How to choose brake pads

The effectiveness of the braking system of any car – essential factor for road safety most direct influence. It depends not only on timely replacement of technical fluids and brake discs, but also from the state of the brake pads, the quality of their performance and from of how well the pads perform assigned to them functions. In order to reduce the risk of contingency situations to a minimum, the choice of pads should be given careful Attention.

select brake pads


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Top brake pad manufacturers

Among motorists, there was a clear gradation by brand, releasing brake pads, which depends on quality and on the price that you have to lay out for her. Considered the best products of the following brands:

  1. ATE

  2. Brembo;

  3. TRW

  4. Pagid;

  5. Ferodo

  6. Zimmerman;

It should be remembered that the functionality of the pads of one and the same manufacturer can vary quite a lot in depending on the model of the machine and its power, and therefore it is necessary to study user reviews and their advice on choosing pads in relation to a specific car. You can find them online the Internet, on various thematic forums and in social networks.

Types of brake pads

The principle of operation of brake pads is based on friction the interaction of a special multicomponent composition with metal brake disc. Pads are installed in the caliper and thanks to the hydraulic system, the brake disc is evenly compressed at both sides. The following types of brake pads are distinguished.

Organic brake pads

Organic brake pads

Inexpensive models whose friction layer is made of organic materials, Kevlar and polymer resins. Are different increased coefficient of friction, and therefore slow down well car. Due to their increased softness, they are prone to rapid wear and require replacement after 30-35 thousand kilometers after replacements.


  • Inexpensive

  • Effectively inhibit;

  • Perfectly keep temperature;

  • Soft;


  • A large number of wear products;

  • If moisture gets between the disc and the pad, braking deteriorates many times;

  • They are quickly erased;

Metal brake pads

Metal brake pads

The friction composition is similar to organic models, but a significant percentage of copper is present in these models either steel. This allows you to increase braking performance, Improve traction and increase pad life.


  • Effective braking;

  • Extended service life;

  • High temperature resistance;

  • Great combination of price and quality;


  • Metal leads to rapid wear of the brake disc;

  • More expensive than organic counterparts;

  • “Float” after 2-3 braking at high speed (150 and higher);

  • Friction materials stand out during operation;

Ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads

The most advanced models, popular among lovers of powerful and sports cars. The friction layer includes a minimum the amount of steel, however, is rich in ceramics, polymeric materials and various non-ferrous metals. As a result of similar pad material perfectly withstand heating and are not afraid of sudden braking and dynamic driving, braking performance is not reduced in wet the weather.


  • They brake better than other models;

  • Do not pierce the brake disc;

  • Significant service life;

  • Minimum wear products;

  • Efficiency is not lost after several braking;


  • High price;

Brake pad selection options

brake pad selection criteria

Type of attachment of friction material to the base of the pad

  1. Glued pads. Surfaces connected by special adhesive layer. Greater resource and uniformity braking. The disadvantages include the probability of damage. brake disc in case of complete abrasion of the friction layer;

  2. Riveted pads. The friction layer attaches to the base when using a few rivets. Disadvantages are uneven braking and the appearance of vibration on the steering wheel with active driving. Resource such pads are approximately similar to those of glued pads;

Quality and condition of the base plate

The appearance of the substrate can say a lot. Quality pads have a uniform plate of the same thickness, devoid of bends and irregularities. Friction material should evenly be fixed over the entire surface of the pads and not peel off her.

Work surface friction coefficient

A parameter that takes into account frictional characteristics and designates braking performance. The higher this parameter is, the faster the car will stop. Preference should be given. pads, the value of which is at the level of 0.6-0.7 and higher.


Preference should be given to pads, the value of the coefficient whose friction is at the level of 0.6-0.7 and higher.

Heat resistance pads

A parameter that displays the effectiveness of the pads in extreme conditions. The higher the value, the better the brake system will work in extreme conditions operation. The best in this regard are ceramic pads, whose operating temperature is 700-900 degrees. However no it makes no sense to install them on civilian low-power engines – their potential is revealed only at speeds of 150 and above, and also with frequent and sudden braking. In the latter case high-quality metal pads with an operating temperature of about 400-450 degrees, more than enough.

The presence of a wear sensor

Even budget cars are currently equipped many different sensors, one of which is a sensor brake pad wear. It shows the percentage of balance friction material and indicates the need for replacement pad on the dashboard. If the car is equipped with a similar system, you should choose pads that provide for working with this sensor and having a slot for the location of the sensor itself.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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