How to choose a trailer for a car

For transportation of bulky goods the best option is the use of a trailer – a special device that Attaches to the towbar at the rear of the vehicle and is used to baggage transportation.

choose a trailer

Top car trailer manufacturers

In order to get at its disposal a quality and reliable trailer, the capabilities of which will correspond clearly indicated requirements, the choice should be in favor of time-tested manufacturers:

  1. “Polo”;

  2. KMZ;

  3. Saransk Trailer Plant;

  4. IZZA;

  5. “Trailer”;

When choosing a trailer, repulsion should not only weight and technical characteristics of a particular model, but also from operational information available in the form of reviews and user opinions. The easiest way to get to know them online The Internet.

Types of trailers for cars

Trailers – carriages

Trailers - carriages

Designed for transportation of various equipment – ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles. Presented as a metal pad, mounted on a sturdy wheel frame. Equipped with folding boards intended for loading and unloading equipment. Optionally equipped with a winch to assist in handling faulty technique.


  • Light weight;

  • Platform for loading and unloading;

  • Allow to transport almost any equipment;

  • Universal tow hitch;


  • Unsuitable for carrying luggage;

  • Quite expensive;

Closed cargo trailers

Awning trailers

The classic form factor, which is an onboard trailer, fixed on a single or twin wheel axle. Equipped with high sides and the ability to fasten the awning, protecting luggage during transportation. Full-time electrical equipment allows you to duplicate brake light indicators, dimensions and turns of the car during operation.


  • Robust construction;

  • Equipped with an awning that protects the luggage;

  • Equipped with lights that duplicate turn signals and stops;

  • Hold a large amount of luggage;


  • Are expensive;

  • The awning is inconvenient in operation;

  • Not able to accommodate long lengths;

Water transport trailer – boats, boats, jet ski

Boat trailers

Frame construction designed for the transport of water technicians. Mechanical and electrical components protected against exposure to water, because for loading and unloading the trailer immersed in water.


  • Compact size;

  • The protected design of the main mechanical components and aggregates;

  • Light weight;

  • They are used with all types of water equipment;


  • Costly;

  • Narrow specialization;

Car Trailers

Car trailers

The so-called carriages designed for transportation automotive technology. Robust construction equipped own brake system, dimensions, direction indicators and brake lights. Equipped with two bridges, optional increasing stability.


  • Robust construction;

  • Own electrical equipment and lighting;

  • Maneuverability;

  • Additional brake system that increases stability;


  • Not suitable for baggage;

  • Expensive models;

The main criteria for choosing a trailer for a car

trailer selection criteria

The carrying capacity of the trailer. Parameter rendering the most direct effect on the weight of luggage carried. Divided into two categories:

  1. The first is the weight of luggage carried up to 1 ton;

  2. The second – the maximum allowable weight is 3 tons;

When choosing, you should consider the technical characteristics, as well as permissible parameters set by the manufacturer.

The presence of the brake system

A parameter that is especially important when choosing a trailer of the second category, and also in the case when the weight of the trailer and the cargo carried on it exceeds own weight of the car. Allows you to save maximum control and self-confidence security.

The availability of lighting

During the transportation of goods, it is important to indicate your maneuvers for other road users, and therefore the trailer must be equipped with lights that duplicate the main lighting fixtures the car – side and running lights, brake lights, indicators turns.


Awning protects the luggage from rain and sun and does not allows you to “lose” him on the road. Relevant when necessary make long journeys with lots of luggage and equipment.

Suspension type

Torsion bar suspension is used in most models. the first category, not involving the transport of heavy and bulky goods.

Spring suspension is stiffer and more powerful, it allows transport heavy loads over long distances without causing this damages the design of the trailer.


In the following articles we will reveal all the secrets of the right choice. winches for the car and the important nuances of choosing a used auto.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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