How to choose a scooter for a child

Children begin to ride scooters from 2 years. But a scooter is not just entertainment, but a real vehicle. Therefore, for When buying, you need to know the age and weight of the child, as well as the main characteristics of children’s vehicles: type, wheels, shock absorption, material and folding system. Security depends on it. baby.

What are scooters for children?

Off-road models

Off-road scooter

This type of scooter has large wheels (diameter about 300 mm) with inflatable tires, which provides increased patency. It’s great for rough terrain, walks through the woods, sand. It has a sturdy frame, sports steering wheel and hand brake. Designed for children from seven years.


  • High maneuverability and maneuverability;

  • Universality. Easy to cope with a bad road.


  • Big sizes.

City scooter

City scooter

One of the most popular types of scooters. Designed to ride on paved roads. Has two or three wheels, aluminum or steel frame, standard wheel diameter (100-200 mm) and folding design. Most scooters are suitable for children. older than seven years, but some are used in 2-3 years.


  • Easy to fold and transport.


  • Not intended for bad roads.

Scooters for sports

Scooters for sports

Most models of sports scooters are designed for adults. They are designed to perform stunts and fast driving. Sports scooters can be used by children over 7 years old. Withstand about 70 kg of weight. Among them, practically no folding models.


  • Increased strength;

  • High maneuverability.


  • Not designed for walking around the city.

  • Features of the ride. The child will have to work out before he will be able to master the scooter.



This vehicle is designed for children from 2 to 6 years old. It is a hybrid of a conventional scooter and a runbike. The transformation of one type of transport into another occurs when pressing a special button. Sometimes a scooter seat have to be bolted. This complicates the transformation.

Models for babies are usually designed for 24-50 kg of weight. Himself The scooter weighs a little – from two to five kilograms.

The standard scooter is equipped with a large front wheel, wide deck with anti-slip footrest, foot brake, seat and T-shaped steering wheel. May have a basket for toys.


  • Light weight – no transportation problems;

  • Adjustable steering wheel height and seat.

  • The runbike develops balance and coordination in the child, strengthens muscles of the legs. Thanks to this kid it will be easier to learn two-wheeled bicycle.

  • Suitable for the smallest;


  • Suitable for driving only on a flat road.

  • In some models, the seat bends under the weight of the child.



Suitable for both two-year-olds and for children 7 years old. Has two paired front wheels and one rear. To move, baby kicked off like a skateboard. Equipped with classic steering wheel or steering wheel-joystick. Vehicles designed for children 2–6 years old, often have a plastic frame. Maximum load on Kickboard is 30-60 kg.

Kickboards for babies are often equipped with luminous wheels, a handle that can be adjusted, a trunk for toys and steering wheel compass.

The diameter of the front wheels is 120 mm, the rear – from 80 to 90 mm Because of this, the scooter rarely rolls over.


  • Simple operation. Where the baby bends, there and turns Kick scooter.

  • You can ride on rough roads.

  • Light weight (1.5-4 kg). Easy to carry.


  • Some kids don’t like the steering stick.



This type of scooter has the most unusual design. At the trader V-shaped. Each leg has its own footrest. To move, the child does not need to push off, but shake his legs and torso left and right. Suitable for children over 5 years old.

The frame of the traders is made of aluminum or stainless steel. Thanks to this, the inertial scooter withstands a large load. There is a foot and hand brake.


  • To use the reader, you need to squat, bend over, work with the whole body. It is good for muscles and skeleton. a child.


  • Only suitable for flat roads.

Electric scooter

Electric scooter

Electric scooters allow you to move around the city without making no effort. Work at the expense of the battery. Baby Electric scooters travel about 6 km without recharging. Maximum speed is about 15-18 km / h.

Electric scooters are suitable for children from 7 years. They are enough heavy – 10-12 kg. Have a steel or aluminum frame that provides their reliability.


  • It withstands a large load on the frame.

  • It works up to 1 hour without recharging.

  • It can function like a regular scooter.


  • High price.

The main characteristics of scooters



Made of plastic, polyurethane, rubber. Most often wheels made from polyurethane. They have increased reliability and noiselessness. Used both in urban scooters and in sports models.

Plastic wheels are used for children’s vehicles funds. They do not depreciate, shake on irregularities and make noise. The only advantage of such scooters is the low price.

Scooters with small rubber wheels feel good only on perfect surfaces. Big wheels are suitable for riding on uneven terrain.

When choosing a scooter, pay attention to the stiffness of the wheels. From her depends on the speed and comfort of movement. The stiffer the wheel, the The speed of the scooter is higher, the softer – the better cushioning. The most high rigidity in sports models.

Three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters are most suitable for young children who are 2-4 years old.

The width of the wheels affects the stability of the scooter. Than she is bigger the more reliable the model, and the speed is lower.


The scooter frame is made of aluminum, which ensures its reliability and lightness, steel or plastic. Steel frames stronger, but heavier than aluminum. The frame made of plastic is short-lived, but has an affordable price.


The platform must have a rough surface so that prevent slipping of the baby’s legs. Wide deck excellent Suitable for beginners and toddlers, increasing the stability of the scooter. Than it is longer, so it’s more difficult for a child to control a scooter.

Steering wheel

Most scooters are equipped with an adjustable steering wheel. This allows choose the height of the steering wheel according to the growth of the “driver”.

Foot and hand brake

Scooters have a foot and / or hand brake. Using manual front brake system at high speed may cause the fall of the child. It’s better to buy models equipped with both manual and foot brake.

Shock absorber

The presence of a shock absorber makes riding more comfortable, as it softens road bumps. But depreciation scooters are more expensive ordinary.

What kind of scooter to buy for a child

What kind of scooter to buy for a child

  1. For the smallest, it is better to choose vehicles with wide platform and three wheels. In a two-to-three-year A model with large paired front and one rear wheel. If the scooter is equipped with rear pair wheels, the cub will hurt them and stumble

  2. In four years, you can use three-wheeled models, if Before, the child did not practice riding. But if the baby used to be cut through the streets on a scooter, and a two-wheeled transport.

  3. At the age of five, you can buy two-wheeled vehicles broad deck products. And children at 6–8 years old will be happy ride a scooter with two wheels and narrower platform.


In the next article, our experts will tell you how to choose a bike for a child for a child.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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