from the edges of the spot to its center. Repeat the procedure several times (if necessary, of course). The remaining dirt can be removed with a dry cloth.

Method number 5.

The simplest and most obvious option is to try a special carpet cleaner. The liquid must first be applied to a sponge, and then gently rubbed into the surface of the carpet. The aerosol composition can be immediately sprayed onto the stain. Then leave for a while for exposure. Then carefully remove any remaining dirt with a clean, dry cloth. If necessary, the entire procedure can be repeated 2-3 times to completely remove the stain from the carpet. After the end of manipulation with the product, you need to wait until the treated area is completely dry.

ADVICE. If plasticine got on an expensive carpet made of valuable materials, and even by hand, we recommend not to tempt fate and give the products to professionals: a specialized dry cleaner will choose the optimal composition that will help you quickly remove plasticine from the carpet.

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