How to choose a stroller

Before you buy a stroller for a child, pay attention to its main functions, type, number of wheels, ability ride over rough terrain and rough roads.

What strollers are there?

What are the strollers?


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Strollers for walks weigh about 4-8 kg, so mothers with ease them up the stairs, carry them from place to place, they go on a bus with them. This is the most compact type of pram. They have a simple folding system, so they fit in car trunk and are stored in small apartments.

By the type of folding, walking models are divided into strollers and strollers. They can also be divided into winter and summer “vehicles”. Some models are used round year.


Wheelchair cane

This is the most convenient type of stroller for traveling. “Cane” weighs about 4-8 kg. Some can be folded to the length of one by hand. When folded, they are shaped like canes, which is why they got such a name.

The backs of many models do not take a horizontal position, therefore, such “canes” should be used for older children (from one year) who do not sleep on a walk.

They can be equipped with additional accessories:

  1. A small mesh shopping basket (sometimes it’s difficult get there);

  2. Raincoat;

  3. Carrying bag;

  4. Mesh for ventilation;


  • Little weight. The lightest models weigh 3-4 kg.

  • Simple folding system.

  • In the presence of swivel wheels easily go around pits on the roads.

  • Take up little space in the room, car and public transport.


  • These models are not suitable for winter. Most of them are bad insulated and equipped with plastic wheels, which are difficult ride in the snow and slush.

  • When controlling with one hand, the “cane” leads away.

  • They break quickly.

  • Most models have a small hood, which is bad protects the child from rain and wind.

  • Suitable for smooth asphalt road.


stroller cane

This walking model is designed for children over 6 months. IN the assembled condition of the stroller resembles a book, hence the name. Its average weight is 5–10 kg.

This stroller folds with one hand. It is compact, not takes up a lot of space in an apartment or transport and can stand in assembled.

The passability of the “book” is better than the “cane”. It is achieved due to rubber wheels of larger diameter. In addition, she has adjustable backrest and can be used for sleeping.


  • Easy to transport due to light weight.

  • Takes up little space when folded. Some “books” You can even take aboard an airplane.

  • Equipped with a bumper and five-point belts that do not give baby fall.

  • Often equipped with additional elements: raincoat, cup holder, mosquito net, sun shade.

  • You can control with one hand.


  • The price is higher than the cane.

Strollers Joggers


This is a separate type of stroller for moms involved. active lifestyle, or rather, running. They are equipped with three large removable wheels (diameter 40 cm), which provide fast movement of a carriage. Have an adjustable back and five-point seat belts with soft overlays, due to which the child is comfortable and safe.


  • They go on any road.

  • Equipped with a large seat in which the child is comfortable be.

  • Have good cushioning.


  • They are inconvenient to bring up the stairs to the upper floor.

  • Not designed for shopping.

Transformers and universal carriages

Strollers Transformers

These models can turn from a classic cradle into stroller and vice versa. Unlike ordinary models, their can be used throughout the “baby” stroller’s life. They are great for fall and winter, as they are equipped with a large waterproof hood, high sides and rubber wheels that ride well on slush and dirt.


  • Price. Instead of a few strollers, parents buy one.

  • Equipped with a cross over handle. Thanks to this, parents can protect the child from the wind by simply changing the position of the handle.

  • Have a high degree of protection: five-point seat belts, deep seat, bumper.


  • Large dimensions and complex folding system.

How to choose a stroller for the winter

strollers for the winter

Winter strollers have a large hood, four wheels and a back accepts several provisions, including horizontal. Universal models and transformers – great for walking in bad weather.

A good stroller for the winter should have the following specifications:

  1. Large diameter inflatable or rubber wheels made of rubber. Thanks to them, the stroller can overcome snowdrifts, ice and mud.

  2. A large, warm hood that completely covers the baby.

  3. A large seat in which warmly dressed kid.

  4. Clear case. No matter how good the hood, during heavy snowfall snowflakes can get into the stroller. therefore It is recommended to use a cover over the hood.

  5. The warmed lining for legs and a warm envelope – to the child it was not cold.

How to choose a stroller for the summer

strollers for the summer

The stroller must be maneuverable and compact, because in the warm mom often walks with the baby and rides public transport. If the baby is quietly walking, or you are doing short walks, or you have to travel by car or bus, the best choice is the cane. It folds easily and takes little space.

Universal strollers and transformers are also suitable for spring-summer, but they are bulky and less convenient. Therefore, if there is opportunity, choose more standard walking models.

A good stroller for the summer has the following characteristics:

  1. A hood that protects from the sun.

  2. Simple folding system.

  3. Swivel front wheels. Use them to easily rotate. stroller and do not disturb the child.

  4. Good shock absorbers so that the baby does not bounce on the bumps.

  5. Adjustable footrest so that the child’s legs do not hang in in the air.

  6. Plastic or rubber wheels. Plastic wheels are designed for riding on a flat surface, shopping or shopping centers. But they are noisy and short-lived. Rubber wheels more Suitable for traveling on sand or grass. They reduce shaking due to rough roads.

  7. Wear resistant material.

  8. Mosquito net. It can be integrated into the hood.

  9. Viewing window. Allows you to observe the child from any direction strollers.

  10. Fixation of floating wheels – will facilitate a walk in the park.

For summertime, tricycles with large inflatable wheels and cross-country ability. But, although such models ride fine on sand, forest, grass and sidewalk, they don’t fall into ramps – descents for prams.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a stroller cane, the secrets of choosing a stroller for the baby and extended instructions for choosing a stroller for a newborn

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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