How to choose brake discs

The brake system is an essential element of active safety. any car, which is why the choice of spare parts for it, and especially – brake discs, from the effectiveness of which directly depends on the stopping distance is so important for everyone. To make the most rational choice, do not ask the question: “Which wheels are better?”, you need to carefully analyze manufacturer’s recommendations, technical characteristics of products on the market, as well as their own style driving. Do not strive to install specific products, Riding sports in order to increase brake performance. It is unlikely to give tangible effect, since this indicator is determined not only by ourselves disks, but also a number of other factors, in addition, according to current legislation, the car owner is prohibited from refinement and modification of the brake system. So consider More options are available for selection.

Standard brake discs

Standard brake discs

This product, oriented to a specific model, is fully identical to what was installed on the conveyor and can differ only in some technological aspects, like precision grooves, the name of the alloy from which they manufactured as well as cooling efficiency. Last parameter it is especially important because it insures against overheating of mechanisms and boiling brake fluid. Usually distinguish between ventilated and non-ventilated discs. The difference between the first and second types consists in the presence of special bulkheads and stiffeners between two working surfaces that provides the best heat transfer.


We recommend reading an article from an expert on choosing brake pads and secrets of choosing brake fluid for a car.

Standard high performance brake discs

As a rule, similar products are also oriented to a specific car model, their geometric dimensions are identical to the factory products, and the declared improved performance is achieved using a denser alloy, as well as perforation and special threaded grooves on the work surface. Grooves in addition to increasing the friction force, they also contribute to product diversion wear, as well as burning, with extremely intense braking. Is worth remember that such constructive solutions give insignificant increase in the effectiveness of brake mechanisms, but contribute to intensive wear of the friction linings.

We identify low-quality brake discs

Unfortunately, it is this group of products that is most often subject to unlicensed copying, and the market is literally littered counterfeit. The main signs of a poor-quality drive are: include:

  1. beating during braking (indicates a slight curvature disc due to rough processing or warping is already at the stage operation due to the use of cheap alloy when production);

  2. beating during driving (this defect is much more serious, in this case it is impossible to operate the car, and the disc itself requires immediate replacement, talk about braking performance and not at all accounted for);

  3. quick wear of brake pads (this symptom can be detected only after prolonged use, as a rule, he indicates the use of metal of insufficient density, and also poor-quality milling and ill-considered schemes perforation);

  4. the appearance of grooves and grooves on the surface of the disk, especially in its outer edge (such a defect signals an extremely low the quality of the alloy and the prevalence of low-grade cast iron in it by wisdom).

The latter option may also be due to the fact that the material disc and friction linings do not fit together well.

Certified Sports Wheels

Certified sports brake discs

Such a solution is advisable only with an aggressive style. driving, as well as in the case of complex tuning works and finalizing the car. As a material for sports discs use cermets that are more resistant to overheating and able to work in extreme conditions for a long time without being exposed warping and not gaining thermal viscosity. Usually, similar products have an increased diameter, which does not imply preservation of regular wheels. They are installation oriented in sports modifications, so designers pay special attention paid weight loss, which negatively affects the regulatory service life.

There are also fully ceramic brake discs, which distinguished by outstanding performance indicators, but their the cost may be comparable to the cost of the budget a car. In addition, to provide an integrated approach to increase efficiency, their installation will require replacement of brake calipers, and this is a serious alteration of the design, on which documented permission required.

Choose a manufacturer

Standard high performance brake discs

Now we proceed directly to the choice of brand of brake discs. In most cases, the choice comes down to three main categories, determined by the price of the product.

  1. The most budgetary solutions include drives of brands such as “FERODO”, “STARLINE”, “ABE”, “TEXTAR”, as well as products domestic manufacturers. If you prefer calm driving, and also own an inexpensive car that drives such will become a completely justifiable decision, and their service life is pleasant to you will please.

