How to choose a playpen

The playpen is a great help for parents. During preparing dinner, housework or outdoor activities mom and Dad may not keep track of the baby. But if they put the baby in playpen, he will be safe.

What are the playpens



Usually these are small and light models weighing from 7 to 25 kg. In them the baby sleeps and plays. Can be used from birth to 36 months.

Most cribs are rectangular or square metal frame with fabric coating. Sometimes made of wood. They are easy to fold and fit in your bag. for carrying. This type of playpen is often complemented by side pockets for storing diapers and other small things, vibro-music block, toys and a side hole so that the baby can get into your house yourself. For sleep and relaxation, it is often completed mosquito net.

Playpens can be folded horizontally, with a book and an umbrella.

  1. The bottom of the umbrella arena consists of several plates, which is harmful for the spine of a child. Therefore, it is recommended to use together with an extra mattress. Manege folds like an umbrella and fits in a carrying bag. The wheels stay outside thanks why it is easy to transport.
  2. Manege book has a flat bottom. Often equipped with wheels and soft overlays for sides. When folding takes more places than an “umbrella”.
  3. The horizontal folding arena is the most difficult to transport. When folded, retains its original size, but becomes flat because the arena frame sinks to the bottom, and the legs can to unfasten or hide.

Mesh playpen


The mesh arena can be either a game or a playpen-crib. It is lightweight, folds up quickly and fits in a carrying bag. It comes in different colors and sizes.

Manege with a mesh wall is suitable for small apartments and small rooms. It may be angular or rectangular, due to which takes up little space. Often equipped with ring handles to the child could stand up.


  • It has soft walls and a bottom. When falling, the child does not will suffer.

  • Easy to fold and transport.


  • The fine mesh negatively affects the baby’s vision, creating a strong strain on the optic nerves.

  • If there are holes in the weave, the baby may get stuck fingers, buttons and any buttons on clothes and toys.

  • Light weight. A child may turn over the playpen.

Game wooden playpen


Wooden playpens are inconvenient to carry, because they don’t add up but sorted out. These “houses” are bulky and heavy, and their walls consist of rails. They are made from natural wood: birch, beech, pine and aspen. The rods of the arena are varnished to protect the child from damage.


  • It is safe for sight. The kid sees everything that happens around without violating the integrity of the picture.

  • Made from environmentally friendly material, so study world “taste” does not harm the crumbs.

  • The child can get up and hold on to the twigs without risking bend the wall, fall out of the arena or turn it over.

  • There is enough space in the classic wooden playpen for a child played freely.


  • If it falls onto solid walls, the baby can be seriously hurt.

  • It’s hard to transport and assemble.

Inflatable playpen for baby


The inflatable playpen is used as a game center. He has a thick the bottom and soft walls, therefore, when falling, the child is not threatened danger. Can be equipped with inflatable toys.

Such an arena is best used for giving or relaxing on nature. Before first use, wash it and ventilate.


  • The playpen is easy to blow and transport.

  • You can pour balls into it to make a “pool”.

  • Easy to care for, just wipe with a damp a rag.

  • Suitable for games, you can jump and crawl in it.


  • Not suitable for prolonged use. Usually arena designed for children 6-12 months.

  • Often has a strong and persistent smell of rubber.

Manege screen


Playpens are usually made of plastic, wood, metal. They have no bottom, playing the role of a “fence”. They can take any form. Most often used at the age of 12 – 48 months. Through playpen screens in the apartment creates a play space, and the child is safe.


  • Easy to install in the apartment, takes on many forms.

  • Used to enclose potentially hazardous areas in indoors.

  • Going fast.


  • Plastic models are unstable. When buying a playpen make sure the baby does not knock him over.

What to look for when buying an arena

When choosing a wooden playpen, make sure that the distance between slats was 6 cm. In this case, the head, handle or leg babies won’t get stuck. Reiki must be sanded and coated. varnish. Otherwise, the playpen will become a source of splinters and scratches for the crumbs.

When purchasing a playpen, check the mesh. She must be well taut. There can be no tears and damage on it, but the distance between weaving should be no more than 0.6 cm. Also make sure the wheels lock automatically.

Consider the following nuances:

  1. Locks with which you can lower the sides of the arena should be inaccessible to the child.
  2. No parts should protrude from the walls and bottom, but dangerous sections are hidden and covered with caps.
  3. The height of the sides of the arena should be more than 51 cm.
  4. Locks with which you can lower the sides of the arena should be inaccessible to the child.
  5. No parts should protrude from the walls and bottom, but dangerous sections are hidden and covered with caps.
  6. The height of the sides of the arena should be more than 51 cm.

If you are going for nature or travel, pay attention to simple mesh arenas “umbrellas” and “books”, equipped with a mosquito net and a changing table. Good inflatable models will also be an option, but only if the child has not started to walk.

For the house, the best are classic wooden arenas. If you want to protect your child from potentially dangerous places (fireplace, steps) or divide the room into a nursery and adult sites, choose screen playpens.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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