How to choose antifreeze for a car

For a long time as the main fluid in the cooling system the car used water. Currently, it has been replaced antifreeze – a special chemical composition that can work in wide temperature range – from -50 to +50 degrees, not evaporating and not crystallizing at the same time. In order to provide car performance in any conditions and eliminate overheating engine, the choice of antifreeze should be given the most careful attention based on your recommendations the manufacturer of the car.

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Top antifreeze manufacturers

Given the special chemical formula, the manufacture of high-quality antifreeze – the lot of well-known concerns that produce all kinds of technical fluids for the car:

  1. Hepu

  2. Mannol

  3. Total

  4. Liqui moly

  5. Castrol

  6. Shell

In addition to information provided by the manufacturer, the car owner should take into account user reviews, describing the physical properties of a particular coolant. You can get acquainted with them on the Internet, on thematic forums either on social networks.

Types of antifreeze. Which to prefer?

Antifreeze is a special chemical composition intended for operation at temperatures up to -50 degrees C maintaining their physical condition and chemical formula. The high temperature viscosity of this fluid is also at essential level: correctly selected antifreeze is capable of ensure the correct operation of the engine and prevent its overheating even with heavy vehicle use. Goes on sale in concentrated form, for exploitation it requires breeding distilled water in a ratio of 1: 1.



Inorganic antifreeze based on ethylene glycol. It is painted in blue or green. Operating temperature range – from -50 to +50. Contains silicates.


  • It removes temperature well;

  • Inexpensive;

  • Does not crystallize;


  • Causes deposits in the cooling circuit during prolonged periods. operation;

  • It can cause corrosion of metal parts;



A more advanced version of the above antifreeze, characterized higher performance. In particular he better diverts temperature from the central piston group and prevents engine overheating. In the composition are present carbosilicates, which are corrosion inhibitors. Widely applied for harsh climate and harsh environments.


  • High temperature resistance;

  • Do not evaporate;

  • Prevent corrosion;

  • Avoid overheating of the engine;


  • Cannot be mixed with other classes;

  • Expensive;



Antifreeze that meets current environmental standards. Organic fluid that does not contain silicates. It is painted in yellow or orange. Propylene glycol is the basis. Operational range – from -50 to +50.


  • Does not boil and does not crystallize;

  • Prevents surface corrosion and formation oxides;

  • Allows mixing;

  • High environmental friendliness;


  • More expensive than all other types;

  • They require strict adherence to the mixing ratio for maximum functionality

Vehicle Coolant Selection Options

In addition to the composition and basic principles of functioning, pay attention should be given to:

  1. Tara. High-quality antifreeze packed in a dense translucent a container on which the necessary protective elements are applied. Transparent packaging allows you to evaluate the purity of the liquid and the presence of impurities and suspend

  2. The type and characteristics of the additives that make up the antifreeze. Quality fluids contain corrosion inhibitors and oxidation, as well as special formulations that prevent premature aging of rubber components;

  3. Foaming. Qualitative antifreeze after intense shaking foams, however the foam comes off within a short time;

  4. The smell of high-quality antifreeze is neutral, sweetish. Admixtures of gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil should completely absent;

  5. Cooking formula. If the antifreeze is concentrated, it will require dilution with water in a ratio up to 1: 1. If the coolant is ready for use, it must be poured immediately into the expansion tank, without additional preparation;

  6. Recommendations of the car manufacturer. Neglect them not should be poured best that antifreeze, the composition of which originally provided by the manufacturer.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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