  2. More expensive products that may well be installed and to a premium foreign car, they are characterized by increased dimension, and also focused on high performance systems cars with a large mass, these include wheels “Zimmermann”, “RoadHouse”, “ATE”.

  3. The cost of the third category depends entirely on the declared characteristics and target audience, as these are brake discs, designed for sports riding: “VALEO”, “BREMBO”, “BOSCH”.

Quality checking

brake disc quality check

It is worth remembering that in modern conditions, the risk is extremely high purchase a fake part imitating a famous brand product, therefore it is extremely important to pay attention not only to the packaging, but also visual signs of workmanship.

  1. Most manufacturers who value their reputation, use metal discs cast under pressure, therefore, on those surfaces that are not exposed groove, extremely few irregularities, they are almost smooth, which especially noticeable on the inner surfaces of the ventilation channels.

  2. Next, you need to pay attention to the quality of processing directly working surfaces: the less noticeable on them there will be grooves from the turning tool, the better processing is done, and the longer they can be used. Indirectly, this also indicates an increased density of the metal, which also has a positive effect on wear resistance.

  3. Next, you should pay attention to the axial curvature of the disk. Visually identifying small deviations is extremely difficult, but strong the curvature will also appear with such a simple check.

Fake criteria

  1. The fake spare part is significantly lighter than the original, which due to the lower density of the material, as well as the desire use softer alloys that lend themselves better processing.

  2. A genuine branded brake disc has the same thickness. the whole circumference, which is easy to check with a caliper. Besides, its ventilation ducts are characterized by the absence of angles and smooth transitions to stiffeners, which provides greater strength and resistance to deformation. Doubtful products are produced using outdated or semi-artisan technologies and therefore such complex casting mechanisms are not available to them.

  3. In addition to branded packaging, most manufacturers introduce special holograms, as well as individual numbers for each details, which allows you to protect yourself from the acquisition of frank fakes.

Classification of parts by target

disk classification

It is worth remembering that any manufacturer in the production the line has products that are focused not only on different price categories, but also on the market, which determines the approach to quality.

  1. Most preferred are parts that are designed to deliveries to the conveyor, i.e. original products manufactured under the specific requirements of the automaker.

  2. The second group includes drives oriented to aftermarket, i.e. for installation during repair or maintenance already not new cars. Requirements for this category of products significantly lower, since the factory warranty for them is no longer spreads, and the general wear of the structure does not allow to feel the difference between a high-quality disc and a mid-priced part categories.

  3. The third group includes drives oriented to sale in third world countries. As a rule, these spare parts are here and produced under license. At such enterprises use outdated technologies and materials, and tolerances can be severely overpriced.


It is worth noting that even eminent manufacturers do not refuse from such a way of earning as selling a license, therefore, when When buying brake discs, pay attention not only to the brand, but and to the country where the part is manufactured.

To summarize


Thus, to summarize, we can say the following: never purchase dubious products, as savings on purchase it’s not at all worth the danger you are exposing yourself to reduce the effectiveness of brake mechanisms.

  1. If you own a car with a sufficiently high mileage, and your riding style can be described as measured, then you Wheels of the budget price category are ideal oriented aftermarket.

  2. For relatively new and expensive cars, it is advisable to choose original parts recommended by the manufacturer are also not it is worth using the so-called “sports wheels”. remember, that increased braking performance can be achieved comprehensive diagnostics, adjustment, replacement of consumables materials, and the installation of more productive disks will not proper performance without an integrated approach to modernization the whole system.

  3. Always inspect brake discs carefully before purchase, as well as at the initial stage of operation, which will allow timely detect counterfeit or prevent serious consequences due to the excessively fast arrival of the disk in unsuitability.

  4. Remember that the key parameter that determines the service life and stopping distance is workmanship, not loud name, since any, even the most famous company, has their production in third world countries that produce cheap products for local markets


In the next article we tell how to choose the right cast wheels for the car. You will learn about the best manufacturers, the main selection criteria, drive compatibility with cars and a lot of interesting chips for choosing alloy wheels.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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