How to choose a watch

It’s not so important whether you value your time or unique style, functionality or external data – the watch remains so accessory that can not spoil the first impression. we We offer to deal with what are women’s and men’s watches, how to choose them and which company should be preferred.

Watch mechanisms: types and differences

Mechanisms of watches: types and differences

The quality of the parts of the mechanism and their assembly directly depends durability and serviceability of watches – it should not be here errors or inaccuracies, only a well-coordinated design with a certain principle of work. All modern watch models can divided into two groups: quartz and mechanical, in which models differ only in the source that provides the device with energy for continuous operation.

  1. Quartz watch. This mechanism has a battery and electronic a unit that sends signals to the working engine every minute. Behind the physical features of the quartz crystal are ensured high-precision and stable operation of the watch without the need for them additionally start. The frequency remains constant, therefore quartz watches have a longer service life operation.

  2. Mechanical watches. In mechanical type accessories a spring that, unwinding, makes the drum move and involve the whole mechanism in work. Accuracy of such watches related to environmental factors (temperature, position, wear individual elements and much more).

The tightness and water resistance of modern watches

Tightness and water resistance of modern watches

To pick a watch for a man or woman, you need decide what they need the accessory for and what parameters it must possess. So, simply attractive women’s watches with bright design may not have the most reliable housing, but a device that travels with an athlete, must be distinguished by high wear resistance and such a feature as tightness.

Distinguish between waterproof and waterproof watches – their difference lies in the fact that the former are able to protect the mechanism from small amounts of water, and the latter are free withstand pressure at depth underwater. Therefore when on the accessory has the inscription “water resistant”, you need to find the numbers, appropriate degrees of water resistance.

  1. 3 ATM – 5 ATM. This is the minimum protection against water that will provide functioning of hours after spraying, washing hands, rain, training and similar situations.

  2. 10 ATM. Such watches are designed for aquatic activities. sports, but not used for complete immersion.

  3. 20-30 ATM. The indicator “200 m” and above indicates that you can safely take a watch with you to a depth of several hundred meters, without worrying about their safety.

It is very important to remember that after immersion in sea water, the watch rinse and dry, and in no case try affect them in water.

Materials and brands: difficulties to choose

Materials and brands: difficulties of choice

As a rule, in the manufacture of the main watch case used high-strength metal alloys, then as external glass several types of materials can be used. Glass protects the dial from mechanical impact and a variety of damage, dust that can remove failure of the whole mechanism. Currently, most companies use the following materials in production:

  1. Hesalit – transparent plastic (acrylic glass), which is good withstands loads and temperature extremes. Stuff is hard smash, but even with a strong blow, it does not shatter into fragments, but maintains integrity. Plastic, perhaps, remains the cheapest material used to create affordable everyday and sports models.

  2. Artificial crystal – mineral glass, excellent withstand loads, but slightly less scratch resistant. This material is used universally to create a medium watch. price range, also mineral glass is easy to replace with any skilled craftsman.

  3. Sapphire crystal is the most expensive glass used in production of high quality watches. For many years, its coating remains smooth and glossy, without scratches and scuffs due to high strength.

Often manufacturers make combined glass for male and female watches – the main layer of mineral glass and thin – from sapphire. In pursuit of product sales modern firms produce a large number of collections to please the largest number of customers and diversify your range. However, there are brands that have won love buyers reliability and durability of their accessories. Among such companies as Patek Philippe, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre and more available representatives are Casio, Diesel, Guess, Paris Hilton.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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