How to wash curtains correctly | Important nuances

Any curtains can be cleaned without problems, having given in dry cleaning. But not it will be superfluous to know how to clean these items in home conditions. Our experts will tell you how to wash curtains.

We erase direct curtains


Rayon, Acrylic

Acrylic and viscose curtains perfectly tolerate warm water (40 0C), but the washing mode should be exclusively gentle with special detergents (for delicate tissues), including an air conditioner that will securely fasten color in a product prone to fading in the sun.

It is better not to use the spin for acrylic and viscose: the product should drain naturally. You need to iron it very carefully, strictly in the direction of the pile, putting a damp cloth on top.

Silk Organza

A delicate, delicate organza and silk require special care. Hand wash is preferred. When using a washing machine the most gentle mode is recommended (usually – “Silk”) and temperature not higher than 30 0С. Soaking in such cases not required – pollution will be removed without problems.

TIP. Materials as delicate and delicate as silk, veil or organza cleans incredibly easily – you can practically refuse detergents (this does not apply to hand washing – here you can’t do without powder).

In the machine, the curtains are laid in a special bag, and in the drum besides them should be nothing more. We set the spin to 0: delicate fabrics should drain on their own. Veil and organza after drying can be safely hung on the ledge, but silk and organza it is desirable to iron a little.

Cotton, linen

Cotton is not considered delicate: it is very durable and easily withstand temperatures of 60 ° C (painted products) with using a classic washing powder, say spin on high revs. It is necessary to dry the washed product without use of heaters: an unnatural drying mode will result in shrinkage of the material. You need to iron the curtains while they are still wet.


Although polyester is a synthetic material origin, this does not mean that he is “hardy”. Wash it necessary only in delicate mode at low temperature (not higher than 40 0С). In this case will not appear treacherous folds. If after washing you can’t do without ironing, set the iron to the “Silk” option and be sure to use As a protective measure, damp cloth.


Curtains made of this material are not afraid of hot water (taffeta without problems can withstand temperatures of 50 ° C), but here’s the washing mode it is better to choose a delicate one, and spin the spin at minimum speed. Let the damp cloth dry naturally.


This material is very moody, so it’s best to give it to care for professionals, because at the slightest mistake in leaving he can lose their original appearance. If you, nevertheless, decided on wash velvet curtains at home, proceed as follows way. Turn them inside out and fold them so that in the washing they didn’t turn around. Optimum mode – delicate (temperature not higher than 30 0С), washing duration – minimal (otherwise velvet will sit down). Dry curtains only horizontally, otherwise they will change their shape.


Blackout curtains are good not only for their ability to create total darkness in the room, but also undemanding to care. You can safely wash them in any mode, even in hot water. To Do not iron the blackout, you must let it drain on its own (without spin). You can wash the curtains, leaving them semi-moist, and in such hang immediately on the ledge (they will straighten under their own weight).

We erase curtains / drapes

we erase curtains

They differ in significant weight, so it is preferable to give in dry cleaning. If you decide to wash them yourself, you have to sweat (in literally). The first thing to do is get rid of stubborn dust. To do this, pre-soak the product in cold water a couple of times and then in warm water, adding a little washing powder.

The next step is washing (manual or in delicate mode). No boiling or hard friction. Rinsing curtains is best in warm, then in cold water. Do not wring!

We erase curtains-threads

Before washing, try (not tightly) to bind together separate parts of curtains: this simple action will save you from need to waste time unraveling the product after extraction from the washer. Fold the curtains-threads in a special bag and wash in delicate mode (synthetic material, used in such products, easily gives off pollution). Can hang curtains-threads on the cornice wet.

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