How to choose a scooter

Scooter is a substitute for your own car, and public transport. He is not afraid of traffic jams, a device consumes a minimum amount of fuel, does not require a separate investment place and suitable for everyday use urban conditions.

how to choose a scooter


In the next article we tell how to choose a motorcycle for a beginner and do not reduce the risk of injury.

Top scooter manufacturers

The most preferable to purchase are scooters of those manufacturers who have established themselves in the car market and motorcycles:

  1. Yamaha

  2. Suzuki

  3. Honda

  4. Irbis;

  5. Kawasaki;

Widespread and all kinds of Chinese scooters. With good performance characteristics, such models differ in democratic price, and therefore the popularity of such devices is natural. Before choosing a Chinese scooter, you should study the reviews and operating experience of owners of similar models, as well as typical “sores” and nodes prone to breakage. This can be done on the Internet, on thematic forums and in social networks.

The principle of operation and types of scooters

A modern scooter is structurally similar to a moped, distinguished from it by well-thought-out ergonomics and comfortable fit for driving. The scooter is also equipped with an internal combustion engine, transmission and brake system, there are lighting devices and those components that are necessary when driving on roads.

Under the general concept of “scooter” represented a great many models.

Compact scooters (up to 50 cc)

scooter 50 cubic meters

Miniature models that are a complete replacement bicycles. Compact weight, simple design, unpretentiousness in operation. On sale are models that differ in design, filling and operational characteristics. Require Class M driver’s license. The certificate is issued from 16 years old.


  • Suitable for beginners and teenagers;

  • Maneuverability;

  • Minimum fuel consumption;

  • Unpretentious in operation;

  • Compact size;


  • Speed ​​is limited to 40-50 kilometers per hour;

  • Difficulties in transporting passengers and baggage;

  • Small tank volume

  • Low engine life;

Mid-size scooter models (from 50 to 250 cubic cm.)

Scooter 250 cc.

Powerful devices with engine sizes ranging from 50 to 250 cubic centimeters. Requires a driver’s license category A certificates and is able to quickly accelerate to speed at 90-120 kilometers per hour. The functionality is close to motorcycles.


  • Power sufficient for most operating conditions;

  • Acceptable fuel consumption;

  • Allow to organize long trips;

  • Allow passenger transportation;

  • Well thought out brakes;

  • Good overclocking dynamics;

  • The presence of ABS, cruise control and other modern systems, inherent in motorcycles;


  • Requires a category A driver’s license;

  • Requires qualified maintenance;

  • Costly;

  • Not suitable for children and adolescents;

Full-size scooters (up to 500 cubic cm.)

scooter 500 cc. see

Models equipped with engines over 250 cubic meters centimeters. They are a complete analogue of modern motorcycle equipped with modern assistive devices capable of speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour. Robust and reliable design, but enough compact and maneuverable in city traffic.


  • High power;

  • Excellent low and high beam;

  • Maneuverability;

  • Allow to carry a passenger;

  • The presence of all the necessary systems;

  • Strength and reliability of the design;


  • They require good skills in driving motor vehicles;

  • In the event of a breakdown, repairs will pull a large amount of money;

  • Consume a lot of fuel;

  • Expensive;

  • Allowed for use only with a driver’s license. category A certificates;

Scooter selection options for everyday use

scooter selection criteria

Regardless of what type the selected model, criteria for correct purchase in many situations are similar.

Engine capacity

The most important parameter affecting acceleration dynamics, resource engine, as well as fuel consumption.

  1. Compact models with up to 50 dice – a great alternative bike for daily exploitation, as well as a great gift for children and adolescents. And yet such models do not require rights;

  2. If you are traveling alone with a passenger, you should prefer more powerful model, about 125-150 cubic centimeters;

  3. For those who want to get the most out of emotions and are able to handle with motor equipment, a scooter with a capacity of over 200 will become optimal “cubes”;

Engine operating principle

Two-stroke engines are the easiest to operate and maintenance. The principle of mixture formation in them is divided into two stages. Unpretentious devices suitable for suburban use. Similar models almost always do not have a dedicated system lubricants and require the addition of special oil to the fuel tank in certain proportion.

Four-stroke engines are more complex in design plan and suggest more thorough care. The principle of operation is similar with conventional car engines, suggest a separate lubrication systems. They work quieter and smoother, the exhaust is more environmentally friendly, and fuel consumption is many times lower.

