How to remove scratches from furniture: 9 simple and effective ways

The appearance of scratches and small chips on the furniture surface is an unpleasant thing and requires an immediate solution so that the damage does not worsen. To remove scratches from furniture, it is enough to use one of the proven and simple methods that our experts are ready to share.

furniture scratches

Method number 1. We take walnuts

Peeled walnut is an easy-to-use and effective product that will help to quickly remove scratches from furniture. It is necessary to peel the nut from the shell, cut it in half or into several pieces and rub the damaged area thoroughly. It is not necessary to press hard on the wood during the stripping process: the goal is to fill the void formed in the wood surface with oils emitted from the walnut. After applying the nut, just let the treated area dry. Scratches will be almost invisible.

Method number 2. We use a mixture of olive oil with vinegar

A mixture made from any vegetable oil combined with regular table vinegar will help remove scratches and small cracks on polished light woods. Mix equal proportions of oil and 9% vinegar in a convenient container. Apply a small amount of the resulting compound to the damaged area of ​​the furniture surface and leave for several hours. Then polish well with a dry cloth.

Method number 3. Trying furniture wax

furniture wax

Soft wax for furniture is an ideal solution for restoring chipboard, MDF surfaces, as well as solid wood. Before using wax, you must thoroughly clean the scratched area of ​​dirt and dust. Then apply the wax to the wood with a lint-free cloth in a circular motion. Leave the treated area for a while for the wax to dry well (usually it takes 10-20 minutes – the manufacturer always indicates on the package). Then polish the surface thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth.

ADVICE. We recommend polishing your furniture only if it is glossy. To give it a matte finish, just gently remove excess wax.

Method number 4. We use iodine as paint

Iodine is a simple and affordable remedy that can quickly remove scratches from dark wood furniture. Prepare a weak iodine solution and treat the damage with it. Use a suitable 'tool' for ease of application. For example, if the scratch is small, a regular cotton swab is fine. And for significant damage or even chips, a cotton pad or an old toothbrush is more suitable.

Method number 5. Trying cigarette ash in practice

Mix cigarette ash with a little water for a thick, paste-like mixture. Carefully rub the finished composition into the scratch on the furniture surface. Leave to dry. This will help clean up the damage.

Method number 6. We use tea leaves

It would seem banal, but no – ordinary tea brewing will help to remove scratches from furniture without any problems. Moreover, it is not necessary to take loose tea. It is enough to brew 1 black tea bag in 30 ml of boiling water. Be sure to let the composition brew. Then gently treat the damaged area with a cotton pad.

Method number 7. Putting the furniture touch into business

furniture touch

The best solution to the problem for those who do not have the time or desire to mess around with homemade 'recipes'. The stroke is perfect for removing scratches not only from furniture elements, but also from doors, floors, etc. Before using the product, shake it thoroughly, then apply in 2-3 layers, let it dry and only then remove excess from wood.

Method number 8. We buy stain


The liquid is specially designed to restore the original appearance of wood. This is a unique and, most importantly, affordable tool that will help not only paint over the scratch, but also actually remove it. The fact is that most products only hide the damage, darkening the top layer of the surface, and the stain stains the wood itself. We advise you to apply the composition very carefully, applying it in small quantities.

Method number 9. Cooking mastic with your own hands

Self-prepared mastic is also perfect for small furniture restoration. To do this, you only need 3 components: alcohol, turpentine and beeswax. First you need to melt 50 g of wax (use a metal container for this purpose). Then gently add turpentine (40 g) to it. Mix the components thoroughly until a homogeneous substance is obtained. It remains to pour in 1 teaspoon of alcohol and stir everything well again. Apply a thin layer of the compound to the scratch while still warm. Carefully polish the product with a soft natural cloth.

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