How to choose a stroller for a newborn

Whatever the season, winter or summer, the basic requirements strollers for newborns do not change. And if you don’t follow them, can harm the baby’s health.

What should be a stroller for a newborn

The standard stroller consists of:

  1. Cradles;

  2. Running gear (wheels, mounts, shock absorbing system, brakes, etc.);

  3. Pens;

  4. Optional accessories: shopping baskets, nets from insects, capes on the legs, sun visor.


cradle for a carriage


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A newly born baby can neither sit nor hold the head. His musculoskeletal system continues to form, the spine is soft and can be deformed, and the back muscles are weak. Therefore, the baby should lie on a solid and rigid surface. Him It is contraindicated on uneven or soft structures. type of hammock.

Therefore, the first and most important requirement for a stroller is a straight bottom. Not it’s worth the risk and use folding models. Choose classic cradles without extra decorations. Tiny bells and whistles are needed. Unless you can hang on the inside of the hood rattles.

If the baby was born in autumn and winter, choose strollers with spacious body. Thanks to this, a baby dressed in a warm winter clothes will feel comfortable.

The hood must completely cover the child to protect against bad weather, wet snow and wind. If you have to ride a child in a cradle both in the winter, and in the summer (average term of use of 6-8 months), pay attention to the two-layer hoods. In the warmer months the top layer can be unfastened so that light tissue remains and mesh insert. When choosing a stroller for spring-summer, choose models with ventilated cradle.

Stroller undercarriage

wheelchair base

The stroller for newborns should have large wheels with a diameter 20-25 cm. The larger the wheel, the better the cross and worse maneuverability. They can be inflatable and made of foam rubber. Inflatable wheels are great for living out of town, allowing wheelchair ride through the forest, sand, snow and slush. They need periodically pump. There is also a risk of wheel damage. something sharp. Punctured rubber foam wheels not allowed.

A stroller with swivel front wheels maneuvers better, but it’s worse on rough roads than a classic model wheels.

Very rarely used in strollers for newborns plastic wheels. This is a cheap material, which, in addition to price, has no advantages. They cushion poorly and are only suitable for smooth roads.

  1. Choose models with removable wheels. So you you can:

  2. Reduce the size of the stroller if you need to transport it to the car.

  3. In case of breakage or puncture, replace the wheel, and do not drag the entire stroller to the workshop.

  4. Change wheels depending on the time of year and terrain.

A pen

Baby strollers are often equipped with handles whose height can be adjusted in height. Thanks to this and a short mother, and tall dad will be comfortable to carry the same stroller.

Many models are equipped with a cross over handle. With her help mom can control the child’s sleep by turning him to face him, or protect from strong wind.

Optional accessories

Baby strollers often have:

  1. Insect net. Useful in the spring on a picnic or evening a walk in the park;

  2. Roomy bag that attaches to the handle of the stroller.

  3. Raincoat. Attaches to the hood and protects from moisture. Not suitable for walks in the rain, but needed to run home.

  4. Cup holder. In the cold season you can take hot Tea coffee.

  5. Sunshield.

Types of strollers for newborns

Classic carrycot

cradle for a carriage

It is the most optimal and safe model of strollers. It has an even solid bottom, high sides and four wheels of 20-35 cm in diameter.

The cradle can be removed from the chassis and used as a car seat or the cradle. The chassis of the stroller coincides with the runners on the steps of Entrance to the metro, stairs to shops and park areas. She is not afraid of “barriers and high borders.

Most classic models are used up to 8 months.


  • The cradle is located high above the ground, so mom is comfortable bend over to the baby.

  • The carriage has a spacious cradle in which it is convenient to play, sleep and watch the world around us.

  • The stroller is equipped with large wheels, so it is suitable for life in the village.

  • Has a capacious basket for purchases.


  • The maximum period of use is 9 months from the moment of birth. Then it needs to be changed to a walking model in which the child will be able to sit.

  • If you have a wide chassis, it may not go into the openings of old elevators.

Universal carriages


These strollers perform several functions at once. They can be used from the birth of a child up to 3-4 years old, acting as a cradle and a stroller. Some are equipped with a car seat with base that attaches to the seat in the car.

The secret of such multifunctionality is removable the mechanism. If necessary, the cradle block is removed and a walking module is installed.

The versatile pushchair has the same advantages as classic model for newborns.

The sedentary module can take a horizontal position, but it not recommended for children who do not know how sit.


  • The stroller is designed for bad weather in winter and autumn.

  • It can be used from birth to four years.

  • Save your family budget since you don’t have to spend money for several models.


  • Takes up a lot of space. Anyway, when using one replaceable unit, the rest should be somewhere.



Strollers-transformers differ from universal ones in the way transformations. If in wheelchairs 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 the desired module is removed and replaced, then in transformers the cradle can be turned in the walking seat and vice versa. To do this, remove or set several basket elements, adjust the footboard and bottom of the stroller.

The cradle is lower than the classic stroller for newborns. She’s not so warm and comfortable. But then a sidecar can be used up to four years.


  • Strollers-transformers are equipped to the maximum. They have carrying bag, deep shopping basket, flip handle, mesh for the summer, a closing hood.

  • They take up less space than universal models.


  • Inconvenient to use in the warm season due to the large size and low maneuverability.

  • Before you put the child in the cradle, you need to lay a hard mattress.

What else to look for when choosing a stroller for newborn

how to choose a stroller

  1. Fabric parts should be easy to remove and put on.

  2. It is advisable to choose a walking model, especially if you live in an apartment building, and the elevator does not always work.

  3. If you drive often, pay attention to universal models. Also check that the stroller fits in the trunk.

  4. When choosing, consider not only the weight of the stroller, but also the potential the weight of the child and the filled shopping basket.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a stroller cane, the secrets of choosing a stroller and extended instructions for choosing a stroller – disclose everything the nuances.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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