Engine power and top speed

Parameter inextricably linked to engine displacement. Than higher power – the more dynamic and fast is scooter.

  1. As a vehicle for children and adolescents is better just fit a scooter with an engine power from 3 to 8-10 horsepower forces capable of developing 40-50 kilometers per hour;

  2. Daily operation will require the purchase of a more powerful scooter. The model with an engine from 5 to 15 is considered optimal horsepower, accelerating to 80-90 kilometers per hour;

  3. For outdoor activities, high-speed driving and frequent transfers between cities will need a model with a power up to 40-50 “horses”, overcoming the mark of 150-180 km \ h. Such devices require certain skills and abilities to handle a two-wheeled technique, because they are practically inferior to sports motorcycles.

Number of seats

When choosing a scooter, you must consider the number of seats and match it with whether passengers will be present or movement will be carried out alone. Must remember also that compact low-power models are not intended for the transport of passengers – the comfort of a trip together will be minimum, and the average speed does not exceed the mark of 15-20 kilometers per hour. Conversely, powerful models allow comfortable travel with a partner, but require special skills control such a device.

Fuel consumption and fuel tank capacity

An important parameter on which the power reserve directly depends, and also how often a gas station will be visited. The dependence is simple – the higher the engine power, the more expense.

  1. Compact urban models with an engine capacity of up to 50 cubes consume no more than 1 liter per 100 kilometers;

  2. Models with engines from 50 to 250 cubic centimeters “eat” more. Their consumption can reach a mark of 3-4 liters per a hundred kilometers;

  3. Powerful road scooters with engines up to half a liter consume up to 6-8 liters per “hundred”. Similar expense – payback for high dynamics and the ability to accelerate intensively;

  4. Many manufacturers practice the fuel consumption formula to the volume of the fuel tank, counting the number of 500 kilometers as the standard the way. For this reason, models with a tank with a capacity of 5 to 20 liters of fuel.

Engine cooling system

The air system is installed on the simplest models scooters, it does not involve intensive use and long trips at maximum speed.

The water system has more performance and provides efficient heat dissipation from the engine. Equipped with it powerful scooters. As a working fluid is used antifreeze.

Fuel supply principle

  1. Carburetor scooters are the most budget models. Innings fuel is carried out due to the suction of a special device. It does not always work stably, and its functionality depends on many different factors;

  2. The injection system is more fault tolerant and provides proper mixture formation. As a result, thrust increases, the dynamics and quality of engine operation are improved regardless of operating conditions. Injectors put on models of medium and upper price range.

Type of installed transmission

Semi-automatic gearbox allows precise adjustment engine speed and revolutions, switching the special foot pedal. Unlike “mechanics,” the clutch is here absent, and its functions are assigned to a special manager block.

The variator, or the so-called stepless gearbox – finds in Recently, increasing popularity. Principle of her work consists in the presence of a cone-shaped coupling along which it moves durable multi-ribbed belt. By changing its position relative to the wide part, the gear ratio of the gearbox and, as consequence, speed of movement.

Type of installed brake system

Responsible for how quickly the scooter stops during unforeseen situation.

  1. Mechanical brakes. Similar to those in sports bicycles. The brake disc compresses the pads that are driven into movement with a cable mechanism and hand grips. The simplest system installed on budget models and low power scooters;

  2. Drum algorithm. The role of the brakes is performed by the semicircular pads. forms rubbing on a drum. Due to the fact that the pads are inside, protection from rainfall and debris is provided;

  3. Disc hydraulic system. As with mechanical algorithm, braking is carried out by pads rubbing on a special brake disc, however, the drive here is not manual, but hydraulic. It is considered the most functional and provides a quick stop. at any speed;

Features of choosing a Chinese scooter

chinese scooter

Practice shows that the country of origin of one or another scooter model plays a secondary role. Attention must be paid overall build quality and materials used, as well as technical solutions and their implementation, comparing received information and device cost. For example, if on a scooter a powerful engine of 30-40 horsepower is installed, as well as mechanical brakes, it is better to refuse to buy such a model by The reason for the high danger is not to stop on time.

Choosing a Chinese scooter mid-range should pay attention to the following options:

  1. Engine 20-25 horsepower;

  2. Four-stroke design and injection;

  3. CVT transmission;

  4. Drum or hydraulic disc brakes;

  5. Great light head optics;

  6. Comfortable fit;

  7. Tank volume of 10-15 liters;

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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