How to choose xenon

Xenon optics for its functional characteristics significantly superior to ordinary halogen lamps. She gives white and bright light, evenly illuminates the roadway and curb, promoting safety and driving at night safe and predictable. In addition, cold xenon light looks stylish and significantly “rejuvenates” the car, even if we are talking about the VAZ “classic”. All the car owner needs is choose the right xenon lamps that won’t dazzle oncoming cars.

how to choose xenon


We recommend reading an article about the main principles of choice car headlights, so as not to get into trouble.

Top xenon lamp manufacturers

Quality kits for installation on a car produce many companies specializing in the manufacture of lamps and optical appliances:

  1. Osram;

  2. Hella;

  3. Philips

  4. Koito;

  5. Denso;

The products of the above brands are quality, they are suitable for installation in most modern cars and fully complies with all necessary GOSTs that relate to automotive lighting.

Types of Xenon Kits

Lighting Kits Made in China

Inexpensive xenon equipment related to budget price category. It is installed in almost all modern cars, both foreign cars and domestic production. Block Ignition they brought out and is intended for installation under the hood.


  • Low cost;

  • Bright light;


  • Low quality workmanship;

  • It is difficult to establish qualitatively;

  • Oncoming cars are very blind with improper installation;

  • Quite often “burn out”;

Lighting packages from Japan, Korea and Western countries Of Europe

Expensive and high-quality optics, characterized by uniform adjustment of the luminous flux and intended for installation in headlights of most cars. When configured correctly, do not blinds oncoming cars, while providing cool white shine.


  • Bright cold light;

  • Available on most modern cars;

  • Unpretentious in leaving;

  • Do not dazzle oncoming cars;


  • High price;

  • The complexity of installation;

Factory OEM kits designed for installation in certain car brands

The most aesthetically correct option. It is either a lamp with ignition blocks, designed for installation in the headlights intended for this, or full head optics equipped with reflectors and lenses, intended for installation instead of the standard one. Provide functional characteristics laid down by the plant – by the manufacturer.


  • The highest quality workmanship;

  • Fully comply with the characteristics of the car;

  • Protected against contact breakage, short circuit, moisture, etc. moments;

  • Oncoming cars do not blind;

  • Factory functionality with all additional features – auto-corrector, adaptive cornering light, angel eyes and many other options;


  • Very expensive. The price can reach 50-100 thousand rubles;

  • Not all car brands are available;

  • Requires coding of the car after replacement;

Xenon selection options

xenon selection criteria

Glow temperature

Measured in Kelvin. The higher – the clearer the transition luminous flux in the blue-blue spectrum.

  1. Lamps with a temperature of 3000-5000 K are color neutral, have a warm yellowish tint;

  2. 5000-7000 K – saturated white color;

  3. 7000-9000 K – white, with a clear bias in blue range;

  4. More than 9000 K – white-blue luminous flux with a slope of purple tones;

As a rule, high-quality branded sets of xenon lamps limited by glow temperature at the level of 6500-7000 Kelvin. Everything above is “crafts” from the Middle Kingdom.

Base Type

Base – a landing element of a xenon lamp, fixing it in headlamp. It is selected depending on what type of lamps it uses. manufacturer. There are a large number of different markings. – H1, H4, H7, d1s and others. They are not interchangeable – Before you purchase this or that kit, you must make sure that it matches the head optics of the car.

Design and degree of protection of the ignition unit

  1. The principle of operation of the xenon lamp is based on the presence of a block ignition – a special element ensuring its uninterrupted nutrition. Quality ignition units must be clad in waterproof case, have small dimensions and provide for the possibility of hidden installation under the hood;

  2. Choosing a xenon kit that fits the pack characteristics, you should study the reviews of the owners about it in general and the question “blinds oncoming cars or not” in particular. Exploitation lighting fixtures should both provide their own comfort on the road, and not cause inconvenience to other participants traffic!

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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